Parliament to investigate Eskom over graft allegations

The investigation will include the Molefe ‘saga’ among other matters.
Brian Molefe

JOHANNESBURG – Parliament will begin an investigation next week into state-run utility Eskom amid allegations of mismanagement in issuing government tenders, a legislator said on Monday.

Eskom has been at the centre of infighting in the ruling African National Congress (ANC) since Brian Molefe, an ally of President Jacob Zuma, stood down as chief executive amid graft allegations. He was reinstated last month, but ministers then reversed his reinstatement .

Molefe had originally resigned after the Public Protector, an anti-corruption agency, raised questions over coal deals between Eskom and a company controlled by the Gupta family, wealthy businessmen who are friends of Zuma and employ his son, Duduzane.

Molefe, the Gupta family and Zuma have denied any wrongdoing.

Last week, local media began reporting on thousands of leaked emails they say expose how the Gupta family uses undue influence over politicians to win government contracts, including contracts from Eskom.

“We are going to open an inquiry as a committee into Eskom and look at the governance there,” Zukiswa Rantho, the chairwoman of parliament’s committee on public enterprises, told Reuters. “We are going to look at what we are going to do to fix Eskom. If we have to get information from those emails we will certainly do that.”

The investigation will include the Molefe “saga”, the alleged influence Duduzane Zuma has at Eskom and possible wrongdoing in the issuing of contracts to companies owned by the Gupta family, committee member Natasha Mazzone said in a statement.

Spokesman for Eskom’s board Khulani Qoma said the body had yet to receive formal notification of the inquiry but that they would cooperate with parliament.

“Chairman Dr Ben Ngubane is on record stating that the board would welcome any investigation into the affairs of Eskom,” Qoma said.

The latest allegations of influence-peddling are deepening a divide in the ANC as factions jostle for control before a conference in December where Zuma’s successor as party leader will be chosen. 

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Under the leadership of Luthuli House, the Eskom board has degenerated to reflect the intellectual capacity and morality of the average ANC politician. Don’t expect a socialist to come up with a plan to save a company, parastatal or the economy. The ANC is the root of the problem, and can never be part of the solution.

It won’t be long before we will be generating our own electricity, like our ancestors on the farm did, with Lister engines.

Thank goodness for Colonial support to date, methinks!

Really – what power does a Parly investigation have? Do they have teeth or prosecutorial power? This is just a DELAYING TACTIC by the ANC who have the majority in the house. Like the SABC saga – much hype about things but no subsequent action of any significance.

Thuli called for a Comm of Enquiry – that is the only route here. Of course the criminal actions instituted (which are taking matters away from the politicians are crucial – but then we know just how lame our police and state prosecutor are) are critical too, but Parly is a joke!!!

The opposition parties must not let themselves be fooled into another Parly merry-go-round. Force the formal COE, the concourt has already said that the PP recommendations MUST be implemented, yet there is space allowed for CLUELESS to play games.

Its a wonderland “mockery”in SA, in no other democracy in the world would this government still fill any chairs in the big house, ramped with scandals, corruption and state capture they just keep on going. The moment anything, scandal, or allegation broke they just hold out for a week or so, than a new allegation come to light, and like magic the previous week is forgotten. This tactic been going on for last how many years.

Not until we have an true independent “rule of law” justice system, that is not captured by the ANC, and puppets to the masters like the “NPA”, there will no jail time for any of these “African National Criminals”, we not only been captured by the “Guptas” but totally captured by a criminal government with no regard to the country’s so-called constitution or the rule of law. Just as Sensei says – “The ANC is the root of the problem, and can never be part of the solution”, and this is not a matter of white or black, but just plain “ANC policies”, the result of a socialist “freedom charter” as your blue print to governance.

So come next week, all this will be forgotten and a new “puppet” will be on the forefront, and all attention be on the next. If one consider when the fist allegations against Eskom was made…to now,. “The board would welcome any investigation into the affairs of Eskom”. The deed is already done, the country lost billions and the taxpayer must again bear the grunt.

Brian and Ben started the “radical economic transformation” strategy long time ago. They empowered a FEW, shamefully leaving behind the poor masses. Now they will retire to their mansions, drive 4×4’s, use private medical facilities, drink Johnny black, educate their children in private schools.

Great, the corrupt investigating the corrupt, investigating the corrupt, investigating the corrupt etc. I see a paradox here.

End of comments.





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