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SA public-sector union warns it may strike over pay

The next meeting between government and labour unions is set for April 23.
Image: Dwayne Senior/Bloomberg

South African government employees warned of widespread industrial action unless the state agrees to increase their wages.

The Public Servants Association, which represents more than 235 000 state employees, on Friday said the government’s plan to freeze pay in the 2021-22 fiscal year “will not be accepted by members,” according to a statement emailed Friday. Negotiations on pay were held on April 15, when the government responded to labour unions’ demands, it said.

“The response was utterly disappointing and an insult to labour as it only responded positively to some issues,” it said. “The PSA wants to make it clear that this process may eventually result in wide-spread industrial actions.”

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni in February presented an annual budget that forecast a smaller-than-expected deficit in coming fiscal years. Those targets hinge on the government freezing public-sector salaries over the next three years, with the government proposing a “significant moderation” in spending on wages.

The next meeting between government and labour unions is set for April 23.

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Apply the rule: NO WORK = NO PAY
We won’t notice a difference anyway

Wont be any difference in their productivity.

State should impose reduced pay due to Covid-19. Legal and binding.

Go on !!!
Strike full blown!!!
60 days minimum !!!!
Show them who is boss !!!

Now I wonder -will we notice???

Tell them all to get F’d! (strikers) Worthless and useless human waste.

No work no way will make the state save more. Let them strike and be hungry!

I sincerely believe that all these strike actions have a tremendously negative impact on our economy. Industry should be allowed to fire all strikers on notification of a strike, and offer these strikers immediate employment provided their employment documentation evidences that they are precluded from striking in the future – all wage/salary increases should be by negotiation only. These striker destroy jobs and destroy companies

These government employees are threatening themselves and they are insulting each other when they “demand” wage increases. It is so funny, the process is material for a Trevor Noah show.

Let us take it apart, to see who the government employees are actually putting under pressure with their demands for higher wages. The government does not have any money. Government is not an entity that generates income. The government is an ineffective intermediary that spends other people’s money. It raises revenue through taxation, and they borrow the shortfall. Government is the largest employer in the country, and therefore, government employees are the biggest group of taxpayers. The GEPF is the largest lender to the government and owns the largest percentage of government bonds. The junk rating implies that there is a real risk that government bonds will lose purchasing power. The debt will be repaid with devalued currency.

This implies that the government taxes government employees to pay their salaries, plus they borrow the shortfall from the government employees. The government employees are funding their own salaries through their pension fund.

The government debt is an asset in the pension fund, but what backs this asset? What gives value to this asset? The work ethics, efficiency and moral fibre of government employees are the collateral for the loan. They took themselves as collateral for their loan to the government that finances their salaries, while non of these individuals would lend money to their fellow worker directly!

It is clear that these government employees are demonstrating against themselves, they are demanding higher wages from themselves, and they are putting pressure on their employer to borrow more from their pension fund to redistribute the purchasing power of their future pensions to them now. They are fighting for their right to consume their own capital. They are plundering themselves. They are demanding that their employer assist them in the process where they eat their own future and the future of their children.

It would have been funny if it was not such an old joke. It is typical of any socialist/communist nation. If they had the most basic understanding of economics and finance they would not be socialist, to begin with.

As we speak, SARS is sitting with 88 000 job applications received for a couple of positions they advertised. In this current job market… best to keep your mouth shut and do your job and not even think of an increase.

Research has shown when they strike, service and productivity improves!!!!

By all means pay the frontline medics….fire the rest

End of comments.





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