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SA to add Sputnik, Sinopharm shots to vaccine arsenal

As it steps up efforts to tackle the coronavirus.
Image: Bing Guan/Bloomberg

South Africa plans to buy Russia’s Sputnik V vaccines and shots developed by China’s Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd as it steps up efforts to tackle the coronavirus.

The government will order 10 million doses of each shot, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize told lawmakers in Cape Town on Wednesday. “We are doing this now because we do expect the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority to approve those vaccines,” he said.

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South Africa, the nation that’s been hardest hit by the pandemic on the continent, resumed its administration of Johnson & Johnson vaccines to health-care workers on Wednesday, after putting their use on hold for two weeks due to concerns that they could be linked to blood clots. Almost 1.58 million Covid-19 cases have been detected in South Africa and more than 54 000 of those diagnosed with the disease have died.

The single-dose J&J shots were given to 292 623 health workers as part of a drug trial that enabled normal regulatory procedures to be bypassed prior to their use being paused. The vaccine has since been approved for general usage.

Earlier this week, the Health Ministry said sufficient vaccines had been secured for 45 million adults, with a first batch of 1.1 million of J&J shots that were produced at an Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Ltd. plant in the Eastern Cape province due to be dispatched in coming days. Shots developed by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech have also been secured.

The purchase of the J&J vaccines “has been completed and we are just finalising some audit issues,” Mkhize said Wednesday.

Plans are in place to inoculate 16.5 million people from May to October with the aid of private health-care providers, which will buy shots from the national government, he said.

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From the headline, all I have to say is good luck to us, for some reason I don’t trust them Vacs

I refuse to take anything made by these murderous dictatorial regimes, I don’t care how effective they are.

I’d rather take my chances with Covid-19, thank you very much.

I will never buy anything from Russia, a country that invaded Crimea.

I would never trust any medicines from Russia, a country that does not respect human rights.

I’m no anti-vaxxer, but I will not take a Sputnik or Sinopharm vaccine unless it’s approved by the EU as well.

The injected solutions are being stage 3 tested on the public. The majority do not care that there is a risk and have not been adequately informed about it. In the UK the people are seen as volunteers and have no recourse to anyone for any adverse effects, not even if it is made a condition of service.
The UK Gov organisation MHRA publishes a weekly summary on adverse effects of each vaccine as reported on the “yellow card” system at [coronavirus-yellowcard dot mhra dot gov dot uk]
The latest summary states (at the heading “Events With A Fatal Outcome”) MHRA has received 334 UK reports of suspected ADRs to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and 627 reports for the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine in which the patient died shortly after vaccination (injection).
Some 33 million injections have been given. The yellow card system is said to represent approx 10% of all serious case events.
Even though these are stage 3 trials there is no follow up of persons injected to ensure that they are monitored for adverse reactions.
The information of any event after leaving the injection location is therfore captured only by self reporting or by chance.
Sorry, I have no idea how the other offerings compare and I doubt that anyone can/will say.


Go and check the expiry dates of the stuff you already ordered and received!

Like everything else you will NEVER meet the targets.

So don’t waste the money. OR is it a “political” thing like getting engineers and doctors from Cuba.

Heish!! You lot????

LOL — miniature vodka and tea in bottles — May just as well drink it for all the good it will do.
Check Brazil for results !!!

Give the Sputnik and Sinopharm vaccines to ANC voters first.

Fantastic of our government! Well done. Now we have options s and it’s up to SA citizens to decide by themselves.

End of comments.





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