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SA to pay big premium for India’s SII vaccine – Report

More than some wealthier countries are paying.
Image: Andrey Rudakov, Bloomberg

South Africa will pay $5.25 per dose for Covid-19 vaccines from the Serum Institute of India (SII) – well above what others, including developed nations, are paying for the same shots, local newspaper Business Day reported on Thursday.

The Business Day report cited health department Deputy Director-General Anban Pillay as saying the price was based on South Africa’s level of development and its past investment in research and development.

“We were advised that SII has applied a tiered pricing system, and given that (South Africa) is an upper-middle-income country, their price is $5.25. The explanation we were given for why other high-income countries have a lower price is that they have invested in the (research and development), hence the discount on the price,” it quoted him as saying.

The SII, which Business Day said did not respond to requests for comment, is one of several manufacturers licensed by AstraZeneca to make its Covid-19 vaccine. South Africa is due to procure 1.5 million of the shots from the institute.

Other nations or blocs are paying much less. In June, for instance, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and France negotiated a price of around 2.50 euro per shot for 300 million doses from AstraZeneca as part of a European deal to secure supplies of the drug.

The SII is also set to supply 100 million doses of the vaccine to the African Union for $3 each, Reuters reported.


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So that’s around R6 billion for 80 million doses to do 40 million people.

Why do they need R20 billion????

Why do we have to even increase taxes?

Bacause it has to add to the ANC leader wealth fund !!!

Eish what a silly question! They’ll need R12b for distribution and storage (tenders given to the cousin/wife/lover/brother who does not even have a single appropriate vehicle/facility) plus R2b for ‘consultancy payments’ to those within ANC who award those tenders. Hey presto – total of R20b. Clear enough for you? Now shut up and pay the higher taxes.

Why cant we use the existing hospitals and clinics which the tax payers are funding to administer the vaccines. If we have a thousand clinics and hospitals around the country, they could administer around 300 people a day which will give them 300 000 a day, they could do almost 9 million in a month and in 6 months we are done.

We also heard that the medical aid were prepared to foot the bill for their clients, maybe thats a few millions we knock off there.

Middleman + Middleman + Middleman + Middleman +
Politician + Politician + Politician + Politician

That is how we have always rocked & rolled in SA.

Anbin Pillay is part of the problem.

Viva special ANC tariff — Viva !!!!
Go stuff your vaccines man !!!

This means SA must be a wealth country in order to stomach it. Citizens can “afford” to pay it…. SA has “deep capital markets”….where did I hear that before?

(Wondered why life is getting so expensive in SA?)

“(South Africa) is an upper-middle-income country” whahahaahhahah

Sounds like the Zuptas are involved here somewhere.

End of comments.





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