SA’s deputy finance minister asked to step aside

Over abuse of power claim.
Minister David Masondo. Image: Supplied

South Africa’s Deputy Finance Minister David Masondo has been asked to step down by the governing African National Congress party’s integrity commission for involving an elite police unit in a dispute with a former lover.

Masondo has been tasked with driving pro-growth economic reforms and is among potential successors to current Finance Minister Tito Mboweni.

A former leader of the Young Communist League, he is seen as more left-wing than Mboweni. Earlier this year he called for the central bank to print money to fund the government response to the coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout.

In a letter to Masondo seen by Reuters, the ANC’s integrity commission said his actions had brought the party into disrepute and showed poor judgment.

Masondo’s written response, also seen by Reuters, insists he had acted on the advice of his lawyer when reporting the former partner to the police for harassing him and his family.

He sent WhatsApp messages to the commission that he said corroborated the harassment claim. He asked the commission for further guidance and said he was aware that ANC leaders were expected to subject themselves to “organisational processes”.

Neither Masondo, the ANC nor the chairman of the integrity commission responded to requests for comment.

The integrity commission is expected to deliberate further. If it maintains he must resign, Masondo could appeal the decision, or the matter could be referred to the ANC’s national executive committee.

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Elite police unit? The Sparrows are now involved in Malusi Gigaba’s domestic dispute. Serious crime must be in short supply, if they are kicking their heels, waiting to drag irate cheated on women to jail.

“The African National Congress party’s integrity commission”. Surely a contradiction in terms…
As much use as a navy for a land locked country or a bicycle for a fish.

A communist

An Idiot when it comes to fiscal matters

A abuser of his office

PERFECT for a top position in Africa – South Africa

IMF must be thrilled to hear all this.

Global Investors WILL take notice and feel good for not investing in corrupt SA

Another feather in your cap – Cyril/ANC

Most interesting for me is he lives in Waterkloof and drives a Gelandewagen. This for an ex minister now backbencher… ? Seriously n….? it’s like Nomvula- Mokonyane who drives an Aston Martin. On a minister’s salary? And here I am still thinking the old Nats were shyte. This crowd makes them look like choir boys. A pox on politicians and their ilk. May the cost of servicing your cars double.

If hes done wrong then he must go, but given the political shenanigans in the ANC and knowing Titos tired and ‘gatvol’ one cant help but wonder if theres not something else at play here, Tito gos, his deputy suspended, big juicy IMF cash loan floating about, pop in two new ‘softer’ finance folk and ….Arms Deal reloaded…

“…African National Congress party’s integrity commission…”

oxymoron just doesn’t seem strong enough; it’s more like satire…

Censoring my comment – again – not cool

Anc has a integrity commission? What for?????

They fulfil the same role as the NPA.

Is it just me or does it seem that this guy is getting punished for what seems like a lot less of an issue than the people stealing billions in national and local government?

What? A guy who abused an elite police unit to solve his problems with his mistress, is now in a position where he must drive the country’s pro-growth economic reforms! I see Gigaba has now followed his example. What is really a concern, is why the elite police units are so willing to get involved in this stupid situations. Don’t they have the ability to recognize it for what it is, or are they just so politically captured that they jump every time a high ranking politician calls?

Such an insult to victims of real crime! Integrity Commission…for the ANC….that Commission has failed dismally. #Voetsek

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