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SA’s top ten suburbs command an average house price of R12m plus

Based on the latest Deeds Office and sales data.
Image: Shutterstock

Ten years ago, there were just four top suburbs with an average selling price of just over R10 million. Now, all ten of South Africa’s top suburbs fall above this with average prices ranging from R12 million to over R20 million, says Samuel Seeff, chairman of the Seeff Property Group.

Based on the latest Deeds Office and sales data, these rank as below. It includes eight Cape Town suburbs (six on the Atlantic Seaboard and two in the Southern Suburbs) along with one Sandton and one Johannesburg suburb.

1) Clifton – R23m ave price (up by 77% since 2011)

With its sandy white beaches and fabulous views, Clifton remains at the top with Nettleton Road the country’s most expensive on average along with Clifton and Kloof Roads. Prices range to R120 million to R200 million.

2) Llandudno – R22m ave price (up by 267% since 2011)

Llandudno is a small, exclusive suburb with no commercialisation which hugs the coastline on the seaside of Victoria Road and fronted by a Blue-Flag beach. Prices range up to about R45 million.

3) Bantry Bay – R15m ave price (up by 114% since 2011)

Views and an exclusive address keep Bantry Bay among the most desired addresses, especially streets such as De Wet Road, Ocean View Drive and Kloof Road and the apartment blocks which overlook the ocean. Prices range to about R87.5 million.

4) Sandhurst – R15m ave price (up by 25% since 2011)

Proximity to the Sandton CBD and sprawling mansions on large plots make Sandhurst a top choice, especially Coronation Road, being among the most sought-after addresses. Prices range to R65 million-plus.

5) Camps Bay – R14m ave price (up by 133% since 2011)

The top tourist suburb and home to the highest volume of R20 million-plus properties, Camps Bay is fronted by a palm-lined promenade with restaurants, amenities and a sandy white, Blue-Flag beach. Prices range to about R85 million.

6) Constantia Upper – R14m ave price (up by 100% since 2011)

Constantia Upper overlooks the oldest wine valley with famous farms such as Groot Constantia and Buitenverwachting and is renowned for its large plots and sprawling homes. Prices range to about R65 million.

7) Bishopscourt – R14m ave price (up by 8% since 2011)

Located on Cape Town’s ambassadorial belt, close to exclusive private schools and home to streets such as Upper Hillwood Avenue, Klaassens Road and Bishopscourt Drive. Prices range from R56 million to R100 million.

8) Fresnaye – R13m ave price (up by 86% since 2011)

Set on the slopes of Lion’s Head, Fresnaye offers spectacular views and a delightful French flair with palm-treed avenues with French names such as Ave Alexandra and Ave Fresnaye, two of the most exclusive addresses. Prices range to around R120 million.

9) Hyde Park – R13m ave price (up by 117% since 2011)

Hyde Park with its swanky shopping mall and close proximity to the Sandton CBD is one of the most desired addresses, offering a mix of modern architectural homes and proximity to private schools. Prices range to about R30 million.

10) Waterfront – R12m ave price (up by 71% since 2011)

The V&A Waterfront Marina is the premier waterfront estate offering security, privacy and amenities including yacht berths and direct access to the V&A Waterfront retail and restaurant precinct. Prices range to about R45 million for a penthouse recently sold by Seeff.

Samuel Seeff, chairman of the Seeff Property Group.


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A bit disingenuous since in many cases the growth was between 2011 and 2016. Take Camps Bay as an example – 2016 Avg. sales price R11M, 2021 Avg. sales price R11.8M – so up 7% gross over 5 years, 1.4% gross per year and about -3% per year net of inflation.
Source – Property24 public Trends information.

And since 2011 the currency movement has been 110% in USD, a bit less in EUR and GBP. Lots of foreign buying in the Cape Metro at little or no real price change in hard currency.

Correct. Rather show us the suburbs in South Africa where new record highs are being made.

Great report Dr Ballot . I was in the management of a leading producer for hospital sanitary ware since the mid 80,s till mid 2000. I was involved in at least 80% of all hospital projects in SA. Simply zero maintenance since mid 90’’s. One could see the fast decline of PTA Academic , the .Kroonstad hospital , PE Hospital , Bethlehem …name them ,
And then the ANC constructed obscene expensive Hospitals in De Aar , Ladybrand to name a few .The architect explained that they were “monuments “ for the ANC !

Upington stood non-operational for a long time due to lack of training .

And now they want the private sector to fund NHI ? There is no way that this country can afford this and the end result will be disinvestment,

We require a team of people to do an audit of all hospitals , clinics and mortuaries to budget for repairs and training to maintain.

Comments re hospitals placed on incorrect section. apologies

Great reading. Your commend fit both articles. This one shows the officers on the bridge, enjoying life, wile it can.

The only safe bet on the human species since Mesopotamia through to the French and Russian revolutions, is that the rich are never smart enough to see the impending doom, they double down, some idiots wife shouts let them eat cake and the poor people have enough and call an end to the show…… wonder how much longer it will take this time.

My professor used to say that we should not make sweeping statements when trying to motivate a viewpoint.

Some of those rich people invested their money in world beating companies e.g. Naspers/10Cent and benefitted many pension funds in SA.

The property prices mentioned will buy very average homes in Sydney or New York.

8 out of 10 in the Western Cape : Sort of tells something about DA competence Vs ANC Trashing Everything :

Agreed. I’m surprised nothing in KwaZuma-Natal?

Lol, and the rest are all declining.

Have you heard bad property news from Samuel Seeff? Maybe he should give some stats about normal SA towns – Vereeniging, Bloemfontein, Kimblerley, etc. As a house owner in one of the “upmarket” areas in one of these towns I can tell you now there is negative house price growth.

End of comments.





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