Sees one positive coronavirus spinoff: less crime

Murders down 64% year-on-year.
Image: Daniel Acker, Bloomberg

Murder, rape, assault and robbery cases in South Africa have plummeted since the authorities imposed a lockdown in late March, but the police have been kept busy apprehending people for breaking the rules aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

There were 1,072 murders committed in the country between March 27 and May 19, a 64% drop from same period a year ago, police statistics released Friday show. The number of reported rapes declined by 83%, attempted murder by 56%, assault was down 80% and robbery with aggravating circumstances fell by 64% over the period.

The police have meanwhile logged 230 000 contraventions of the lockdown rules, including violations of bans on large gatherings and alcohol and tobacco sales, Police Minister Bheki Cele said in an online briefing. Most culprits were either issued with fines and warnings, while the more serious cases were before the courts, he said.

South Africa has confirmed 19 137 coronavirus infections so far, the most in Africa. Public ire over several seemingly arbitrary rules, including a night-time curfew and restrictions on what goods may be sold, has mounted over recent weeks, and President Cyril Ramaphosa has pledged to ease the lockdown by the end of the month.

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Exactly my point , murder has been a national disaster in this country for years . Not the Coronavirus

And the police arrested surfers. And toddlers that stepped onto a beach. We thank the Police for their brave service.

Petty theft and opportunistic house content theft increased tremendously in our town- hungry people without work = Big problem !!!

Wow! Hey???

Why not get crime to zero. Lock everybody up in solitary confinement. This is sort off the mentality displayed here.

This lot now has the whole police and defense forces running after people that normally are law abiding citizens. They turned smoking and having a beer into criminal activity.

Everybody that has a beer or smoke a cigarette are not violent murderers. There are laws against that and the “forces” should be used to enforce that law.

You put a hat or a doek on anything in SA and you end up with a wannabe dictator.

Early elections anybody?????????

Just watched a video of a woman jogger being arrested by cops in Strand.

It makes me #$%^&*cross and I blame our incapacitated spineless leader for these things happening. He is leading the scum of the earth and someone needs to tell him that. We don’t want him to be SHOCKED again.

This is a disgrace and if I was you Mr. “Leader” I would have hung my head in shame. No good blaming everybody else.

IT IS YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you incarcerate the whole population there should be less crime. Every single citizen is in jail, not having committed any crime at all, more than ending up in South Africa by an accident of birth.

The drop in crime stats provide an excellent opportunity for the government and black intellectuals to come up with a re-think on the connection between alcohol and crime and also access to alcohol and crime.

Inn a nutshell – how the shebeens are functioning, as most murders are committed between 23h00 and 2h00 on a Saturday night.

…… Most murders happen while intoxicated, both the victim and perp.
….. Around 50 % of all car accidents are alcohol related……

Why don’t we allow young teens to drink – cause they too irresponsible.
Remind me again why we allow most of the adult population to still drink??

Any coincidence that since people can’t go to police stations, reported crime cases have plummeted?

Also, how are those domestic abuse stats holding up?

End of comments.





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