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Sorry Jacob, Gary has already tried that!

Zuma and Porritt, two old men from KZN provoking the legal system.
Both reached the top in their respective fields, and both are now running out of wriggle room in their legal battles. Images: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg (Zuma); Moneyweb (Porritt)

UPDATE: Former President Zuma handed himself over to police late on Wednesday evening. Read the full story here.

Days after the Constitutional Court last week sentenced former president Jacob Zuma to 15 months behind bars for contempt of court, he raised the argument that jailtime during the global Covid-19 pandemic could mean a death sentence at his age and suffering from certain co-morbidities.

The same argument was however raised last year by Tigon-accused Gary Porritt – without success.

The two men, both well into their 70s and both from KwaZulu-Natal, are known for pushing the legal system to the limit and it seems that Zuma, like Porritt in 2017, might have met his match this time.

Porritt, former CEO of former JSE-listed financial services group Tigon, was first arrested in 2002 and is, together with former director and girlfriend Sue Bennett, standing trial on more than 3 000 charges of fraud, racketeering and transgression of the Income Tax Act and other legislation.


As is the case with Zuma, who was first charged with corruption in 2007, but will only begin to stand trial on July 19 this year, the Tigon trial has been delayed for years and only started in 2016.

Porritt was out on bail until June 2017, when he was arrested for failing to pitch for a court appearance.

Presiding Judge Brian Spilg launched an investigation, and despite Porritt’s animated testimony about fainting spells and being on the verge of death, found that he intentionally failed to come to court.

Read: Malingering = pretending to be ill to escape duty or work

Two doctors used the word ‘malingering’ in separate assessments of Porritt’s health in November 2018. Image: Moneyweb

He has been incarcerated in the Johannesburg prison, also known as Sun City, ever since.

The Covid card

After government announced the national state of disaster due to the Covid-19 pandemic last year, Porritt launched a fresh bail application on the basis of the risk of contracting Covid-19 in prison.

Advocate Mannie Witz, appearing for Porritt, argued that his age, underlying health problems – which include a serious heart condition, high blood pressure, skin cancer, back problems and a history of respiratory infections – together with prison overcrowding, which makes social distancing impossible, put Porritt at an unacceptable risk of contracting Covid-19.

Witz referred to a report from the inspector of prisons, retired judge Edwin Cameron, which confirmed the overcrowding, as well as a statement by Professor Lucille Blumberg, then a member of the ministerial advisory committee on Covid-19, about the risk.

Judge Ramarumo Monama dismissed the application, saying it was all about concerns with the prison facilities and prison authorities’ capacity to protect prisoners. There are more appropriate remedies to address that, he found.

With regard to Zuma’s similar concern, there is of course also the option to have Zuma vaccinated against Covid 19, an option that will be available to all prisoners shortly as part of government’s roll-out plan.

Tigon trial judge Spilg early this year in fact chose to order Bennett to get vaccinated as soon as she is entitled to, and inform the court when it has been done rather than stay the trial indefinitely due to Covid-19 risks and disruptions as she and Porritt wanted him to do.

Sue Bennett, in court with Porritt in October 2017. Image: Moneyweb

Monama also heard an earlier bail application by Porritt. When he dismissed it in March 2018 he made a direct comparison between the conduct of Porritt and Zuma. He said the delays in the Tigon case are totally unacceptable.

“This case has the hallmarks of the Zuma Principle – to drag the case through even when there is manifestly no prospect,” he said.

But the Covid-19 card is not the only Zuma card that Porritt has played before.

The ‘bias’ ploy

Zuma recently filed a special plea in the Pietermaritzburg High Court in May accusing prosecutor Advocate Billy Downer of bias in an effort to have charges of corruption, money laundering and racketeering against him dropped.

Commentators quickly pointed out that Porritt and Bennett tried this before, but their application to get rid of advocates Etienne Coetzee SC and Jan Ferreira was dismissed by the Supreme Court of Appeal and with that, their contention that they should be acquitted.

In both cases these prosecutors have been there from the start. They know the cases and the characters inside out and are critical for successful prosecutions.

The similarities between Zuma and Porritt are numerous. Both reached the top of their respective fields – Zuma a two-term president of the republic and Porritt as CEO of the best performing company on the JSE in the years up to 2000.

For both the tables have turned and in their old age they are running out of wriggle room in their legal battles.

Read: Zondo Commission opposes Zuma’s attempt to stay arrest

Both have tried recusal applications, Zuma to get rid of Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo as chair of the Commission of Inquiry into allegations of state capture and Porrit and Bennett of trial judge Spilg.

Both are pleading poverty regarding legal costs, Zuma after a ruling that taxpayers are no longer liable for these costs and Porritt after he was unable to get legal aid, because he refused to open his financial affairs.

Porritt and Bennett are now representing themselves in the criminal trial, which is believed to be a ploy to get more leeway as lay persons and with the aim of forcing an unfair trail.

Both Porritt and Zuma have pleaded ill health as a reason for not attending court.

Porritt’s arrogance and disregard for the legal system has landed him among rapists and robbers in Sun City.

Time will tell, but seemingly Zuma is on the same path, even though his sentence is limited to 15 months with a good possibility of early release.

If the Constitutional Court’s sentence stands, both will stand trial from behind bars.

The wheels of justice turn slowly, but turn they do.


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Thank God for the Porrit precident.

Took a while but eventually justice prevailed!

A victory for the one thing still operating without potholes, our justice system

Sadly though, JZ will be out in 3 to 4 months on good behavior, having rested, relaxed and given free board and lodging on our purse

Until the next show..He’s busy running out of Aces to pull..

No pun intended

But is this really a testament to the strength of our justice system? What would have happened if Zuma had won the power struggle within the ANC, if NDZ had been our president today instead of CR? I’m going out on a limb and saying that Zuma would be sleeping safely and soundly in his own bed tonight.

When Mr. Zuma is all healthy and all rested from the 15 months in Jail he can then very respectfully answer the Zondo commission questions.

It should apply to Markus as well, he’ll be about the same age by the time they get him into and out of court !

This oke should be sentenced to another compulsory 25 years without bail for trying to defeat the ends of justice man !!!

Do not worry. He is furiously dialing Shabir Shaiks’s number on his mobile phone to get the number of his doctor.

Maybe General Niehaus on speed dial.

You guys should see his story on Wikipedia, a great read.

@ pwgg

unable to find Wikipedia entry on General Niehaus.

He was dancing around with a shield and assegai 3 days ago and his idol worshipping son Edward says he is ” on top of the world” :; medical pardon ?

Try corporal Niehaus. Or private Niehaus.

@Funnyguyin jhb.
He left Vodacom.. Now using Cell-C….

They say R500 Billion was stolen … I think its more

But if you look at the multiple effect and the cost to society and think its more than R1 Trillion….

Taking that into account … This guy and his goons should serve 1 Trillion years for their impact on society!

They don’t care getting R50K for every R1 Million of Tax Payer Money looted.

It is not their money, they did not go work for it for 30 or 50 years!

Interesting days ahead for us. And for Zuma as well.

I’m tired of JZ’s dilly dallying. We need to focus elsewhere like building the economy, helping the less privilege, eskom, rail transport etc.

We are sooo obsessed with politicians; it is not funny. There must come a time where politicians ride their bicycle to work.

It seems as if Zuma handed himself over to the police?

Both me are accused of stealing – is it really worth all this just for money? One has to wonder!
I doubt Zuma will need a vaccination – after all, I’m pretty sure his cell has a shower somewhere?
Honestly, you have to wonder at this mans IQ.- crafty as a fox, but not very bright!
But…today is a good day – well done SA…let’s hope it’s real and not just another scam – after all, the Guptas were arrested but still managed to get their passports, get to the airport, board a plane and live happily in Dubai! go figure!

I remember the phrase used in parliament frequently some years ago
“i have a good story to tell….” now this is a good story to tell..
Can we declare 7 July as a national holiday ?

T box time 7.30 Saturday, Durban Country club. Just a 2 ball Jakes and Shakes.

Unable to find Wikipedia entry on Gen Niehuas except one line to state he was former SW Africa Attorney General.

Try Karl Niehaus.

Covid level 4 means no visitors at prisons.

I hope they keep to that. He is well known for not wearing masks or social distancing.

It would be very unfair if his visitors put other prisoners and guards at risk.

They also have time now to teach him how to wear a mask properly and not on the chin. Lets hope 15 months will be enough. He is not a fast learner and is stubborn.

What part did Advocate Dali Mpofu play in this farce? The man keeps representing celebrity clients and keeps losing.

Go to youtube and see Dalis interview on 2018 pre Sona.Talking about the 15 years of destruction under Zuma.What a piece of work!!!!!!!!

This is boomer porn if I’ve ever seen! Yes I too love to see him be held accountable but let’s just say the fact our economy is literally in ruins and this is what we focused on is a great example of the gravity of our situation in terms of not recovering economically.

Also just for the record Cyril did the same, made a lot more money but he just sat on over 100 boards and funneled money to them from goverment, the “above board” way!

At the end of the day our resources are being stolen, wheather it is the guptas or Brian joff its all disgusting and we should be equally mad! Cyril must be laughing into his velvet bed sheet this morning while eating another can of caviar

Zuma was arrested for contempt of court. You’re rambling…

Has anyone heard from the so-called CIC yet? He’s been very quiet on the Zuma saga, I wonder why. . . . .

His tail feathers are starting to smolder…..

Certain great men must now be developing a serious bout of irritable bowel syndrome. Ace, Brian Shivambu etc are now chronic sufferers of this syndrome. After all if JZ can be jailed what will become of them?

This was not how the Party saw things-Comrade Geriatric General Niehaus, Fighting Son Edward etc. foresaw the masses rising in support for their former leader-it didn’t happen and now the former number one has been searched, given an orange overall and accommodation bereft of the decadence of the taxpayer funded mansion called Nkandla.

It wasn’t meant to be this way-a corrupt elite was supposed to steal the country insolvent(as they have for the last 27 years) the population was supposed to stay poor, hungry, uneducated yet supporting the great Party. Cuba, East Germany, Romania etc were models to follow and now we have this irritating thing called the law…very sad comrades.

I see Edward was seen patrolling the door to daddies house a little unsteady on his feet with a stick!!!

Sam what must also be getting up their noses is the fact that the pesky colonialists who built this country have not all run away.


What does Gary and Angelo have in common, one MANY WITZ, the defender of psychopathic criminals.

Angelo you attended your daughter’s wedding with a bounce in your step, yet you could not attend the Zondo commission in person but did so via Zoom and thus robbed us of the opportunity of being forced to admit to perjury when you falsely slandered Kevin Wakeford.

Many is not going to keep you out of jail either.

But don’t worry. Due to your (fake) COMORBIDITIES you will have Jacob and Gary to keep you company.

I would love to hear you, Jacob and Gary swop war stories and try to outdo each other in exaggeration.

Best entertainment I’ve had in months.

Did Zuma really sleep in a jail cell?

Or did he sleep in a “jail cell” which is a government-rented and government-guarded safe house?

Perhaps Carte Blanche can drop in on the prison and check if Jacob is really there.

I don’t believe for a second that this troll is in prison.

The fact that Zuma can even argue that Covid is a death sentence for him in prison is ludicrous. What about all the other prisoners? They are also at risk of catching Covid. Are their lives less important? Of less value?

This level of entitlement is typical of Cadre mentality.

Exactly but then we live in an Orwelian country where some pigs are more equal than others. In the lead up to his incarceration the indications were that he was going to be given special treatment in jail – why? If he is entitled to special treatment why not others?

MW is 100% correct to compare Zuma and Porritt (they even both used the services of Stalingrad strategist Kemp J Kemp).

Meanwhile, one of Porritt’s accomplices/fall-guys, Milne, pleaded guilty, served his sentence and has presumably got on with life while Porritt and romantic partner Bennett are stuck in a legal time warp of their own making.

Had JZ783 not wasted the court’s time and money, he could possibly be out by now (with or without Shaik’s Syndrome). One cannot feel sympathy for him because of his age.

Should Zuma feel lonesome and deserted now I would suggest a certain Carl Niehaus as good company for him. Let’s be generous!

I think even Zuma has his standards!

Just vaccinate them both and stick them in solitary, although they should have thought about prison life before embarking on a life of corruption and crime. Do they expect sympathy from any rational person? None here.

Agreed, but you’re soft with your taxpaying tin, vaccinate with a .38!!

Why should he be put into solitary – he should be treated the same as other prisoners. If he is entitled to this treatment then so should any other with the same risks.

Excuse me MONEYWEB, just a suggestion, but isn’t it about time to gave us more options than just the “Thumbs Up” sign!!?? Have your IT guys give us a few more happy, sad , upset, etc, signs/ faces like other forum’s do please! So many times I would like to type HAHA or Up yours etc but it’s a hassle to do it every time. Whattya say!?

Snowy right click in the comment box and you get emojos.

either he will click forever or think his comment box is stukkend….no man dont’t tease the people! 🙂

Thanks PWGG, my ignorance and age are showing, cheers!

“Both reached the top of their respective fields…Porritt as CEO of the best performing company on the JSE in the years up to 2000”.

It seems a long time ago now and my memory may be shaky, but wasn’t Tigon’s price an artifice – a weird structure meant its profitability depended on its own share price, which was boosted by insider trades using OPM ? I’m not sure there ever was any operating ‘performance’.

“vaccinated against Covid 19, an option that will be available to all prisoners shortly”

Here I sit, religiously paying all my taxes involuntarily, and the scum of Life will get vaccinated before I get it.

Bob Dylan sang: The Times they’re a changing. Although it is changing so slow but are we going into a new time? A time where the corrupt, the thieves, the robbers will end in jail. Where the wheel will spin so far that one can even hope where we will be safer on the streets and in our homes. As Bob Dylan says in his song For The Wheel is still in Spin.

JZ, start digging. Comrades Ace and Carl will greet you on the other side.

I think we all “rejoice” too soon. Zuma will be out in one month with medical parole, lastest three and a half months. Such is the S.A. justice system.

End of comments.





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