South Africa coronavirus cases increase by 70 to 1 655

Deaths stand at 11.
Image: Geert Vanden Wijngaert/Bloomberg

South Africa’s coronavirus infections increased by 70 cases to 1 655 on Sunday, and a total of 11 deaths have been recorded, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said in an emailed statement.

The country’s military health services have called on registered civilian health practitioners to join its members on the ground to help contain the spread of the disease as the country entered its 10th day of a three-week lockdown. It said the operation may continue until June 23.

The government expects the number of coronavirus infections to increase as testing is ramped up through a mass screening program which will encompass about 10 000 field workers. They will check up on people in their homes and at mobile testing stations. South Africa has the highest number of confirmed cases on the continent. A total of 56 873 Covid-19 tests have been conducted.

Meanwhile, state-owned arms manufacturer Denel has allocated resources and expertise to design and develop medical ventilators locally to increase the capacity of medical equipment to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“We are still in the early stages of the project, but we are optimistic that this local initiative will help to alleviate the dire need for medical ventilators that are required in great numbers at both public and private hospitals,” Denel chief executive officer Danie Du Toit said in an emailed statement on Sunday.

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You can’t believe the stats at all

That’s certainly true, but this generally applies to the beginning stages of an epidemic anyway.

The only solution is proper stats-based sampling. Which must be at huge scale when the infection quantity is still very small, and very unevenly distributed.

Such effort has to be repeated all the time (people uninfected last week may now be infected this week),and is hugely expensive.

SA’s efforts and strategies and results thus far have been nothing short of astonishingly commendable! Will have to be sustained at this level, but that is still to come.

By contrast, the similar responses in the USA and UK have been an absolute shambles and embarrassment. And a DIRECT reflection of the poor quality of leadership and political systems.

Germany and Taiwan, faced with the same information and prospects, behave very differently, and provide the REAL template for admiration.

“SA’s efforts and strategies and results thus far have been nothing short of astonishingly commendable!”

Jonnoxx -have you been into any townships recently? clearly out of touch mate. I would much rather be in the US or UK during this pandemic, those countries you refer to as an absolute shambles and embarrassment actually have health system.


The issue is what these countries have ACTUALLY done, as opposed to what they COULD and SHOULD have done.

BIG difference!

The UK have absolutely messed up with aggressively testing. No sense of the FUNDAMENTAL importance of this.

Likewise, the US.

Which is even worse because this national crisis is laying bare the INHERENT problems with the US political system viz
A separately elected President from an elected Congress. No surprises that the situation has arisen where these two are more interested in obstructing each other, than fighting the common enemy.

And don’t even get started on the federal system of the states, where each takes more pride in being DIFFERENT from the others.

And an absolute mercurial clown “leading” them.

No wonder China is kicking their backside.

The virus is busy incubating within many Saffas as we speak, especially in informal areas (that Govt expected to be bunched up together). “Social spacing” is a luxury for the poor.

In about 3 weeks’ time, the 2019-nCoV will creep out of everyone’s woodworks (read lungs) at the same time & proclaim “Hello Afrika. Tell me how you doing?” I’m from Whooohaan 武汉 ”

“Yo! African people, UNITE
Come TOGETHER for the sake of your future”

End of comments.





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