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South Africa records nearly 17 500 new Covid cases, Gauteng the epicentre

Growing calls for a tougher lockdown in the country’s economic hub.
Healthcare workers screening patients for Covid-19 in this file photo taken at Pretoria's Steve Biko Academic Hospital. Image: Alet Pretorius/Gallo Images via Getty Images

Gauteng accounted for 10 806 of the 17 493 new Covid cases in South Africa reported by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) on Wednesday, as the third wave of the pandemic hits the home province of Johannesburg the hardest.

The country currently has more than 130 000 officially recorded “active” Covid cases, with Gauteng accounting for over half of the figure.

This surge in infections has fuelled calls for a harder lockdown in the country’s economic hub and most populous, but smallest province. Among those calling for a stricter lockdown include Netcare CEO Dr Richard Friedland, certain unions and political parties as well as health experts.

The NICD says the increase of 17 493 newly confirmed cases represents a “positivity rate” of 24.9%. This is more than double the positivity rate at the start of June, with Gauteng’s positivity rate topping the 30% mark.

“The sharp rise in the reported daily Covid-19 cases is cause for concern, especially in the Gauteng province where daily case numbers are exceeding those seen during the previous two waves,” says Dr Michelle Groome, head of the NICD’s public health surveillance and response unit.

More than 70 000 Covid tests were done, taking the total number tests undertaken in South Africa since the outbreak of the pandemic in March last year to over 12.7 million.

Source: National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD)

Of this figure, 1 861 065 cases have been confirmed, with 59 258 deaths (including 166 newly reported deaths by the NICD on Wednesday) and over 1.67 million recoveries from the virus.

The confirmed death toll is likely to be higher, with delays being experienced in reporting. This is also reflected in the NICD mentioning a figure of 60 318 deaths under the “hospital admissions” section of its latest Covid-19 update.

According to the institute, there are nearly 10 500 Covid-19 patients currently admitted to private and public hospitals countrywide.

This includes 622 new hospital admissions reported on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Health Department’s coronavirus website notes that more than 2.3 million vaccines have been administered to South Africans as of midnight on Tuesday.

This has largely been for health workers and pensioners, while the vaccine rollout to teachers began on Wednesday.

According to a statement from the Department of Basic Education (DBE), more than 48 000  “educators and staff” were vaccinated on the first day of this vaccination rollout. This is based on a preliminary report from the Health Department.

The DBE noted that the vaccination figure, excludes the Western Cape and Limpopo provinces, which are expected to start rolling out teacher vaccinations on Thursday and Friday, respectively.

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Siren- your words about “Growing calls for a tougher lockdown in the country’s economic hub” seems to be phrase being used by all mainstream media across the world to market economic collapse

Focus on actual proven treatments like Hydroxycloroquine and invermectin.

Media integrity (and morality) has been usurped during the ongoing time of income deprivation (due to the internet) so it fights for the destruction of its opposition aka ‘free speech’. In doing so it is the leader (and essential supporter) of the totalitarian pack of democracy-destroying pillars-of-entitlement-above-all. Henceforth, money is everything and casualties can be archived. Food on our table at the expense of yours. Evil and its willing purveyoys rule.

When I log out my “Approved” comment disappears. I was going to add that the PCR test is not approved by its inventor for diagnostic use. However it is politically useful because the result can be manipulated by lab amplification routines. This fact is an intentional ‘oversight’ of the slave media propaganda machine self-seeking robots. They even stoop to deception about posting of comments.

Exactly.. “Among those calling for a stricter lockdown include Netcare CEO Dr Richard Friedland, certain unions and political parties as well as health experts.” So all the vested interests then. People can voluntary stay home when it’s bad or when they have symptoms. Asymptomatic spread is basically a myth at this point.

I know 2 families in the Western Cape who suffered armed home invasions the last week. One with a brutal assault and one not. MVA’s in SA are sky high. Childhood malnutrition and diseases of poverty (cholera, TB etc.) rampant amongst our poor. Contact crimes of violence and rape world’s highest (if not, often close) – yet we react to COVID like this? How about putting that energy into solving the real social hell in CadreZania? I’ll lend you my iPad BTW

Tragic as this is it is a testament to the failure of this government to care for its citizens.
They have learnt nothing from the first 2 waves and people will die due to inadequate planning, resources, facilities and staff.
Their botching of the vaccine procurement and roll outs are epic failures.
If the get NHI the we need to be prepared for Life Esidemedi on a galactic scale !!

And yet the voters are still not unhappy enough to change their voting patterns.
Clearly therefore they are happy with the current ruling party!

Democracy is a stool-pigeon for a takeover by the greed driven con artists. Gangstersim 101 advances first to mafia rule and then to fake democracy rule with most everyone under its thumb.

Keep people away from each other by stricter lock-downs and ban taxis running at all.

Not. Genuine herd immunity arrives via transmission and consequential individual immune system learning, just as always since our time of human survival began. Hiding is cowardice. Only the fragile will succumb. It is the flu but quite severe. There has been more severe versions in the past, but they were not given any G7 press. Basic prophylactics exist, but big pharma has political control of the public money and profit = everything. And everything is a lie.

The authorities are great at producing daily bulletins as to infections, recoveries and deaths but the paucity of lack of information as to where the hot spots for the spread of the virus is deafening. Where is the virus emanating from, be bold and state where the virus is spread from and then target those specific areas for total lockdown and management. If we don’t control these areas the virus will expand exponentially and we will not have enough vaccines to treat the population

Why does Moneyweb not ask frogboiler how many tests were done to achieve these numbers….is there a correlation perhaps between the two? Also, how many cycles are being used on PCR now….are all ‘cases’ actually symptomatic. I personally know someone who went for a test, she cometed the forms but not the test as she ran out of time while waiting….never the less she received an sis stating she was positive.

How many of the hospitalised are already vaccinated? Government needs to give us a detailed breakdown of the numbers. A family member of mine who works for a major hospital group says some (or many?) of the hospitalised & dying already got the jab…….

….how many are rushing to hospital for haing the annual flu (covid#) and then added to the number of covid19 aggregate?

Patel is planning the next open-toe shoe ban as we speak


Last hot chicken today and time to get the illicit cigarettes going again.

With this anc lot its just all about the next crime they can commit.

Moneyweb did an article last year ,

“the elephant in the room” . It was about the death rate and how high it is.

Please dust that off and do a followup article.

The death rate was hugely overstated, it still is. Any deaths we suffer now is not a result of the virus , but rather a very very poorly planned response to the virus.

The actual infection rate must far exceed the reported rate as not everyone with covid gets tested. So what’s the real rate… 10X higher?

So it’s not the 3rd wave, it’s the ANC vaccination program. Instead of vaccinating 1m people a day as they are doing in the UK, we will soon be infecting 1m a day.

Either way we’re going to get to herd immunity pretty soon. Just that a proper government gives you a vaccine, but our lot… Gives you the live virus instead.

I am sure that i am not the only one who would, just once like the media to provide context to the daily morbid stats they love to put on their screens and front pages.

This time we seem focused on cases, cases, cases which have been climbing rapidly and have gone passed the period where they should now be causing a massive spike in deaths – but you will notice deaths are not matching exponential growth rate in cases. Someone asked above what the PCR cycle thresh hold is. Apparently 45 at the moment but certainly not under 40. At this level you are guaranteed a large number of false positives. The deaths are not headlines as they are not yet high enough, for our blood thirsty media to put front and centre – seem to be hovering between 95 – 140 a day. When diabetes, heart disease and cancer is static at around 950+ per day and all cause mortality in winter is at 1600ish per day.

I have travelled throughout the pandemic – yesterday sadly i had to go for another PCR test, now nearing 200+. So many PCR tourists at the testing station, a few admittedly for travel so we have no choice – however, out of 48 people 1 had symptoms and was kept to one side. The rest seemed to have the attitude better safe than sorry!? So you have zero symptoms but you want a few hours off work so lets get tested and jam the system up and add to the false positivity rate guaranteed at 45 cycles. I want to see where the ‘cases’ are with cycles dialled down to 15 which should be a maximum.

Only a couple of years ago someone who routinely went to the doctor for a test without any symptoms was called a hypochondriac. Now you are a patriot and covid fighter. Forgive me if i have no trust in governments, this one or any others, probably the least trust worthy the UK.

We are given no insight into the metrics they use to gather data, this is our 2nd winter/ 2nd season of the Rona. Before the NICD always used to separate influenza deaths into year by year, so why are we adding 2020 deaths daily to 2021 deaths which will no doubt be added to 22 and 23` deaths – because it makes better headlines. I would like to know some simple facts, i pay taxes why not:

– what is the average age of deaths of the relatively small number of daily deaths
– what other comorbidities did they have
– what is the average age of hospital admission and no. of days occupying a bed
– daily percentage of asymptomatic positives ie not sick
– etc etc etc

Why in 16 months of a pandemic and R500 billion later with the begging bowl put for another IMF R70 billion have available beds not been doubled in South Africa instead they have only gone down. The UK built 30,000 extra beds and never used them – that was a SAGE scare tactic, a cynic might be inclined to believe that this incompetence is so blatant it could be bordering on intentional

Why are a large percentage of hospitals running out of water daily and cancer wards closed in some!!! and Oxygen allegedly – you had 16 months and R500B to make a plan B/ C/ D/ E.

You discuss tougher lock down restrictions whilst R. Botha celebrates a small uptick off a biblically low base in the economy – but i can assure you that you will not touch the taxis.

Does it not seem strange to anyone else – that you take a fixed number of the population, in this case give or take 60 million. Allow 100%+ taxi (ultimate vectors) occupancy. Force this fixed population to do everything they normally have to do daily, into a more and more compressed time frame through expanding curfews, so at any given time more people are guaranteed to be in one place like Spar or Checkers or Clicks or just about anywhere for that matter than they otherwise would be.

Logic, a foreign concept to the CCC or the 6 people that rule 60 million – dictates that this would be naturally counter productive to the stated goals of trying to reduce the spread of the virus – yet we keep on proving the definition of insanity correct, by repeating over and over again, the only tool we seem to ever consider/ have in our arsenal, lock down, lock down, lock down – in response to increases in case numbers no matter how questionable their accuracy is at 40-45 cycles.

Anyway time for the airport – i am sure we will smash our heads against that wall several more times still to come, hoping for a different outcome – why not. It seems to work so well on our commissions. A big hello to Malusi Gigaba and Siyabonga Gama – a never ending source of entertainment – a question, do you write your own scripts or do you hire professional comedians?

Welcome back! Not seen a post from you in a while.

… a biblically low base. Class, pure class!!

Well said….this whole dog show is a scam…..Moneyweb, why do you not ask the pertinent questions instead of regurgitating the governments narrative. All you so called journalists should be charged with treason.

Never in the history of blatant lies and propaganda have so many perpetrators colluded in order to intentionally deceive us all. This is their ‘new normal’. They have no intentions of giving up on their wrong doing. For as long as there is a majority amongst us that remain pathetically gullible we will get nothing better than more of the same. When totalitarianism has taken total control then these purveyors of lies and propaganda will find themselves in amongst us all as equal victims, slaves to our money-power overlords. Do as they say or be disappeared by the thugs that become the ‘police’ force. Its already happening. See the peaceful protests that are beaten down and reported as violent protests or else simply not reported as in the UK. See what happens this weekend in London, but the truth is becoming much harder to find now. The BBC went full propaganda cheer-leader from the start of this non-pandemic.

End of comments.





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