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South African Airways maintenance arm to cut jobs

To help navigate the crisis that’s gripped the air-travel industry throughout the coronavirus pandemic.
Image: Shutterstock

South African Airways’ plane-maintenance division is cutting jobs to help navigate the crisis that’s gripped the air-travel industry throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The restructuring is unavoidable in light of reduced demand from its airline customers, SAA Technical said in a statement. While the state-owned company didn’t specify how many employees would be affected, Derek Mans, a representative of the Solidarity union, said about 60% of a total workforce of just over 2 000 could be eliminated.

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The move comes more than a year after SAA, the national carrier and SAA Technical’s main customer, last flew a commercial flight. The airline has been mired in bankruptcy proceedings and its own major job-cuts plan, while international travel restrictions to contain the spread of Covid-19 have hampered efforts to resume even a partial service.

Mango Airlines, another member of the SAA group, is also in difficulty. The low-cost carrier was briefly suspended from flying Wednesday by the country’s airports operator over the non-payment of fees. The airline eventually settled part of its debt after emergency talks.

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17 months after SAA goes into rescue this lot decide to do something?

Why start this 12 months after shutting down

No wonder Comair moved their maintenance requirements to Lufthansa Technik SA.

A decade from now, God help us, the remaining skills from SAA Techical would only us to be able to wipe the aircraft fuselages clean…and check the tyres for wear. The rest…you don’t touch.

Michael I doubt they will even be in existence, the aircraft long returned to the owners, unless the ANC decide to sell them and pocket the cash.

For sure Pwgg 😉

On another topic, I understand from SA Weather Service large parts of EC could be under snow, come Friday. (Now perhaps time to pull the tarpaulin off one’s Russian LADA Niva)

Of course! Several others don’t use SAAT – too much theft and corruption under Dudu Mayeni

But the remaining tech guys are skilled – one is not pleased to see this happen to them.
Pravin Gordhan who ran all this into the ground with bailouts should be fired!

I think everyone will soon learn that a falling tree cannot be forced in an upright position and expected to grow again especially if it is just given a new name.

It’s a sad state of affairs, the skilled guys have left already, couldn’t deal with being paid 25% of their salaries while top management still got 100%. Guys left to cash in their pensions just to be able to provide for their families. Only the useless dead wood remain and most of them have been promoted to senior management.

Aircraft need maintenance? Who knew. Surely they just need to be transformed?

Later just deploy a few cadres and you are transformed and back in business.

As easy as pie.

SAD … but brilliant.

… its one way SAA gets permanently shutdown.

… fewer degrees of freedom

End of comments.





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