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Stage 3 loadshedding implemented

Potential for future power cuts is ‘elevated’.

Eskom announced just after midday that it is implementing loadshedding from 13:00 on Wednesday afternoon (today) until 6:00 on Thursday morning, due to the loss of generation units.

It said the power generation system is still severely constrained due to high generation unit breakdowns during the past three days, “as well as the need to replenish diminishing emergency reserves.”

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The country was loadshed from Friday to Sunday evening, and again overnight on Tuesday.

Read: Despite improvement, Eskom sees load shedding as ‘likely’ until December

“This morning a generation unit each at Lethabo, Kendal and Duvha power stations were taken offline for repairs, adding to the high number of breakdowns and units that have failed to return to service as planned.”

Eskom says the outlook for the power system is unpredictable, with a high probability of loadshedding on Thursday. Generally the possibility of power cuts is “elevated” as the utility continues to implement reliability maintenance.


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There should be an automatic salary deduction for every loadshed event against ever person involved in the non-performance of The SOEs.

Every single one.

Privatize every unit .

Yes, but then it would mean the majority HAVE TO PAY for every kW-h of elec use. Apparently it was not part of the ANC’s plan in 1994.

The ‘free’ this or ‘free’ that is starting to backfire on the ANC. The money is running out to give freebies to the majority. All the ‘promises’ since 94.

I agree, no modern economy works like that.

Cyril might have to change his speech.

If its not the covid virus it will be the anc eskom virus that destroy the country.

Just cant do anything about it can he?


The real virus is the ANC

Because most of the ANC voting fodder don’t even have electricity, so it makes no difference to them. As long as they get a t shirt and a grant, they vote.

The same applies to water. The Northern Cape from Springbok, Kleinsee, Koingnaas and Hondeklipbaai have had no water during the daytime hours for the past three days.

ANC voters … unfortunately cannot even read MoneyWeb.

In their eyes…. ANC is the 8th Wonder of the World.

Jamnadas? Under what rock are you hiding? I will call Adv. Dali if you don’t come out! Remember what he did to you last time you two met!

Why not meet the CEO , have a press conference and tell the public…the truth?

Ah the competence of the ANC and its cadres at all SoE’s. I wonder if the government will be able to achieve/accomplish anything positive in our lifetimes

HowTF do you cancel load-incompetence at 09:55 and then go to Stage 3 at 13:00?

What happened to the KPI’s? Only in 3rd party contracts? or not even to be found there? The virus at Eskom is totally man-made. It causes people to become so numerous and overpaid that there is no money left for any competence. The ambitious expectations for the JSE are looking increasingly ridiculous.

Just spare a thought for those guys that can keep a business going under:
Lockdown level 3
Stage 3 load shedding
With no BEE certificate

Guys, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

Plus labour laws and militant unions.
Redistributive rates and taxes.
BEE parasites getting the job in spite of loading quotes.
Daily issues with crime and corruption.
The tax regime.
WMC, potholes, water and sewerage problems and incompetent municipal officers.

Then the president invites investors and tells them that “we are open for business”!

Unfortunately this morning I will be releasing 57 workers due to the cANCer in our country al 57 workers are from the township, we try to empower the masses through educating our staff to promote from within but our great government cost 57 people that opportunity!

It is simple, cut the non payers.

Cutting power to little villages on the coast where I live saves peanuts. A few fridges and Tvs and sets up a security problem for all. Dark streets, alarms that don’t work.

I am so so sick of this incompetence. So so sick

Anything to keep the rand from strengthening to much….

Do us a favor, re-instate Brian Molefe, Matsela Koko and the team that ran Eskom during the “no load shedding” days. They did a fabulous job.. Look were we are now? When are ever going to celebrate man and women of color who are good at what they do? Once they run a successful entity, we soil them by uncollaborated, unsubstantiated rumors? And the script is the same across the country. I’m not arguing with anyone,, bring back Brian, Koko and the “A” team back. They certainly knew what they were doing..icho!.

I’m not sure if you’re joking but I’ll bite….. Eskom’s current debt is at R488b; those palookas you refer to as the “A team” burned untold millions of rand of diesel to generate the most expensive electricity in the world so that it can look like comrade Zupta fixed loadshedding. Like so much of our current government’s “accomplishments” it was fueled by racking up debt and now we’re in kakstraat. Nobody’s soilng the incredibly accomplished black management of Telkom because they’re not running an enterprise into bankruptcy. This is not about race, it’s about performance, period. No go learn how to read financial statements before you come back here with idiotic comments.

lets keep it clean, no need to use words like idiotic, etc.. Can you show us here, figures and graphs that shows during the period in question Brian and team burnt mega liters of diesel to keep the lights on? “I will be waiting”. If you go through the figures you will see, that the diesel consumption went down to an average of R22 million/ month. So Mr?Ms MOK lets not paddle false woods as verified information. Ask about the composition of ESKOM debt and you will get your answers…Icho!

Humba, your comment reflects lack of insight. Where Communists are involved there simply is no objectivity.

Tomorrow I will start the rewiring of my house to be independent of Eskom and believe me it costs a packet (R90k +).

Can you advise on how one creates water out of air?

Sad that a legitimate comparison of Eskom’s performance under White and then Black control is not worthy of being published by Moneyweb. A microcosm of a country incapable of handling the truth. What are you (Moneyweb) so afraid of?

Please note that I’m not making statements on a whim, I am basing my comments on 26 YEARS OF BLACK RULE. This, I believe is sufficient time on which one can make judgments on the relative performance of 2 regimes in respect of Eskom.

“Eskom says the outlook for the power system is unpredictable, with a high probability of loadshedding on Thursday. Generally the possibility of power cuts is “elevated” as the utility continues to implement reliability maintenance”.
Fact is; loadhshedding is here for years to come as they struggle to catch up with a maintenance deficit accumulated over many years!

Level 3 now, Eskom?

….crap, this is making me nervous….it means there’s 5 notches of load-shedding left until we reach Stage 8. We are slowly moving closer down the notches…

(…is Eskom now trying to ‘syncronise’ with Covid Level-3 lockdown?)

End of comments.





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