The Human Rights Commission is wrong: vaccines are not always optional

The Commission is undermining the state’s vaccine programme.
The SA Human Rights Commission says it would be a violation of human rights to force people to be vaccinated against Covid-19. This is misguided, says the author. Image: Lisa Nelson

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has stated that it would be a violation of human rights to compel people to get vaccinated if they have chosen not to. The Gauteng Provincial Manager appealed to people who feel compelled by their employers to get vaccinated to lodge a complaint with the SAHRC.

In response, Advocate Jonathan Berger, who worked tirelessly in the 2000s for people with HIV to have access to medicine, wrote on Twitter: “The HRC appears to be opposed to any and all vaccine mandates, regardless of context. That’s deeply problematic. And dangerous.”

Berger is entirely correct.

The SAHRC position illustrates a misunderstanding between an infectious illness and one that is contagious.

Infectious illnesses such as HIV are not transmitted through casual contact, whereas Covid-19 is a contagious disease that is transmitted through casual contact. Therefore Covid is a notifiable illness and the health authorities have extensive powers based on a rational limitation of certain fundamental rights such as privacy and freedom of movement.

Lockdowns in response to the epidemic have cost millions of people employment or loss of income. The state has for varying periods of time shut down schools and places of worship. Lockdowns have restricted movement, political gatherings and social activities. They have affected every person and constituted an extensive limitation of fundamental rights. This was done to save lives. That the SAHRC accepted the total social and economic shutdown as rational raises the question of whether its latest intervention is posturing or simply misguided.

We can debate the extent to which lockdowns were needed and the way they were implemented. But vaccines unequivocally offer a way to end them.

Refusal by a person to take a vaccine when there is no medical reason to do so affects the rights to life, health, dignity, safe work environment, education, safe worship and socialising of other people. The SAHRC is surely misguided in its approach.

As I’ve argued before, schools should be able to compel teachers to get vaccinated. Workers in hospitals and institutions, like old age homes, would be grossly irresponsible to refuse vaccination. Their employers would potentially be violating the rights of patients and elderly residents by allowing unvaccinated employees to continue coming to work.

It appears that in at least one instance a landlord has threatened to evict tenants who refuse to get vaccinated. Here context matters. In some high-density properties where there are predominantly elderly people, or where tenants live in close proximity, this may be justified. But eviction is an extreme measure and frequently a serious violation of human rights. So mandatory vaccination in such a situation requires more discussion. But it is in any case better decided on a case-by-case basis by a court, not a misguided SAHRC-led campaign.

The SAHRC claims that it “supports the state’s efforts to vaccinate as many people within South Africa as possible”. But its blanket opposition to mandatory vaccination undermines the state’s efforts.

Achmat was co-founder and chairperson of the Treatment Action Campaign in the 2000s.

Views expressed are not necessarily GroundUp’s.

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This president aint buying the hoax.

I aint getting the death shot, and its my right.

It even speaks like an American! So impressionable.

It even speaks like an American! So impressionable.

It is legally accepted that you have a right not to have people blow smoke on you in public places or at work (smoking causes harm very slowly and cumulatively over many years). Same principle must surely apply to people blowing viruses on you in public places or at work (in case you did not know, this can kill you in a week or 3)

We have never criminalised breathing fresh air. Or spreading a virus that you don’t know you have. Try again.

It is quite clear that you (plus most other people) still believe that being vaccinated will protect you from contracting COVID. This is a false narrative. You can still get it and spread it. Also, the manufacturers, your government and your doctor will not take ANY responsibility for a situation where the vaccination has severe side effects (including death!). Therefor the responsibility is with you, except that you cannot act freely if you are not given an option…

Please will you tweet a picture of your signed ‘do not resuscitate’ order as the instructions for medics if you should contract the virus and require medical treatment.

So, be prepared for a world where you will be increasingly required to occupy a “smokers room”/stay away from those who see the science & advice of WHO & CDC etc differently/walk outdoors. Be prepared for restricted travel and access to events. You have no right to blow coronaviruses on those who do not want it.

When someone’s lack of understanding of basic science and biology causes me and those I love to die, then no it shouldn’t be a choice. This is not debatable, people right to ignorance and stupidity shouldnt trump the right to life.

I had Covid myself before vaccines were available and also, after recovering, got the vaccine. In spite of me not being an anti-vaxxer, obviously, I don’t really get the argument above. If you and your family (like me), got the vaccine, what are you afraid of? Don’t you believe the vaccine will protect you against those who aren’t vaccinated?

The Pfizer vaccine is about 90% to 95% effective against ICU admission/death for past variants of the virus. So, it is not an issue of a lack of understanding of the science, it actually shows an understanding of the science, namely 5-10% ineffective, a virus that has been mutating (and will continue to do so), precise data awaited about exact efficacy of different vaccines against delta variant and issue of waning antibodies, making the duration of protection uncertain. Every doctor I know of has been vaccinated, yet I know of no doctor who is not masking and socially distancing, despite very clear insights and strong beliefs about vaccine efficacy. Everyone is entitled to their own risk tolerance.

How does your push for experimental vaccines on the entire population hold up against the inconvenient truths that kids are basically immune to covid, at least 40% of SA already has natural antibodies from natural infection, and that covid is a lifestyle disease – disproportionately affecting the obese, diabetic and at-risk? And the fact that the vaccines work only to reduce your OWN symptoms, not to make you less likely to catch or transmit the virus. How are you going to support a mandated vaccine for all in the face of these facts? And how are you going to enforce it?

Kids transmit Covid to adults, increasing rates of hospitalization of adults (NEJM top general medical journal in the world),%20July%2022,%202021%20A%20DM162198_NEJM_Non_Subscriber&bid=560453685
Kids lose parents and caregivers. Study in Lancet (2nd top medical journal in world) shows “minimum estimates” that 1 in very 200 SA child lost their primary caregiver to Covid
Vaccines reduce spread (Nature top science journal in the world)
Kids can get very ill with Covid, with a condition known as MIS-C, and rarely die

@jbutler, that doesn’t really answer my question. Kids are at more risk from the vaccine than from the virus. But your argument is that kids should take the vaccine to protect their parents from the virus. But once the parents have taken the vaccine, where is the need to vaccinate all the children? And like i said, the vax doesn’t stop you getting or transmitting the virus, it only reduces your own symptoms. But if kids very rarely have any symptoms to begin with, then why the push to vaccinate kids?

My point is not that you can’t vaccinate your own kids – my point is that we can’t keep society locked down until all kids are vaccinated. We can’t keep everything closed until EVERYONE has a vaccine. Once the old, at-risk, obese and diabetic have taken it, we should be close to herd immunity. At what point will you people give up the fear and let the world start turning again?

Also, just a warning – Pfizer is already recommending a 3rd booster shot to achieve full full immunity. Just so you’re prepared to shift the goalposts again on the term ‘fully vaccinated’ as needed.

While I agree that vaccines should be mandatory for communicable diseases such as COVID-19, I don’t think it helpful to tell people there shouldn’t be a debate or to suggest they lack understanding of science.

The injections are not vaccines. Please stop spreading the lies. Those with so much fear for themselves should desist from pushing all of humanity around just to make themselves feel safer. So pathetic. But the profit motive is the recruiter of the greatest evil.

I don’t know about the vaccines. I don’t think that the vaccines are necessarily deadly, although since they haven’t been properly tested, I doubt that they do not have side effects, some which we’ll discover only later on. Also they seem to be much, much less efficient than touted.
I’m also worried by the fact that they are so keen on vaccinating pregnant women and small children, when small children are basically immune to the disease, and if you’re pregnant, er, you’re not supposed to drink or smoke, but I guess an experimental mRNA drug therapy which has NOT BEEN TESTED ON PREGNANT WOMEN as they were excluded from the trials for safety reasons is fine…
But my main concern is with things such as “green passes” and “vaccine passports” and the whole idea of subjecting normal people to all these ordeals, in a new paradigm where authorities control all our health information and genetic information and where we’ve been and are going, treating the healthy as “sick with a contagious disease” until proven innocent.
The whole idea of “asymptomatic spreading” has been wildly exaggerated, as well as the efficacy of testing, and the current lunacy in some places of tests or certificates every damn time you go anywhere.
If things were done normally, as any other respiratory disease – i.e., if you feel symptoms, stay home, don’t go to work, or go to the hospital or doctor to be treated – and people without symptoms just lead their normal life until/when they felt any symptoms, I bet we would have more or less the same results, only that without all the pain and destruction of livelihoods and deaths from other causes (some even by the “treatment” itself, as with the early use of ventilators).
As for the vaccine, make it completely voluntary. It may make sense for some as a precaution. For others, perhaps not so much. For a few the risk might not be worth it. It doesn’t stop transmission or “eliminate” the virus, which would probably have disappeared on its own without it. Diseases come and go, they always have. People develop natural immunity. Life goes on.
1. RNA viruses are notorious for constant mutations, and are extremely difficult to create vaccines for.
2. Of RNA viruses, coronaviruses are especially infamous for this. For example the common cold viruses, rhinoviruses, are coronaviruses.
3. Therefore no vaccine can protect against mutations, which are absolutely guaranteed to happen. On my own blog I predicted rampant mutations of n SARS COV 2 back in March 2020, and so it has proved.
4. n SARS COV 2 is basically an evolved version of the SARS virus from 2005. In 15 years they haven’t been able to come up with a safe vaccine for SARS, and in a few months they’ve, in countries across the world, invented effective vaccines for n SARS COV 2?!??!? Pull the other one.
5. With reference to No. 4, 6 to 7 months is an absurdly short time to come up with a safe vaccine for anything. Just common sense would tell you that to check for natal deformities alone would take 9 months at the least (longer for developmental defects like learning disorders etc). Not to speak of cancer rates and so on. In vivo lab animal tests are absolutely not sufficient for this.
So I’m not surprised that the vaccines are by all accounts failing in their (alleged) purpose. I would be astonished if they were not.

Vaccines and medications are almost never tested on pregnant women. For obvious reasons.

Rhinoviruses are not coronaviruses. Coronaviruses are a variety that are known for their relatively slower mutation rate compared to influenza. Vaccines can protect against mutations. Same reason that someone who had a SARS-CoV or betacoronavirus infection can show some protection against SARS-CoV-2. It’s a matter of vaccine design. There are elements that change less and these need to be targeted.

Polio actually mutates really fast, yet the wild strains are relatively stable even during outbreaks. Most likely there are limited useful mutations.

It isn’t true that they were unable to come up with a safe vaccine for SARS-CoV. They were developed, but once the virus died out there was no more funding for continuing. In the case of MERS there is a vaccine, but outbreaks are too small to run a full trial. Neither has anything to do with any inherent lack of safety of the vaccines.

Actually they produce new influenza vaccines every year and do so in months. There is a lot that is new or fairly new in use on humans in these SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, but mostly we’re now far enough along in administering them that the safety profile is known.

I don’t advocate forcing anyone to take them though.

Don’t know why the vaccinated is so worried about the unvaccinated. they are protected, right? Its each persons right and choice to take a risk ( from taking the vaccine or possibly dying of the virus). This pandemic was always about the vaccine (money) and more government control, this is why other proven treatments were kept silent. I know of a man that got vaccinated and died of covid. Yet on his death certificate it stated “natural causes”, yet they buried him within three bags to prevent the virus from spreading. wonder if all vaccinated covid deaths are registered in this manner? I also know of three other people that got seriously ill with covid, after getting both shots. The UK is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world recently also had the largest COVID wave of which almost half the infected had the vaccine. Also the Pfizer jab losing its effectiveness after just 6 months? You want to force people to be part of a long term clinical trial? what is this? nazi germany? The founder of MRNA technology, Robert Malone himself is heavily against this vaccine, and he is not an anti-vaxxer, he developed vaccines for a living. A number of potential long term problems. Blood cloths ( I know of a woman getting a clot in the brain after the vaccine). Yes all my evidence is anecdotal, but I simply don’t trust governments/ international organisations (absolute power corrupts) Spiked protein is poisonous to certain people, the spiked protein also spread through the entire body even the brain and ovaries, the amount of spike protein the body produced can’t be controlled, the immune system becomes excellent in seeking and attacking the COvid virus, however over time your COVID immune system surpresses your natural immune system which is designed to identify a broad spectrum of pathogens, therefore making you more vulnerable to other viruses.

The vaccine remains effective at preventing hospitalisation and death. Even years later this is likely to remain the case.

The UK is at 60% vaccinated. Thus even half of hospitalisations would indicate benefit. However you need to compare the same populations. They did the most at risk groups first, so you need to compare the same groups unvaccinated versus vaccinated.

The majority of vaccines don’t contain the entire spike protein, so research on the damage done by the whole spike protein is not applicable. They specifically designed the vaccines to avoid that problem.

“however over time your COVID immune system surpresses your natural immune system”

That is a ridiculous claim. There is no COVID immune system.

HRC will always choose the wrong thing for the economy including law and order. They are a conduit for value destruction.

If a vaccine can be found that has a perfect efficacy in preventing disease with no side effects, mandating vaccination MAY be acceptable. But the new vaccines are far from being fully effective and nobody knows what long term side effects may occur as no study has been done. We might find out to our detriment that multiple vaccination can cause more suffering than the disease. The Guinea pigs will only find out only several years from now. Keep your fingers crossed.

I agree however very few vaccines are perfect.

That said though with regards to the polio vaccine: “Two doses of inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) are 90% effective or more against polio; three doses are 99% to 100% effective.”

These are the levels I’d be happy with (i.e. 90% and preferably 99%) but what will covid be and will variants make things even worse?

We impose speed limits on highways to keep people safe. They don’t have perfect efficacy but are mandatory. Why do we accept it there, but not here?
Is it realistic to expect perfect? 100%, no errors of exceptions ever…. It feels like an unattainable standard and creates a test that is designed to fail.
As free thinking people we must understand the science or find those who do and trust them. We must weigh the costs versus the benefits and make a decision. The cost of a maybe one day something bad might happen to me… well if you feel that way best you sell your car and stay off the roads forever. Who knows what might one day happen?

Trust the science you say. Would you trust the founder of the MRNA technology? cause he is a sceptic. The real questions should be, trust the science back by money and power or trust the science with nothing to gain and everything to lose?

Speed limits are effectively arbitrary. There is also plenty of research showing that speed limits are not really about safety.

You have about 300 trillion complete other viruses in you. and each day you encounter more benign ones. If you take one of them (an adenovirus), snip it up the protein and use a completely harmless part of the snipped up bit (a bit that is biologically incapable of causing a viral infection) and you combine it with part of SARS Cov-2, snipped up in the same way, using bits incapable of causing viral infections, you have a vaccine (mRNA slightly different). You inject it into muscle. Body recognizes this bit of protein as foreign, mounts an immune response (which makes you feel a bit sick) and then removes this fragment from your body. It is GONE, but you have immune memory to protect you from protein with same shape as the snipped up bit. Side-effects occur early, like with any foreign protein. Late side-effects? Any bookie, virologist, immunologist will give you very long odds odds of late complications (see history of vaccines below). There is no good scientific reason to think that a bit of harmless protein immediately removed from your body likely is going to cause trouble years down the road. Other new, complete non-SARS-Cov2 viruses you encounter every day will do so for the rest of your life.

ff- and afriforum so quiet about vaccines and covid 19. The afrikan’ter is truly leaderless. They don’t want to estrange the conspiracy minded in their fold by endorsing the measures, but they also don’t want to lose their donation base to the virus by standing against the measures. Utterly spineless and rudderless. They dare not pick a position. Pitiful.

I expect they will pick a side when they see their support base dying off (or will they just play the victim as usual…).

ff- and afriforum so quiet about vaccines and covid 19. The afrikan’ter is truly leaderless. They don’t want to estrange the conspiracy minded in their fold by endorsing the measures, but they also don’t want to lose their donation base to the virus by standing against the measures. Utterly spineless and rudderless. They dare not pick a position. Pitiful.

I expect they will pick a side when they see their support base dying off (or will they just play the victim as usual…).

I have a number of issues with journalista like this, that virtue signal – PC diseases on steriods. Get vaccinated for your fellow man (sorry human being) else you are personally responsible for killing other people with every deathly sneeze.

My reasoning why I definitely will not get the vaccine:
1. I have had covid (and so has a large percentage of the country) Apparently the new unquestionable science doesn’t care about natural immunity (the old science). And it was a mild flu and also so for 99%+ of people.
2 Its experimental, there are no long term studies (you are the long term study)
3. You have no recourse against the big pharmas if you die, have side affects etc. Thats one of there conditions for the privelege of getting vaccines in your country.
4. The death rate for people like me is a fraction of a percentage and is HEAVILY skewed to the old and infirm. These vulnerable people can take precautions, get vaccinated etc.
5. Studies from countries such as Israel (one of the most vaccinated countries) – is the efficacy of these vaccines is circa 40% (booster shots forever – big pharma must love this…)
6. This is not about health anymore, this about propagating fear, money, social control, changing the world to the radical leftist green dream.

Go get youself a shot although I think you will STILL be wearing a mask, hiding in your home, not attending gatherings, and other self imposed virtue signalling activities.

Well said! Spot on!

Let’s agree that you don’t tell me what to do in terms of managing my health and lifestyle and I won’t tell you.

If you believe in and want a jab (it’s technically not a vaccine) – go for it. I really won’t judge you.

The fact that so many people have started acting like mini dictators is shocking.

The virus is the least of our worries if you look at real global issues and causes of death. We need a a mature perspective.

In SA, MRC data (see website) shows that of the approximately 210 000 deaths attributable to coronavirus infection (excess natural deaths), 35-40% of them are in people under the age of 60. That means about 80 000 mothers, fathers and breadwinners. The efficacy from studies in Israel, US and UK shows very high effectiveness of vaccines. In past 2 months, 99.2% of deaths in US are in unvaccinated.
The same in UK & Israel (infection rates have risen recently, but unlike previous waves, deaths have barely spiked and hospitalizations dramatically down).

That “excess deaths” modelling and attributing it to covid is entirely guesswork. The confirmed covid deaths weren’t scary enough so they just made up new numbers. There is not way of proving that the excess deaths weren’t attributable to the results of lockdown: Poverty, malnourishment, missed medical appointments and other preventable medical fatalities.

Suggest you read the data yourself and reconsider your statement. Look at the following website
Then look at ALL the graphs and see the timing of these excess natural deaths in relationship to the 3 waves for the country and for each province. Ask yourself the question, “why do these excess natural deaths occur at exactly the same time as the confirmed Covid deaths in each province?”. MRC have looked at causes and estimate that very conservatively 85-90% are Covid. Notice also that the WCAPE, which is the province with the most reliable data systems, the gap is much smaller for gap between the reported Covid deaths and excess natural deaths. Then ask yourself, what caused these excess natural deaths? You be the judge.

@jbutler, thanks for posting the data, however reading the accompanying “Methodological Note on Predicted Weekly Deaths” ( it seems that they artificially reduced the benchmark of predicted deaths to account for a lower death rate during lock-down.

They say, ” It was
therefore decided to take as the expected number of deaths a proportion of the predicted number”

So if you lower the benchmark, then you’re increasing the excess death rate, right? But who is to say that the extended lockdowns have lead to fewer deaths, when other studies have shown dramatic increases in deaths as a result of lockdowns? For instance increases in heart attacks, alzheimers and suicide (

What’s also fascinating is if we look at excess death rates on the CDC websites for influenza ( we find that virtually every year excess deaths from influenza also outstrip the predictions, yet no draconian lockdowns, mask wearing and mandatory vaccinations. And no, I’m not saying flu is the same as Covid, but what YOUR data shows is that the benchmarks have been modified to make Covid appear worse than it is.

What’s even more fascinating to me though, is looking at the CDC graph, predicted deaths are increased for flu season, which would make sense, however SAMRC did the exact opposite, instead of catering for increased deaths at the start of the South African flu season they artificially lowered the benchmark, meaning that however many influenza death occurred, they would have been counted as “excess deaths” and blamed on Covid.

No wonder then, that the very data you so confidently cite, comes with the caveat, “The estimation of the number of COVID-19 and collateral (i.e., deaths arising as a result of the impact of SARS-C0V-2
epidemic and the management of this on the provision of health care) deaths is not straight-forward.”

So what is that as a percentage of all breadwinners in the world! This must be the worst stat I have ever heard. So breadwinners don’t die of natural causes, or cancer or, or, or… only Covid, keep perspective and stop being afraid of being one of the 0.5% that actually dies, or so they say, of Covid! Altperspective your analogy of Mini dictators are so true. Suddenly we are fighting against our neighbours for not sharing their views and are branded as killers! Get your vaccine if you want, that is your choice, we won’t call you killers when people die of the vaccine, which is the case!

They use a computer model to generate the excess deaths number, as with all computer models, most notably Neill Ferguson’s model, it is a case of garbage in, garbage out. Let’s see a graph for all cause mortality per 1000 for the last 30 hrs.

The data coming other countries is also showing that the vaccines are losing their ability to block transmission.

The deaths are easily from a multitude of causes. That’s the case in other countries so there is no reason to think it wouldn’t be so in South Africa.

I don’t know why people are working so hard to downplay natural immunity. There is ever more evidence that those who have been infected with this and other coronaviruses develop long term protection from serious illness. Often the protection developed works against a variety of coronaviruses.

Similarly the new narrative of boosters being essential makes no sense. A vaccinated person who gets exposed will almost certainly not get very sick and the infection will counter any reduction in immune system memory. Those who are in a vulnerable group and are concerned that waning protection puts them at excess risk are free to get an annual shot as they probably already do for influenza.

I’ve been vaccinated since I am at somewhat higher risk and don’t know whether I’ve already had COVID-19. However I don’t plan to line up for another shot every year.

It is unconstitutional to force a human being for being part of this lab test when it should be on rats still…

Your use of English are unconstitutional.

Your use of English are unconstitutional.

To me it makes sense that if more than a certain critical % of the population are going to elect not to get vaccinated, and the result of that is that lockdowns will continue, then there should be some kind of enforcement as Mr Achmat says. But what if the number of people who don’t want to vaccinate is small enough that we can still have “herd immunity” and no more lockdowns? Can’t they then be allowed their freedoms without infringing on others’ freedomes?
To me it looks a little more nuanced than Mr Achmat and his colleague are letting on.

There’d be no valid argument for lockdown anyway. Once plenty of people have either been vaccinated or been infected, which is already the situation in South Africa, then any potential threat of overloading health services has been mitigated. Besides the likelihood that lockdowns were pointless anyway.

I bet money you have some mental diabolical. Money that has solemnly sworn to rid you tyrants of all nonsensical archetypes. If I had a taktikal I would sit on it. See to it that most of you jaded heathens are burned at the cross for no more lesions of the mind. I have so far denounced that which has attached itself to purposeful meaning. Your jargon is half-handed and loose to goose. When all is said and done there is easily enough to go around, let alone a life waster of a videogame.

please seek professional help

Underrated comment right here, Bibby

With all respect to Mr Achmat, my SAHRC submission as I believe he is so wrong: Good morning, I heard on radio/online news that the Commission was open to complaints regarding mandatory vaccination. I have had two incidents where it was stated that I must be vaccinated and that I have no choice. I do not wish to lay a complaint about those cases but would prefer to view my thoughts on the matter as I am 100% against mandatory vaccinations because:
1: Freedom of choice – We have always had freedom of choice as to what we do with our bodies or how we must give informed consent to access/medicating our bodies.
2: The Nurenberg Code (1947) states ‘This judgment established a new standard of ethical medical behaviour for the post
World War II human rights era. Amongst other requirements, this document enunciates the requirement of voluntary informed consent of the human subject. The principle of voluntary informed consent protects the right of the individual to control his own body.’ The key factor here is ‘informed consent’ and ‘control over ones own body’.
3: It is a scientific fact that all vaccines are still officially in trial/testing phase. Part of the concern here is that as much as vaccines may work for many people, the long term side-effects have not yet been shown as the vaccines were ‘rushed through’ approval within a 9 month period. It is impossible to know: Long term side-effects or; Side effects on specific ages/sex/race, people with pre-existing conditions or side effects on people who are on medication for pre-existing conditions. It has already emerged that almost 300 people in Australia alone have died from thrombosis / blood clots after vaccination. That is 1/3 of their Covid deaths.
4: Respect – Personally I am not for or against vaccination. I fully respect and support 1 persons decision to vaccinate just as much as I fully respect another persons choice to not vaccinate. It is akin to conscription during Apartheid, just that those that chose not to were sent to jail – Having your freedom of choice taken from you is an evil that we should all fight against as it violates all ethics and principles of democracy.
5: Those that are in favour of mandatory vaccination (example Zachie Achmat and others) state that the unvaccinated place the vaccinated at risk. That is a complete and utter fabrication of the truth for two primary reasons: 1: A proportionate amount of virus is been spread in the USA by vaccinated and unvaccinated – it is a common fact that the vaccinated an still spread the virus just as much as they can still get sick! :2: Therefore if the vaccine works then the vaccinated should not be at risk anyway so why then push for mandatory vaccination? Latest findings show new strains emerge from people who have been vaccinated.
6: Discrimination: For organisations, companies, government and World Health Organisations to even consider penalties for those that do not vaccinate is not only discrimination but also an infringement of our rights to privacy. During Nazi Germany the Protestants, Gypsies, people of colour and Jews were discriminated against. Black South Africans and African Americans were discriminated against. People with AIDS or HIV+ as well as people with illnesses or disabilities were discriminated against. For all of these matters laws were placed to ensure non-discrimination. As for my right to privacy – My personal medical details are mine alone, or for whomever I choose to inform.
Overall as I have stated I am not pro/against vaccination – I am pro-democracy and believe that from the Hippocratic Oath through to the Nurenberg Code and finally to our sacred Constitution, that we all have our own freedom of choice to informed decisions over our own bodies. Please ensure that continues. I thank you, Edward Gutsche.

If there was really a pandemic, people would be breaking into pharmacies to get vaccines. I am not seeing that.

The movie “demolition man” describes precisely how our future will be. The compliant (jabbed) living in heavily surveillance cities, eating bugs and not meat as a source of protein (because their overlords said so to curb global warming). Who would have been programmed to believe they are free and secure.

Then the truly free (unjabbed), who will be labeled the dissenters, living on the outskirts of these smart cities, or even underground. Or if, planned properly living in rural areas, self reliant, growing their own food, generating their own power.

I will be in the ‘truly free’ camp.

If we manage to avoid being put in gulags for dissenting, then living free sounds like a fine outcome

With growing evidence that reduction in transmission wanes faster than the state could possibly roll out boosters the whole protecting others argument falls away. It is also questionable whether the cost of boosters is worthwhile when the initial vaccine continues to provide protection against serious illness and death.

I’ve been vaccinated, but I see no point in forcing anyone else to do so.

End of comments.



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