The UIF will not pay out after June

Those who still have outstanding documents will be attended to. 
Payments were intended as a stop-gap measure - Employment and Labour Minister Thulas Nxesi. Image: Moneyweb

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) said it will pay workers their relief Covid-19 Ters benefit until the end of June. 

Employment and Labour Minister Thulas Nxesi said the commitment to pay the Ters benefits till June, 2020 is per the initial Directive of March 26, 2020. 

This is because the payments were intended as a stop-gap measure for a period of three months or until such time that lockdown restrictions were eased and the economy slowly re-opened.

“The payments by the UIF should be seen in the context of government-wide basket of services and interventions to ease the burden of the coronavirus. In the process, and because this is unprecedented, a few mistakes occurred but detractors fail to see the magnitude of the work that has been done and the relief that it has brought to many people in our country,” Nxesi said. 

Nxesi said using the measure that one beneficiary is responsible for eight others, the amount of money that has been distributed has covered at least 14 million people in this round of May payments alone. 

“This is a real difference in the lives of workers and is evidence to government’s commitment to make a real difference,” Nxesi said.

He stated that eligible employers who have not yet received their payment will be paid according to the same benefits structure of the income replacement rate varying between 38% and 60%, once all the relevant documents and information has been received.

The department noted that as of June 24 2020, the Fund has paid R8.4 billion to 149 120 employers who submitted applications on behalf of 2 037 458 employees. 

In total, UIF has disbursed close to R28 billion since 16 April 2020.

It says R770 million has been paid directly into the bank accounts of the workers instead of being paid through their employers even though the employers lodged the claims on behalf of workers.

The cumulative figure since April that has been paid as relief payments to domestic workers stands at R135 million while a total of R639 million has been paid to workers of foreign nationality.

The total benefits amount for ordinary claims has increased over the comparative period by 1.6% to R3.3 billion. Unfortunately, 965 751 employees have been unable to receive their benefits because of outstanding information from their employers. 

“This translates to R4.2 billion in payments that has not been paid out and a further 1197 employees have not been paid because the details were rejected by the banks and this amounts to R703 999.25,” Nxesi said.

The UIF-Ters benefit is not yet open, the department claims it is experiencing technical challenges. 



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Oh the lockdown, lots of publicity for various ministers.

Thulas the firepool
Cele the gangster,
Stompie Zuma
Wieletjies Mbalula

And people working for industries that are still closed must do what after end of June? That’s tomorrow?

Maybe this whole UIF debacle can add another 2 million voters to the 11 million smokers to vote the ANC into the gutter where they belong.

Is the ANC perhaps digging a hole for itself?

Never underestimate the home ground advantage of said gutterworm.

Nah, the ANC’s basic arithmetic is that the bloated and overpaid “civil” services and all the grant recipients will provide it with a simple majority ’til whoever comes. Then just keep EWC, NHI and white-anting the DA through the SABC etc and it is business as usual; Zim style.

I trust government is going to treat the tax payer with the same compassion they are treating the unemployed and unemployable

They can do this because there is reportedly a new universal Grant of R500pm being discussed by ANC to be funded by Taxpayers !!!
The Universe in Universal no doubt excludes those of lighter hue who no doubt are the ones targeted to pay for it !!!
I think we are on the verge of seeing the ANC,s ultimate object,namely Mass Emigration of those stupid enough to have stayed this long and still able to go : For the remainers plan along the Lines of Zimbabwe by Emigrating every cent you can now at whatever exchange rate.

If I read this right; 2 million people receiving UIF …. that is a very low number if you think in terms of the working population. This is not a success story but a dismal failure.

I don’t know if this is true, but apparently Minister Thulas Nxesi is on record as having said that if you dom’t receive your UIF payment by the end of this month, you will just have to drown your sorrows in a firepool.

The ANC government’s left hand does not know what the right hand is doing because the both are in different tills where they do not belong.

Anyone who expected relief from government funds was just dreaming. Even those who got it, the hassle was not worth it… The clever schemers are the ones who laughed all the way to the banks… They even got more than the minister can count. What a sham all this is. Looting is more profitable working.

I am glad I dreamed the money that got paid from UIF TERS into my bank account, due to reduced salary from employer, into existence…

Truly SA following the likes of a Famous Zimbabwe in the making.

Yes and exactly how wide is the Guavaments Basket of Services and interventions when it it comes to SAA.

I’ve heard the uif was bankrupt before lockdown.

You heard wrong…very cashflush before the lockdown…

Maybe you heard that about the RAF. UIF has lots saved up, over R160 billion.

Oh gosh is there Anyone left who could promise something and keep to it. Firstly we were applying from the beginning of April for Ters benefits but was only approved on the 17th of May. So there was no payment made for April. UIF promised 3 months of payment so what happens now.And you know what more confusing is, that for a legal company with all paperwork in order had such a hard tìme submitting paper work for payment to be made and fraudsters just got away with 10 million of UIF Money and now we all suffer the outcome .Iam not sure who needs to hear this but there so much lies and false hope that i start to wonder if we are being led by a president or a group of cheer leads.# fustratedcitizen@notproudly South African

Then all businesses should be allowed to operate without impediment from 1 July.

It’s the same these thing never did what it was intended for

These TERS thing was said to be a relief scheme to the employees whose salaries were affected, but now I doubt it ever served as a relief scheme

These was never a relief scheme but a frustration /fraudulent scheme

It can’t be like some people like me never received even a cent from it while my salary got affected since March the 14th,till to date waking up with hope that ters might pay then get food for my family

These relief scheme was never intended for employees but was a bridge crossing to corruption and sadly its unlike they doing us a favor that’s our money they have to pay us

End of comments.





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