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Tourists from high-risk countries still barred entry from October 1

No African countries will be subjected to restrictions in the high-risk category.
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South Africa will not allow tourists from countries with higher coronavirus infection and death rates, including Britain, the United States and France, to enter when its borders open up on October 1, ministers said on Wednesday.

But business travellers with scarce and critical skills including diplomats and investors from countries considered “high-risk”, which also include the Netherlands, Russia and India, can enter, Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor said.

“We will review the data every two weeks,” Pandor told a news conference, saying the government would be guided by epidemiological data when deciding which countries were deemed high-risk.

President Cyril Ramaphosa this month loosened pandemic restrictions in South Africa, which had one of the world’s strictest lockdowns at the height of its Covid-19 outbreak. The easing included opening up to air travel, bringing relief to the badly battered tourism industry.

“Airlines from high-risk countries are not necessarily banned, but their crew will be required to isolate … at the cost of their employer,” Pandor said.

The tourism sector accounts for almost 9% of gross domestic product of Africa’s most industrialised country in indirect terms and employs nearly three-quarters of a million people, according to the country’s tourism marketing agency and the statistics office.

SA Tourism, the marketing agency, has said nearly 440 000 tourism jobs are at risk because of the pandemic.

Last year, South Africa welcomed over 10 million foreign visitors. The top 10 origin countries, which accounted for 73% of overseas tourist arrivals, include the United States, United Kingdom, France, India and the Netherlands, all of which are on the “high-risk” list read out by Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi.

Travellers to South Africa still need to show a Covid-19 test result not older than 72 hours and will be screened on arrival. If they show any Covid-19 symptoms they will be expected to take a test and if that comes back positive they will be subjected to mandatory quarantine at their own cost.

No African countries will be subjected to restrictions in the high-risk category.

The tourism sector had welcomed a government decision to allow international travel from October 1 but expressed concern that restrictions on key markets could curtail any recovery.

From most countries, South Africa is a long-haul destination popular for its beaches, game reserves and tourist sites like Cape Town’s Table Mountain and Robben Island, where anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for decades.


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No end to their idiocy. this so called Guberment seems hellbent on destruction.

The whole thing is so idiotic you would think Patel cooked it up. All you have to do, if you want to go to Europe,
is fly to Germany and back. European borders are not closed and your passport is not stamped anywhere but at your first port of entry into the Schengen area. Tests are not done on demand, though, so the 72 hour test is another farce. Fortunately the whole of Africa is virus free, as most countries do not really test. At least the NCCC has remained consistent in their utterly moronic rules, so that we know by now that we can bank on that. No confusion that they have as much as an inkling of capability.

“No African countries will be subjected to restrictions in the high-risk category.”

Thousands of tourists from South Sudan will welcome this, I am sure.

South Africa was way,way too slow to close its borders to the USA and EU.
As a result they brought with them the worse form of COVID 19 in the world via the western cape and KZn from their slavemasters or so called
americans and europeans

You have an infection rate one of the highest in the world and the highest in Africa.

These negligent americans and europeans some who live in south africa
many who are tax dodgers should be deport back to where they come from.

“You have an infection rate one of the highest in the world and the highest in Africa”.

Maybe that’s why it’s called a pandemic … ? As in everyone eventually gets infected.

More importantly the recovery rate is 90%.

The infections mean hardly anything if the testing is terrible, over estimated and over sensitive. If the virus is so deadly why are more than 80% of people who have it not even showing symptoms so much so that you need to test to see if someone has the virus.

The survival rate is in the 99%, just look at independent organisations like PANDA who have been spot on with basically everything they said back in March already.

Look at the actual science and ask questions. Think critically.

It honestly feels like we are living in the film Idiocracy

Why not open the borders to all on condition that they present a valid medical certificate declaring the “Covid-19 free when entering SA?Why is China not on the banned list?

because they controlled covid 19 by practicing basics not like south africans buying illegal cigarettes,illegal alcohol,closing ports too late to the super spreaders from europe and USA entering western cape and kzn.
The first superspreader came from Austrian ski resort in the Alps

Wow, just wow. The science shows you are clearly ignoring it. Just because you denounce gravity does not mean it ceases to exist.

I can only suggest you start by looking at the data put out by Pandemic Data and Analytics (PANDA).

Making claims without any evidence such as this talk of super spreaders etc. is very irresponsible without providing a shred of evidence.

Trying to inject logic into the the rules, Deon? Don’t make this weird!

Because China is apparently classified as “LOW RISK”.

This is all just one big political and power game for the ones in power, put there by the masses who voted for them.

Fantastic decision. I am sure the 1st world is noticing this and will be guided by Saffa’s very mature and pragmatic approach.

Saffa is standing tall and is managing the virus very well. Not everything will work as planned, but then again, Saffa has managed the pandemic very well. WHO has also lauded the country for their management
of COVID-19.

Despite the good efforts, we must not let our guard down. Remember
– COVID-19 is not over
– wash hands
– wear a mask
– keep your distance.

I see the scare propaganda has done it’s job. Have you ever been this scared of the flu? I would guess not.

The flu has already killed more people in the UK than the virus, for the last 14 consecutive weeks.

If the virus is so dangerous why do we need to test people to determine if they even have it? Why are we not all living in hazmat suits? There are many more people dying globally from malaria than from this coronavirus.

Biggest joke is they consider Switzerland a high risk country but not China where the whole problem started

its about being loyal to fellow communists (BRICS takes preference)

Must be Cyrils idea.

For anyone interested.

Six months ago PANDA (Pandemic Data and Analytics) submitted a report to government that was widely read and circulated, and then ignored.

As Nick Hudson himself said today.
“Six months later we are still under a deadly lockdown precipitated by bad science and propaganda.”

Here is a report from them, update in May.

Trust our government to still play along with the Covid BS scare. In the meantime the economy is in shambles. Deliberately. Economic reset coming.

End of comments.





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