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Transnet says irregular expenditure at R9.97bn

Less than half that of the previous year.
Image: Moneyweb

Transnet said on Friday irregular expenditure in 2020 was lower at R9.97 billion compared to R18.51 billion in the previous year.

Transnet, which operates nearly three-quarters of Africa’s rail network, the bulk in South Africa, has been investigating allegations of corruption. It blamed contracts in previous years for the spending that did not comply with prescribed by legislation.

The company said the cumulative irregular expenditure including 2019/20 was R114.3 billion.


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Poor Tax payer, we work long hours, spend many hours doing Tax and then we see how our honest Tax contributions are misused.

If a Tax payer forgets R5 then you will probably pay fines and penalties in the thousands.

Yet some government officials, politicians and workers just get away with corruption and nothing happens.

What do you think about the irregular expenditure of RPLENTY billions eg.

– I see Gordham asked why auditors have not red flagged these expenditure.
Is this a fair call/request?
– Should the bosses (at the time) of the irregular expenses be asked to give an account? Should they face criminal charges?
– any value that you can add, except to complain about R5. It’s easier to recover R5 than R plenty billions!

Regwatt, it’s not about the recovery of the R5 , that they do easily by penalising you, and you have to pay otherwise cannot get certain clearances, etc, etc. The point is the disparity in treatment, and esteem, or lack of, that the Taxpayer is held in by the Governing Party. And to put a claim out that they have cut irregular spending to 10 billion from 19 billion is hardly an upholding of any form of standard.
Let alone what they are costing the economy in the way of inefficiency, Shipping Lines are charging a premium to load and discharge in Durban harbour because of the delays, often bypassing as a result so the importer has to collect his cargo elsewhere at a premium!But that’s a story for another day in SA!

The utter indifference of the tax paying population to this wholesale theft is the real problem. Taxpayer and voter apathy tolerates this conduct and condones it by doing nothing.

The real problem in this country- which is a functioning democracy( flaws or not) is the voter who willingly re-elects leadership that is unwilling or unable to control theft -or worse commits it.

Every person who has a bad education, poor housing, useless medical, lives with sky high crime, is unemployed, hungry and hopeless but votes for the ANC has only themselves to blame-nobody else!

End of comments.





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