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Tsogo Sun plans own Cape Town water supply

The alternative water source should be in operation by March at the latest.

Tsogo Sun plans to build a desalination plant that will help supply its Cape Town hotels with their own water, shielding guests of South Africa’s biggest hotel and casino operator from the city’s deepening water crisis.

The alternative water source should be in operation for properties including the five-star Westin by early March at the latest, Tsogo chief operating officer Ravi Nadasen told reporters in Johannesburg on Wednesday. That’s comfortably ahead of the scheduled May 11 date for so-called Day Zero, when city authorities threaten to turn off most taps.

“There is a plan in place that all of the alternative water sources will come on board before Day Zero comes,” Nadasen said. “The current situation in Cape Town is going to become the new normal. We’ve got to be responsible as well.”

While hotels are bracing themselves for the possibility of Day Zero, Africa’s biggest tourist destination is deploying drastic measures to keep water running as long as possible after a three-year long drought all but exhausted local reservoirs. Cape Town residents have been urged to use as little water as possible, with the daily allocation set at 50 liters per person, and hotels have removed bath plugs and urged visitors to keep toilet flushing to a minimum.

Day Zero won’t apply everywhere, and the city is working to ensure that water continues to flow in areas with a high concentration of jobs, Tim Harris, chief executive officer of city tourism and trade promotion agency Wesgro, said at the same presentation. Those “business protection zones” will also cover the location of many major hotels, he said. The exact areas are due to be announced in two weeks.

About 1.6 million tourists visit the Cape Town area per year and spend about R40 billion , according to South African Tourism. Cooperation between industry and government can ensure the tourism economy remains robust, the industry body’s chief executive officer, Sisa Ntshona, told reporters.

“South Africa cannot afford to lose confidence as a tourist destination,” he said.

Tsogo shares fell 0.1% to R24.60 as of 12:30 pm in Johannesburg, valuing the owner of South African casinos including Gold Reef City and Garden Route at R28.2 billion.

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Well DoneTsogoSun.Within a few months you’re finding a solution to keep your customers,
Unlike The politicians who just don’t get it,and give us ,their customers,reasons why we can’t get desalination.
Soon Togo Sun will be selling water back to the City and the water experts who run it.

I am so glad that the company stood up to make a difference. I am just afraid of what will happen when they succeed and the water of CT is finished. Because if they are the only one supplying water, strikes and raids will follow for the scares resource. And they will not be able to supply everyone in CT.

I really hope that Tsogo Sun’s decision and courage to do something, results in other companies following their example and also helping. If all companies assist, the water scarcity problem can be improved. This may also reduce the possibility of strikes and raids for water.

It saddens me to see that the public must solve this and not the government. Where is our tax money going.

Now we know where to go for water. Invade.

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