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Two-thirds of South Africans are willing to get the jab, survey shows

But government must address issues of mistrust and vaccine side effects to attract more vaxxers.
Image: i_am_zews/Shutterstock

Two out of three South Africans are willing to get vaccinated when they are eligible but almost half of the population is not aware of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout plan, a survey by Ask Afrika showed on Monday.

The survey showed that 62% of people are willing to take the vaccine and that 11% of the population remain on the fence. The research results further revealed that 55% of the population were aware of the vaccine rollout plan.

The survey, which sampled 2 000 South Africans, recorded a lower vaccine acceptance rate than previous surveys conducted by the University of Johannesburg (in collaboration with the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)) and the National Income Dynamics Study – Coronavirus Rapid Mobile (NIDS-CRAM) Survey, which saw vaccine acceptance at 71% and 76% respectively.

According to the survey’s findings, lack of trust (29%) in the vaccine and fear of side effects (23%) are real barriers to getting people to vaccinate.

The survey further revealed that few people understand why it is important to get vaccinated; this is evident in the survey’s low message recall numbers. Only 31% of South Africans understand that the vaccine will protect lives and 21% understand that the vaccination will minimise the infection rate.

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Almost a third (28%) of South Africans are unwilling to get vaccinated; the survey links this unwillingness to high levels of emotional distress.

“The emotional distress is exceptionally high: it’s an average of above 50% which means that half of our citizens are under emotional distress. Now if you are on continuous emotional distress, it’s like post-traumatic stress disorder – you’re less able to receive messaging.

“The 28% of citizens that we saw are unwilling to vaccinate, are unwilling to even listen to Covid messaging, which makes it very hard to reach that segment,” Ask Afrika CEO Andrea Rademeyer said.

Survey results also indicated that of the vaccine-hesitant population, the country’s coloured population are least willing to get vaccinated, with 45% unwilling to get the jab. The survey linked this unwillingness to the community’s lack of trust in government.

“The coloured community is less likely to trust government. Vaccine communications have mainly been from government; business has not been as visible. For that reason I think where the coloured community has less trust in government communications they will be less likely to actually believe government messaging [on vaccines],” Rademeyer said.

Doctors and nurses are the most trusted source of vaccine advice and celebrity influencers and community WhatsApp groups are the least trusted.

To combat vaccine hesitancy, government will have to address issues of mistrust in the vaccine and people’s fears of side effects. Researchers also recommended tailoring messaging to appeal to different demographics and to focus on why the vaccination against the coronavirus is important to ensure higher message recall.



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Comment removed

45% of the coloured population equals less than 4% of the population. Let us say most of them speak Afrikaans. Say another 4% of the population (whites) are also against the jab. They speak mostly Afrikaans and English. That means their must still be more than 20% of the population who are unwilling to take the jab, so I assume your comment must then be directed at some african language? Really not very nice of you.

There are always going to be some hold outs and people who can’t get it for legit reasons. In any group. The problem is when a certain group (and you know who I mean) are nearly all holding out. They are a waste of resources and horse medicine. They just want to be victims hence them also pretending they are the victim of some invisible and unevidenced farm murders genocide.

We can’t say who they are (advertisers gotta advertise) but let’s just say they really like driving their families around in small commercial vehicles and the blue bulls.

Also, your ever so laerskool analysis failed to understand that those under 18 aren’t eligible. And you guys are not breeding so you are not well represented there at all. So much for your future.


I’d love to meet the Afrikaner that did a number on you.

It stings, doesn’t it.

that sounds awfully racist there buddy

Language. But hey, play that card.

Imagine needing to be a victim that badly. Feeling left out there?

My comment got deleted yet again. It was just pointing out that aspects of fascism are like a golden thread that connects so many of the new issues and trends.

Sounds kinda irrelevant.

I also find de haut en bas to have fascist leanings.

A little off topic, please bare with me; Dr Grand Bennet studied internet trolls and found the following; “ Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadism all were associated with increased internet trolling. Moreover, when higher levels of loneliness accompanied higher levels of Machiavellianism or psychopathy, internet trolling was even more likely”. So perhaps, if the loneliness is getting to you, I really urge you to reach out for some help. Ok?

Imagine taking the time to write that essay to someone you think is trolling. Lonely? Or very insecure? Or unable to make a rational point? Get your fellow boertjies to get their shots and stop whining.

70%? Then why the hard propaganda from all sides pushing the agenda?

Why the threats & mandates?

Doesn’t a vaccine need to be effective to be termed ‘vaccine’?

Is 18% on a 6 month declining curve effective?

The tsunami of propaganda overwhelms all weakness and the truth is just a minor victim. Strange but deleteable.

Says the guy who routinely makes up stuff and then moves on to the next lie when called out.

End of comments.





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