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UAE ratifies treaty as SA pursues Gupta brothers

The treaty was signed on April 11, the UAE Embassy said in a statement on Wednesday.
Image: Gallo Images/Business Day/Martin Rhodes

The United Arab Emirates ratified an extradition treaty with South Africa, which is seeking the extradition of three brothers accused of corruption.

The treaty was signed on April 11, the UAE Embassy said in a statement on Wednesday. Clayson Monyela, a spokesman for the South African Department of International Relations and Cooperation, confirmed the statement.

South Africa’s government asked the UAE in 2018 to extradite members of the Gupta family, who’ve been accused by the authorities of using their links with former President Jacob Zuma to secure deals to loot state-owned companies. President Cyril Ramaphosa has estimated that more than R500 billion ($37 billion) was stolen from the state during Zuma’s rule.

The Guptas, some of whom reside in the emirate of Dubai, deny any wrongdoing.

Last week, South Africa’s National Prosecuting Authority said it will ask Interpol to assist with the execution of arrest warrants for Atul and Rajesh Gupta and their spouses, along with four other people.

The US Treasury in October 2019 imposed sanctions on brothers Atul, Ajay and Rajesh Gupta and a fourth businessman, who it said were members of a “significant corruption network” in South Africa. The UK government announced in April it also plans to impose travel restrictions and asset freezes on the three brothers.

Sindisiwe Seboka, a spokeswoman for the National Prosecuting Authority, didn’t answer calls seeking comment. the UAE’s Foreign Ministry said by email it would respond later to a request for comment.

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Lovely! They must come here to account for their actions.

Mr Iqbal Sharma ( ONCE DDG of the DTI ) and now Gupta Lieutenant … sorry now Jail Bird …will spill the beans on everyone.
… Iqbals denying certain statements…. he never knew he was leaving a nice paper trail along the way.

… Looking forward for the 5th July… Iqbals back in court.

Will most probably just start another company when they’re back.

The Guptas knew their clients. They understood the demographic group they dealt with. They knew their weak points. Like MBA candidates, they did a SWOT analysis of the situation. They identified their own cognitive ability as a competitive advantage and a strength compared to their stooges in government. They invited those of inferior mental capacity and weak moral fiber to their shebeen in Saxonwold and deployed them in positions of power. They identified the collectivist nature of the ANC as an opportunity and the prosecuting authorities as a threat.

Then, they used their strengths to overcome their weakness by exploiting the character traits of their stooges to their advantage. They used the nature of the ANC as an opportunity to combat the threat presented by SARS and the Haws. They exploited the weakness and modest breeding of their target group to bribe the top structure in the ANC to demolish SARS and shoot the Hawks.

So far, everything has gone according to plan. Nobody is in jail yet. Te processes have stalled during load-shedding and load-shedding was part of the plan. There is no load-shedding in Dubai.

Agree with you.

However, it needed to be enabled from the Top, within Government the signal had to come from the Top. From No.1

Jacob Zuma enabled it from his seat of power. Its clear he instructed his Ministers to do what he wanted, he change positions at the dead of night … all instructions coming from the Guptas.
Definitely these people became more powerful than they could ever imagine.

As long as the NPA does not mess up… I think we will have more arrests. We just need 1 major success. Also the country, needs a strong signal going forward that Crimes will be punishable.

What about Duduzane (Zuma)? He is also hiding in Dubai…perhaps he can also be pulled away from his sushi platter to face the courts in SA for money laundering and corruption. “Pay back the money” Dudu

Nothing will happen to them, they will probably do more business if back in the country.

They are too smart and fast for our slow system of governance.

Why if ratified on 11 April and we are now at 11June are they still free and living a life of luxury on SA taxpayers money in Dubai. You can fly a Gupta into Waterkloof in a private jet in a heart-beat. Bring them back and Zuma jnr. We will provide free housing, food, clothing, exercise and new friends all legitimately at X Mampuru for years and years!

this so called extradition agreement came about in2018. CancER r not going to bring their buddies back cause they all involved . look how swimmingly the Zondo con is going . corruption is endemic with muntu


Imaging the Guptas turn state witness and get a reduced sentence to talk??

Not one anc cadre will survive.

They can reduce the sentence from 500 years to 50 year?? Big discount.

End of comments.





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