UIF payment system tightened, hence delays

After fraudsters change banking details.
To date just under R30 billion in claims has been paid to 6 789 695 workers from the scheme. Image: Philimon Bulawayo, Reuters

Scammers should be aware that the Unemployment Insurance Fund’s (UIF’s) Covid-19 Temporary Employee Relief Scheme (Ters) has tightened the security of its payment system.

This comes after months of technical glitches, with the final straw of fraudulent activities in the UIF Ters system, just as the scheme was coming to an end.

To protect the scheme from criminal elements, the fund has introduced new, more stringent controls to verify banking details.

Hence the delay in payments this month.

As part of the new control measures, applicants must insert either the enterprise number (CK/CIPC) or the ID number of the bank account holder in the Ters online portal, in order to further verify the authorised claimant’s banking details.

“This requirement, which may seem onerous, is critical to ensure banking details are verified before any Ters payment is authorised. Failure to populate the system properly will, unfortunately, lead to more delays in the payment process,” warns UIF Commissioner Teboho Maruping.

The fund has received fraud complaints, after some applicants managed to change their companies’ recorded banking details to their own.

“This situation has created a need for us to do an upfront account verification and validation before the payment is made, and we expect this to increase our turnaround time by two days, as the accounts are verified and validated to ensure that fraud at the company level is eliminated and reduced as far as possible.

“We cannot overemphasise how important it is for companies to provide correct information that can be validated and verified with the banks so that there are no delays with the payment,” says Maruping.

The new changes come on the back of the fund having paid just over R 1.01 billion directly into the bank accounts of 238 086 employees since April 2020. Direct payments to employees have not been affected by the new measures.

However, over the weekend, it resumed payments and disbursed over R372 million in claims.

The payment covered claims for April and May lodged by 15 866 employers, benefitting 78 283 employees where banking details passed the verification process.

Further payments were done on Tuesday morning (July 14) with some R295 million paid out from 1 824 employers, benefitting 76 078 workers.

This brings the total amount paid since April 16 to date to just under R30 billion, to 6 789 695 workers, from 539 953 employers.


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Anything in the hands of the ANC gets corrupted.

Just when people are on the margins ANC corruption rears its head again and again.

This has been a cock-up from start to finish.

Agree – you’d think in a country with almost 30% unemployment before COVID19 this would be one thing the government would be good at!!!

It really saddens me, it is said it’s a relief scheme but as far as I stand here it feels like an oppression scheme, 3 full months without any kind of salary I can’t even afford bread for my kids wooow

UIF can say they successfully paid 6 million employees in April, how is it possible that they unsuccessfully paid the same people in May and June because those people have already been verified and found to be the correct recipients. Who do you think you are fooling. Some of us are now permanently laid off, we never received the payment, and what guarantee do I have that I will receive my Ters, let alone my actual UIF benefit that I have been contributing for over 13 years? I have been starving since day one, and I can’t even get a food parcel. Have applied for the so called “Food Parcel” in more than 5 different sites to no avail. Just continue fooling us, your time is coming. This covid doesn’t choose whether to have money or not, whether you got a food parcel or not, I thank you..,☹️☹️

They couldn’t tighten an elastic band in winter.

What kind of idiot pays out this kind of money – other people’s money – without properly verifying banking details?

Right at the start, we were asked to provide proof of our banking details. Certified by the bank. We did this, as part of a basic payment process that even children can understand.

If it wasn’t for the gravy they’ve stolen from hard-working South Africans, every single government/municipal employee would be unemployed and starving. Or in prison.

Blame the inefficiency on tech?? What a weak argument. How about inept on the job trainee’s??

Locking the barn door after the horse has bolted. Proudly brought to you by the ANC

End of comments.





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