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UIF Ters benefit payments suspended based on AGSA’s report – again

A day after it was announced that it would be extended to September 15.
The wait for the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) Temporary Employer-Employee Relief Scheme (Ters) payment continues. Image: Shutterstock

Just a day after Employment and Labour Minister Thembelani Nxesi announced the extension of the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) Temporary Employer-Employee Relief Scheme (Ters) to September 15, it has once again been suspended with immediate effect.

This follows Auditor-General (AG) Kimi Makwetu’s damning report last week which identified poor financial management and verification controls, leading to millions of rands in payments to the deceased, and people in prison.

Hours after the shocking outcomes of the report by the AG, Nxesi announced the suspension of  four officials including, UIF commissioner Teboho Maruping, COO, CFO and the head of supply chain management.

In a statement on its website, the Department of Labour noted that the suspension had been necessitated to mitigate risks identified by the AG in the Ters application system, and it would announce in due time when payments will resume.

Source: Employment and Labour website.

This is the same reason the department cited for suspending payments for 24 hours, just over two weeks ago (August 25).

Extension welcomed

Despite the halt in payments, Business for South Africa (B4SA) said in a statement that it is pleased with Nexis’s announcement for the further extension of the scheme.

“It appears that this extension will last until the State of Disaster ends, but final confirmation on funding availability for this is awaited.”

The scheme will assist the following applicants;

  • Employees whose employers are not permitted to operate fully/partially;
  • Vulnerable employees whose employers are unable to make alternative arrangements/implement special measures for such employees to return to work;
  • And employees whose employers are unable to make use of their services fully/partially due to operational requirements.

The department noted that the UIF website will be unavailable from 18h00 on September 11 until 20h00 on September 13.

It will continue accepting applications for March to end July until September 15, after which no further applications shall be accepted.

The UIF has paid out more than R41 billion to more than 9.5 million workers so far.

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Dear UIF Ters guy

If i remember correctly you receive your UIF contributions on time every time with military precision.All of my payslips have a regular record of how much you take from me without fail.

The UIF is meant to replace losses of income so that debit orders don’t bounce and that the highly indebted Saffer can continue living. You team is expected to give these benefits on schedule as you receive them on schedule.

This backlog of payments for several months will be unforgivable if reversed.I really do not care whether its IT, and audit or a lizard that was found dead in your office. Saffers need their UIF payments on time. It is your duty and responsibility to make sure that your department is ready to give a quality service to its contributors who have been forced to call on their contributions by circumstances beyond their control.

May you please do your job on time every time just as you receive your payments on time every time.

Your client

Guys you always get your salaries on time, now you keep on suspending uif ters, our debit orders bounces every month and that’s affects our credit records too because these people they don’t want to understand that our money is is suspended. Please do your job
We know we are poor but please stop taking n advantage of us, we are hungry, we can’t pay our bills too

Please do what is right guys and I know that might sound lame to you because you have food on your table please think of others when you eat

Oh boy, even a kindergarten run by toddlers could have done a better job.

Seems goat herding skills are not transferable. Who knew?

An absolute joke. Like everything else these elected criminals touch.

Time to seriously consider to simply stop paying into the UIF.

End of comments.





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