UPDATE: Eskom escalates load shedding to Stage 4

From 14h00 to 22h00 tonight.
Eskom says electricity generation constraints have been exacerbated by the high winter demand. Image: Shutterstock

Eskom will escalate load shedding from Stage 2 to Stage 4 on Wednesday as it struggles with generation capacity in the face of several power station units remaining offline and amid a spike in demand as a result of the winter cold snap.

“Due to additional breakdowns of a unit at Medupi and two units at Duvha Power Station, together with the high winter demand, Eskom regrets to inform the public that Stage 4 load shedding will be implemented from 14h00 this afternoon until 22h00 tonight,” it said in an update issued after midday.

Earlier on Wednesday morning, the power utility announced that Stage 2 load shedding will continue until Sunday night due to delays in delays in returning generation units to service at Kusile, Tutuka, Duvha, Kendal and Koeberg Power Stations.

However, the additional breakdowns at Mudupi and Duvha, will see Stage 4 hitting South Africa today.

Eskom said the move to Stage 4 “is in order to ration the remaining emergency generation reserves, which have been depleted”.

“These emergency reserves are required to respond to further emergencies in order to maintain the stability of the national grid,” it added.

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According to Eskom, breakdowns currently total 15 087MW of capacity, while planned maintenance is at 1 273MW of capacity.

“These capacity constraints will continue for the foreseeable future and all South Africans are urged to reduce their use of electricity, particularly between 17h00 and 22h00, when the winter demand is the highest,” it said.

Eskom apologised for the inconvenience and uncertainty caused by the interruptions in electricity supply.


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Just imagine what Carte Blanche is going to say on Sunday about Escom. Not that we will be able to watch, but just imagine.

The hot air programme, they make a noise then nothing else happens.

Eskom can schedule a load sh*tting about then, not bothered.

Did I mention I have the solar guys coming to quote this afternoon.

As my learned friend always says..There’s good news and bad news..

The bad news is “ the sh$& is going to hit the fan” and the good news is “ due to load shedding the fan doesn’t work”

On a serious note, we have an ANC led government running this country, when, meanwhile back home their own party is in a shambles not being able to pay salaries..In short, Luthuli House is bankrupt

There’s talk about retrenching half their staff, yet they don’t touch the elephant in the room which is this country’s civil wage bill

This is indicative of a failed State, the ANC single handedly have destroyed what was once the Power House of Sub Saharan Africa

It’s sickening

amazing however that Eskom =ANC could suspend the loadshedding for parliament and a Zulu funeral in KZN?? So the private sector and taxpayers are not important to the ANC.

No we not, we are just the little weeds that grow next to the road with the rrrrrr two zero zeros thatget reaped often. Sorry meant raped.

So indirectly this means the unemployment rate will just get worse because economic growth are halted because of no electricity?

Since when did the ruling party care about unemployment?

Low economic growth? Simple- just tax the existing base even more.

Get rid of BBBEE to eradicate load shedding? Not in your lifetime my friend?

Read an article elsewhere this morning, stating that the whole country has been held “at ransom”: a few BEE major coal suppliers holding Eskom at ransom.

Not a word on actual coal shortages, or supply issues(?)

In a micro environment, I would describe it like this:
Imagine you want to visit the store to buy two bags of braai briquettes.
Instead, you are forced to buy from “15 useless buggers” off the street, supplying you each a cupped hand full of poor quality charcoal, they picked up elsewhere. And you hand everyone R20 for your R5’s worth of charcoal (when you really wanted briquettes)…the extra R15 is for charity, as you feel sorry for these buggers.

So you end up paying 15 X R20 each = R300 for your 2-bag briquette equivalent.
When you eventually sit down at your braai, they arrive again with a “list of demands” to share some wors and liquor. (As they “helped” you.)
This is how SA works, in its simplistic inefficiency.

In a nutshell Michael.

Worse than a Monty Python cheese shop.

The sub-heading is incorrect…..

“Corruption uninhibitedness are expected to ‘continue for the foreseeable future and South Africans are urged to reduce their use of electricity’.”

Business confidence just out and at a three year high???


anc con job!!!

Your country is falling apart old cyril. Right under your nose. Nothing you or anybody can do about it. It is the anc “processes”.


These people!!!

Cyril is struggling to “run” his country. So he phoned the tech call centre, which responded:

“Sir, try to switch it off on on again”

Cyril: Yes, I tried that…twice a day.


No doubt Mmmm – bona fide free fall – I’ll admit that until about 3 years ago I was a hardcore “we’ll get through” fellow. I was wrong. Not a little bit wrong. 100% wrong. Our Beloved Country is as doomed as the Titanic was 5 minutes after it hit that iceberg. Yes, the lights will stay on for a while and the music will play for an hour or so … but it’s all over. 100% finished

Unbelievable. Why isn’t the CEO holding a press conference to let us know what is REALLY going on? Why haven’t we seen visuals of the power plants for Eskom? Interview the power plant managers? Isnt Eskom forking out R500 million a day to generate electricity through renewables – whats going on with that???

Why hasnt Pravin been fired? He is in charge of the SOE’s and his head should be on the chopping block for all of these failures for so long!!

Never known a spokesperson for Eskom that can communicate and now they must wear a mask and make a noise like muffled concrete mixer. The transformation of the electricity is very complicated which causes all jobs to be regraded to a higher level. In the hall of the real power the Cosatu faction of the SA Gov. Inc. conglomeration has been transformed into an elephant and taking up all the social distance in the room. All it wants is a level playing field so that some drops of gravy can run to their end of trough and pay all their members twice as much at least. This will cause union dues to do the same and then the elephant can go next door to the night club and restaurant.

….were there not these ocean vessels with mega diesel generators off shore off Cap Town?

Could be Chinese ships. If so…hats off to the middle kingdom nation

How is it possible, that after all this time and money, that these power stations are still so unreliable and prone to breakdown? Surely solutions must have been put in place by now?

Added to that WHY must we continue suffer the whims of that fossilized communist, Gwede Mantashe who refuses to approve private generation of electricity.

We absolutely must pull together and put aside our petty differences and preferences at the ballot box to remove these millstones from our necks.

Pushing the official opposition into a majority, even if it requires a coalition with smaller parties, is the ONLY way to solve these issues permanently.

Eskom must be staffed with the greatest number of overpaid incompetents of any of the SoE’s

I’m pretty sure all this loadshedding has more to with the wekkers not being happy with the 1.5% wage offer, when they are demanding 15%, than anything else.

Time for some Cubans?

Weird, why do you want Cubans to fix Eskom?

…because they know the manuals and don’t take 8 tea breaks in a day?

I’m reminded of that scene in Madagascar where the penguins need the chimps only because they have opposable thumbs – I feel like a penguin right now

End of comments.



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