US Sanctions on Guptas, Essa over ‘corruption’

US Treasury says they will be excluded from the US financial system.
Gupta brothers sanctioned. Gallo Images/Business Day, Martin Rhodes

The US Treasury imposed sanctions against four businessmen who it said were members of “a significant corruption network” in South Africa and had paid bribes and used other underhand measures to influence government appointments and contracts.

The sanctions were levied against brothers Atul, Ajay and Rajesh Gupta, and Salim Essa, said Sigal Mandelker, the Treasury’s under-secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence. The four have all denied wrongdoing.

“The Guptas and Essa have used their influence with prominent politicians and parties to line their pockets with ill-gotten gains,” Mandelker said in a statement. “We will continue to exclude from the US financial system those who profit from corruption.”

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And what is South Africa doing ? The country that has been stolen blind by these criminals and their ANC leeches !

Agreed!?? But what about the US government? What are they doing about the complicit American companies that enabled the Guptas, viz. Mckinsey, Bain and Gartner!?
Why aren’t they also not sanctioned!? Hypocrites!??

100%. Why are they not shut out of the South African financial system?

Means their businesses can’t be banked, their corrupt mines can’t be paid, etc etc

What are we waiting for?

They have been shut out of the international banking system. That implies that they don’t have to pay taxes in any jurisdiction and they cannot access loans, not that they need it. They will be forced to use the barter system that includes gold, diamonds and rhino-horn. They are forced out of the formal economy, like 80% of South Africans, and like 100% of zamma-zammas and foreign shop-owners.

The way I see it, the international banks are isolating themselves from the “real economy”, not the other way around.

No, the US financial system only. Still many countries in the world that will gladly take their money.

Interesting, do you fund your capital and financial transaction business needs from zama zama’s or by shaking a can at traffic lights?

A good start. Next should be a rendering to Guantanamo Bay for a nice long stay in an orange boiler suit!

Some patriotic South African, and it isn’t the ANC, has a good contact in the US government. This is not to be sniffed at.

Great news. Could we ask the UN to declare theft of taxpayer money a crime against humanity. Then anyone can go after ANC thieves.

The UN is a theft of taxpayers money

GREAT JOB DONALD TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donald’s done more for us than our our thieving, genocidal government.

He also spoke up about EWC a few months ago.

Again, this is just more proof of what an F-up the current regime is.

There’s lots more to add to this list. Let’s hope they do so

Now is the time for corruption charges against Zuma to be prioritised. Zuma needs to be made an example of, he needs to be tried, convicted and sentenced so the rest of the world can see that we are serious about fighting corruption! You need to get cracking NPA!

so we’re supposed to get all excited when someone OUTSIDE of SA does something about the Gupta scum [why do they always use this photo – don’t they have others ?]. the ANC has done NOTHING to chase down the Guptas – they treat Zuma as if he’s made of glass when he should be behind bars and all of his assets seized. SA will not make progress on the local or world stage until they ACTUALLY do something – Cyril seems to do a lot of TALKING but has not been very ACTIVE in term of actual ACTION. the Another National Crisis party was so keen to take over the running of SA – now we know why – all that FREE MONEY

End of comments.





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