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Use of ivermectin for Covid-19 made an order of court

Sahpra et al must pay the applicants R1.8m.
Things changed after the health products regulator registered a product containing ivermectin for the treatment of rosacea, a human skin condition. Image: Shutterstock

Tuesday (April 6) saw the Pretoria High Court hand down the following order:

  • That a pharmacist, medical practitioner and any other person registered under the Health Professions Act may sell a medicine that contains ivermectin to a patient on prescription.
  • “Unregistered ivermectin-containing finished pharmaceutical products remain accessible under the present programme” through authorised suppliers.
  • A medical practitioner may initiate treatment with ivermectin at the same time as submitting an application for the individual to the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (Sahpra).

The respondents (without admission of any liability) were ordered to pay a total of R1.8 million to the applicants.


As the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world, indiscriminately infecting and killing helpless victims, with no known cure, there were those who resorted to desperate measures.

Many experimented with ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug mainly used in the treatment of parasites in animals. And whereas the death toll in hospitals mounted, those who used ivermectin on the sly started singing its praises.

The use of ivermectin in the treatment of Covid-19 was supported by many medical professionals.

But Sahpra stood firm, on January 28 issuing a press release warning of “lack of adequate evidence to support its use”, that its quality could not be guaranteed because of “widespread unregulated use”, and the lack of any clinical trial.

Infections continued, death rates mounted, well-known personalities and loved ones were felled. “Do you know a farmer” became a topic of conversation. 

Section 21 programme allowing access

On January 28, Sahpra set up the Ivermectin Controlled Compassionate Use Programme Guideline for access to unregistered ivermectin for human use under Section 21 of the Medicines and Related Substances Act.

Essentially, this provided that medical practitioners could apply for approval for the use of unregistered ivermectin per an individual patient. This application had to be supported by substantive documentation.

Sahpra warned of “unclear evidence of both benefit and harm”, “reports of illicit products entering the South African market”, and that veterinary products were being used.

Sahpra established a tiered mechanism to control access and monitor use, and required stringent reporting.

The authorisation could be granted for the manufacture, importation, wholesaling or distribution of a medicine, and for licensed healthcare facilities to hold bulk stock. Authorisation had to be granted to a registered medical practitioner per named patient, and the “patient outcomes” had to be reported.

A small allowance was made for urgent cases, in that treatment could start at the same time that an application was made, but that authorisation was not guaranteed.

Sahpra did not constrain itself by regulating the number of days by which it had to respond to an application, including an urgent application.

The average time of receiving an ‘authorisation’ from Sahpra is not known.

Treatment for rosacea

A light appeared on the horizon when, on March 16, Sahpra registered a product containing ivermectin for the treatment of rosacea, a human skin condition.

Because the Medicines and Related Substances Act requires that only registered medicines can be mixed together (compounded), this new registration for human use essentially meant that ivermectin could be compounded with other registered medicines, and made accessible in accordance with the act, for the treatment of Covid-19.

But it was necessary to approach the court for an order compelling Sahpra to allow this.

Four different applications were made to court:

  • AfriForum, Dr George Coetzee, Gideon Samson Gumeda and Geelbooi Motsipa.
  • The African Christian Democratic Party and Doctors for Life.
  • ‘I can make a difference, and the Doctors and Medical Practitioners Group.
  • Pharma Valu Irene CC, Marx & Marx CC, JJ Strydom CC, Menlo Park Apteek CC, JJ Strydom Apteek CC, Pharma Valu Newlands CC, and Strydom & Pretrius CC.

The respondents in all applications were Sahpra and Health Minister Zweli Mkhize – with the director-general of the Department of Health and the member of the Executive Council for Health in Gauteng as additional respondents in one of the applications, Sahpra CEO Boitumelo Semete-Makokotla and President Cyril Ramaphosa as respondents in another, and the Department of Health mentioned in one application.

The position of the minister and Sahpra

The minister of health, who is cited as a respondent in all the applications, and the president, who is cited as a respondent in one of the applications, felt compelled to place on record that:

  • They have carried out their constitutional and statutory duties in protecting the public health against the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Sahpra is held accountable and provides the requisite reports.
  • The minister relies on the “expertise, recommendations and consultations” in regard to medicines of Sahpra and approves the actions and decisions made by Sahpra.
  • Sahpra is to provide the public with “accurate information regarding the safety, efficacy, and quality of ivermectin” as well as any other treatment or preventative medicine for Covid-19.




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This is 1 cure for Covid
(It will cure Covid 99.9%)

That is not what the science shows
“Findings In this randomized clinical trial that included 476 patients, the duration of symptoms was not significantly different for patients who received a 5-day course of ivermectin compared with placebo (median time to resolution of symptoms, 10 vs 12 days; hazard ratio for resolution of symptoms, 1.07).
Meaning The findings do not support the use of ivermectin for treatment of mild COVID-19, although larger trials may be needed to understand effects on other clinically relevant outcomes.”

Did Fauci write that journal?
Btw- you do understand that if there is a treatment for Covid, then these experimental vaccines seize?

The Covid treatment ivermectin should work within 12-48hours.

The Jama study was fundamentally flawed:
– The study was sponsored by vaccine makers, for whom there is financial benefit to discredit the use of an effective treatment like ivermectin.
– The target outcome of the study was changed during the study, resulting in the study proving effectively nothing – two groups of healthy young individuals with mild symptoms recover quickly anyway.
– The control group also received Ivermectin for some period during the study by accident, thereby nullifying the total outcome of the study.
– The study was not properly controlled, since individuals were sent home with bottles of bitter tasting medicine. How can you be sure it was not poured down the drain?

You’re wasting your time on this guy. Full on conspiracy theorist and propagandist.


This is all just weird when it gets to covid : even after tens of millions of cases we don’t really know why some people go bad (even TB and HIV have no correlation) and others sail by probably not even knowing they ever had it. That 117y old French nun sailed, a 50y Iron Man super-fit non-diabtetic died in two weeks.

There is plenty of good data supporting Ivermectin as part of a treatment cocktail for people with bad symptoms if treat early. (Nothing reverses damage in any event; two contacts of mine that died effectively had zero lung function long after zero virus)

Not so sure about use as prophylactic, definitely not the animal ointment for us, though I admit to having a small stock for if somebody goes bad. It can’t hurt at least.

There is also lots of anecdotal but who knows whether that was Ivermectin or chance?

The conclusions of this trial do not support the results. A medium time to resolution means that the placebo group suffered for 20% longer than the ivermectin group. Additionally, the patients were asked how they felt, so the results were subjective rather than objectively, such as a PCR test. For more on this trial and other ivermectin trials, see

The immune system will cure over 97%.

Does ivermectin really make a difference? Because 97% of patients in the placebo group recover I doubt that a sample of 476 is meaningful.

Sadly, again folk think that the tardy government department is being punished with cost awards, forgetting it’s our tax money they use to pay…..

Agree, I really do wish that ALL media describing government funds should replace “minister xyz” & “government dept xyz” fines with “Tax Payer”. It may help people revaluate so called “justice”

The humiliation. A judge must order medical specialist administrators to use a specific medicine. No wonder the Prof left this crowd of nobody’s to go back to research and did them a favour by not publicly stating the real reasons he fled his position.

Very simply the judgement evidences that the minister, DG and his team are simply not up to the job-but them most ANC ministers aren’t cabinet level material ..

So ‘we’ won, but ‘we'(Taxpayers) will pay for the costs. Another example of the consequences of no consequences.

When ‘mavericks’ are required to pay for legal costs in their personal capacities – the game changes. Remember the now delinquent Director?

Too late, all of the ivermectin at the farming co-ops is sold already.

Ivermectin is meant to kill parasites in livestock.

Is our Covid-19 monster, a parasite or a virus??

Exactly. Of the 9 people I personally know that has had COVID with reasonably severe symptoms, the 2 people who religiously used ivermectin also had the most severe symptoms. Sahpra’s position on this was correct. It is not a scientifically tested cure or prevention for COVID. If they approved the use of animal dip for an indiscriminate virus and people died what would the potential ramifications be?

The Constitution permits traditional healers to be paid from medical aid funds. They do not ever prescribe any injections. They can throw the bones and administer herbal remedies for Covid but it will cost more than for a headache. This important branch of healing also falls under the Minister, who is constantly advised by the relevant ancestors. No tests, trials or court cases required. Just plain, simple mumbo jumbo.

So you can institute a state of emergency, restrict people’s movement and fast track the use of vaccines, but a Doctor can’t prescribe ivermectin if they feel its justified?
As far as I’m concerned, even if it does nothing, if a doctor and patient want to use it, why not?

The theory is that it does not suit the agenda of the Elite. They would at all cost want to keep full control of the general population. They risk losing control if an effective treatment for Covid-19 comes to light, having a better efficacy and safety record as their untested experimental “vaccines”. These “vaccines” are labelled by some medical professionals as “medical devices”, because they do not conform to the definition of a vaccine.

During previous unsuccessful animal trials with Coronavirus vaccines, all (100%) of the ferrets and cats either developed cancer, or their immune system responses went haywire, when exposed to a wild virus a few months after vaccination. For this reason, many informed health professionals refuse to take these experimental unproven “vaccine” shots.

Ivermectin has been proven beyond reasonable doubt by many clinical and observational studies around the world, to show a remarkable benefit in the prevention and treatment of all strains of Covid-19. The available data shows a great improvement in safety over other medicines, as well as the current “vaccines”.

There is also a huge censorship effort by various government agencies, Google, YouTube and other media platforms (all controlled by the Elite) in order to discredit and silence the use of Ivermectin as a possible treatment option for Covid-19. If you want to find out the truth, you sometimes have to surf the Dark Web.

If ivermectin which is produced predominantly in India at 10c a pill….then why is India in such a precarious state with its Covid infections rising the fastest in Asia? Just saying ….

Only some states in India advocate ivermectin, so it would be interesting to know the results in those states.

However, if you take the population size into account, then India is doing much better than most other countries.

India South Africa USA UK Brazil
Cases/1M Population 9,498 25,988 95,647 64,046 62,582
Deaths/1M Population 121 889 1,729 1,864 1,633


End of comments.





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