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Van Rooyen to ‘demystify’ Treasury

Vows to ensure investor friendly policies.
David Desmond van Rooyen, Minister of Finance with President Zuma and Justice Kampepe

PRETORIA – Minutes after he was sworn in on Thursday afternoon, newly appointed finance minister David van Rooyen said he would undertake to ensure “every policy is directed at creating investor friendly conditions”.

Van Rooyen also said the one area of his portfolio that can be improved on, is the accessibility of National Treasury and Minister of Finance, especially to rural people.

Van Rooyen, whose appointment followed the shock removal of his predecessor Nhlanhla Nene the previous night, was sworn in by Judge Sisi Khampepe at the Union Buildings in Petoria by midday on Thursday.

President Jacob Zuma congratulated Van Rooyen and introduced him, but did not give any explanation of the reasons for the change of guard.

The ceremony lasted only a few minutes, after which Van Rooyen addressed the media briefly. Neither he nor Zuma took any questions.

Van Rooyen said he approaches what he called his “colossal assignment” as a great honour and thanked his predecessors, especially Nene. He said Nene made a tireless effort and left “a solid platform to ensure proper financial management” in the public sector.

He acknowledged that his appointment came against the background of an unfavourable global economic outlook, with emerging markets being especially affected and “all economic indicators pointing south”.

Van Rooyen said he would ensure that all policies were directed at creating an investment-friendly environment, and stressed that this should benefit all South Africans, “not only a few”.

He said he hoped to meet the officials at National Treasury on Friday and promised to engage properly with the media thereafter.

Van Rooyen said improvement is warranted with regard to the accessibility of financial matters. “We want to demystify the functionalities of Treasury,” he said.

He called Treasury “the axis of our developmental agenda” and said it must be accessible, especially in rural communities. He said Treasury and the Minister of Finance are often used as “scarecrows” in rural areas.

“It is our ministry’s duty to simplify issues of finance,” he said.

Van Rooyen promised more detailed information sessions after he met with his Treasury staff.

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Hallo Zuma
You fired Nene for political reasons, mainly your need to stay in power and enrich yourself (and/or keep your ill-gotten gains ) there is no doubt – you cannot even give reasons which would be acceptable for your decision to fire Nene and do not even try to give an explanation – that alone speaks volumes.
Your antics which now include removal of a diligent, honest and hard-working finance minister, have cost SA millions at the expense of the majority of people in South African who are honest-hard working people and who deserve to at least retire in comfort and receive proper state sponsored medical care and municipal services.

PIC (the public investment corporation in charge of public servant’s retirement funds) invests in JSE companies (it appears to be an investment of approximately R1 322,346 569-00 . Those JSE listed companies in which PIC invests have lost more today in one day than since the market crash in 2008 as a direct result of your self-centred actions -Your actions have made sure that the pensions of millions of public servants are being steadily wiped out .

The current assets of the GEPF alone as at 31/3/14 according to the published financials stood at R 1,449,951,268,000. This is over a thousand times greater than the figure in your post. (I think you may have missed the ‘000 in the headings?) :-D.
As I have little doubt that financial stocks make up a substantial part of these investments, it means that our leader’s action has wiped out some 10% of the value of this portion of the investments in one fell swoop. He wouldn’t know and would care even less. #ZUMAMUST FALL

Thank you for the correction -In my anger I did miscalculate
-perhaps people will realise that their future is at stake.

If you have no money when you retire, you could possibly get by on our sunshine and the company of the majority of South Africans who are good, honest and above all wonderfully humane people — but if you have no money and no municipal services or state hospital care you die or live in misery until you die.

If only he cared! He gave the national carries to his girlfriend FFS.

Van Rooyen to “Do whatever Master Jacob tells me.”

Zuma just opened the doors of the treasury to all cadres. Inevitably this will lead to the poor becoming poorer and the rich being more wealthy. The income gap will widen at an incredible rate now.
“Demystifying Treasury and making it more accessible for the masses” is exactly what Mugabe did before hyper-inflation ruined Zimbabwe.

No speeches.
No statements.

Mr Zuma living in a world of “make believe” His spiel about creating a “political economy” and giving no reasons other then discussing the so called “African Struggle’ to have an “African Economy” will come true very shortly when South Africa being transformed into a real “Banana Republic” at break neck speed -ANC -once again has topped the list [Another National Crisis] Well done Mr Zuma -Oh Yes -I see you are starting to look a lot like old Robbie Mugabe – I wonder why- interesting

End of comments.





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