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WATCH: Influential women in business share leadership lessons

Phuti Mahanyele, Judy Dlamini, Nonkululeko Gobodo and more.

In partnership with FNB, Moneyweb presents this bespoke leadership video series with top business people. The interview draws on the person’s life, failures and the lessons they have learnt on their journey to the successful leadership positions they hold today. Here are extracts from some of these videos.

  • Phuti Mahanyele

Mahanyele is the former CEO of Shanduka Group and now Sigma Capital’s executive chair. Here she shares the values that help someone become a strong, grounded leader:

Business Leadership: focus as much as you can on skilling yourself

  • Judy Dlamini

A former family doctor, investment banker, entrepreneur, proponent for education and agent for social change, Dlamini is now chairperson of Mbekani Group. She has sage advice for both young and older ambitious women:

Business Leadership: If you’re an ambitious woman, find a partner who’s just as ambitious

  • Nonkululeko Gobodo

CEO of Nonkululeko Leadership Consulting, Gobodo was SA’s first black female chartered accountant, the architect of the fifth largest auditing firm in the country, SizweNtsalubaGobodo, and a leading figure in the business world. Here she shares how she learnt to develop leaders in her own company:

Business Leadership: I don’t micromanage people

  • Sindi Zilwa

Co-founder and CEO of Nkonki auditing firm, Zilwa’s story is as much a lesson of business success in the face of formidable odds, as it is a valuable lesson in parenting. It is a powerful demonstration of how sometimes remarkable business leadership starts with someone else’s vision for you:

Business Leadership: It’s also about patience

  • Esna Colyn 

CEO of Imbalie Beauty, Colyn’s 17 years in the investment banking, private equity and corporate finance trenches attest to her mental toughness. Colyn shares lessons learnt and her business philosophy:

Continuously reinvent and reposition yourself in your business

  • Nicky Newton-King

The JSE CEO’s personal journey, which begins on a peach farm in the Cape, is punctuated with the invaluable lessons that she learnt throughout her impressive career. Here she shares valuable insights and a peek into the inner workings of the JSE:

‘If you don’t do things better tomorrow, you may not have the next day’

  • Dudu Msomi

Founder CEO of Busara Leadership Partners, Msomi doesn’t believe in confusing the issues and needlessly inflating a situation with theories, models and other intellectual theorising. She discusses her intervention technique for business leaders and provides some powerful questions for them to ask themselves:

‘It’s amazing how many business leaders can’t answer the very simple questions’

Terry Volkwyn

Volkwyn, Primedia CEO,  is regarded as one of the most influential and powerful women in media today. She talks about trying new things and taking risks, even when you’re not sure of the outcome:

Business Leadership: Keep trying different things ­…


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Headline : If it is not ok to say “influential men in business share leadership lessons”, I don’t see how it is OK for women. If you stand for equality, be equal.

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