WATCH: Update on revised lockdown regulations

Ministers representing the Coronavirus National Command Council delivered the latest decisions.
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The capitulation by Government to taxi industry demands during the week is beyond shocking. Basically the entire lockdown process and success has been compromised for a bunch of lawless thugs. This is a healthcare issue yet the Minister of Transport agrees to relax the rules for taxis for their financial gain. It is beyond comprehension and an investigative reporter MUST uncover the source of the cosy relationship between Government and an unregulated killing-machine.

It is tantamount to treason

Yes and there are people like me driving a very sick 74 year old to a medical facility and making him sit at the back of a very small car as per government regulations. How can the government tolerate these taxi clowns? No jogging, no walking dogs yet cramming people into a taxi is not a problem. The whole shut down is a farce.

But the bunch of fools are still clinging to their ridiculous no tobacco rule, which has zero to do with the virus. Just starving the country of much needed tax income. Ditto alcohol. Not forbidden anywhere in the world. Previously I was a bit scared of living in South Africa, now I am downright petrified, with the “leadership” being shown in this crisis.

Oh Griet!

Tax money on tobacco really? AHhaha

You forgot to do a Carbon balance on the tobacco industry, perhaps you can claim CO2 credits HAhah

Tobacco has a nett NEGATIVE impact on the country

Carbon balance. Really? Don’t make me laugh.

Tobacco taxes really?? more idiotic even!!

At first chance the ANC go authoritarian where it matters least and where it’s needed the most, like stopping taxis, they go political and let them run.

The government has no choice but to allow taxis to transport those few who can still earn a wage and assist the economy access to the economy. Without workers there would be no food in shops or medicine on the shelves in pharmacies, no check out staff, no cleaners, nurses, refuse collection etc…
But this needs to be managed and policed. Just like in law abiding sectors of society.
Affluent society has access to their jobs remotely by using technology.
Denying certain sectors access to their daily grind would be like switching off the Internet for the rest of us.
Not something I would like to consider!

Not true. They could uses busses very easily.

End of comments.





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