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What Porritt, Bennett didn’t want you to see

Ban against publication of pictures video lifted.

Judge Brian Spilg on Friday morning lifted the ban on the publication of visual material that shows Tigon accused Gary Porritt lying on the court floor on Thursday, allegedly too sick to sit on a chair.

Porritt and co-accused Sue Bennett are on trial for more than 3 000 counts of fraud and other financial crimes relating to the collapse of JSE-listed investment company Tigon around 2002.

Porritt’s bail was provisionally revoked on Monday after he failed to appear in court, claiming illness. He has, however, been discharged from several hospitals in the immediate past.

On Thursday, Moneyweb took pictures and video footage of Porritt with Bennett and candidate attorney Casper Badenhorst assisting him to get up from the floor before the court proceedings started. The video does not show how he immediately slumped onto the desk in front of him and within seconds, sort of fell sideways and hung in the chair. 

The video material also shows Bennett interacting with Porritt during an adjournment. She gave him water as he was lying on the floor. During the following court session he was, according to his legal representative, feeling so sick that he stayed on the floor. It is normally expected of anybody in court to behave with decorum and stand when addressing the court or when being addressed.

The lifting of the ban follows after Porritt and Bennett both failed to bring an application to prohibit Moneyweb from taking pictures and videos when the court is not in session. They also withdrew their earlier objections.

Moneyweb’s legal team consisting of attorney Willem de Klerk and advocate Ben Wincks were ready to argue that the public interest in the matter is overwhelming, but in the end no argument was necessary.

The court inquiry into Porritt’s absence from the court on two occasions will continue on Friday and Moneyweb will report on proceedings later.

Even before court proceedings started, it was clear that Porritt’s conditions seemingly improved dramatically from Thursday to Friday. He was brought into court by police, and was able to walk without assistance, but was shackled. He looked fairly alert and interacted with advocate Annelene van den Heever, who represents him in the inquiry into his failure to attend court.

Porritt did not testify on Friday as earlier expected. The state and his legal representative came to an agreement that he will remain in detention at the Johannesburg Central police station until Tuesday when the case will resume. If an appointment can be arranged for him with a neurologist or other medical practitioner, the police will take him to Milpark hospital for the appointment.

The agreement was made an order of the court.



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Lock him up and throw the keys away. He is wasting taxpayers money.

He knows the end is near and he will grasp at ANYTHING to delay the inevitable. His cringeworthy behaviour is so bad – how shameful for his family.

ag shame, foeitog, fok!!!

A good fraudster needs to be a good actor.

This is hilarious…. even better than the Oscar Pistorius sideshow!

He might want to practice not lying on the floor, I hear prison floors are very cold.

Go to jail.
Go directly to jail.
Do not collect a free pass (reserved for Shabir and Jacob ).
Go to jail and do not collect 50 cents.

This is even better than the “Shaik trick”. Next we will learn of medical parole applications from Porritt (and Bennett). All in the name of justice!!!

This is so funny. Worst acting I’ve seen in a long time.

However, what is not funny is the mockery it is making of the justice system.
Bail should be revoked and medical attention can be sought in custody. Then I am sure, we will see the proceedings hastily speed up.

Such hilarious melodrama. Having exhausted every legal delaying tactic, they have nothing left but to play the “wounded bird” card. What a pair of wallies.

Nothing that a round of golf wont fix. Ask Shabby

And a nice double decker pizza!

My dog also does that when she knows she’s done something wrong !

Yeah – real b1tch of a trick…

End of comments.




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