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White adults most vaccine-hesitant South Africans, survey shows

So far, 9.56 million shots have been administered in the country, meaning 19% of adults have received at least one dose.
Image: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg

Vaccine hesitancy is most pronounced among white adults in South Africa, which is struggling to keep immunisation centers busy just three months into the rollout of its inoculation program, a survey showed.

Only 52% of White adults in the country are willing to get a Covid-19 shot, compared to three-quarters of their Black counterparts, researchers from the Human Sciences Research Council and the University of Johannesburg said in the highlights of a report due to be released on Wednesday.

“Side effects and concerns that the vaccine will be ineffective are the most common self-reported explanations” for vaccine hesitancy, and those concerns were particularly pronounced among white adults, the researchers said.

South Africa, which lagged behind many of its African and emerging-market peers in rolling out vaccines, is encountering mounting reluctance to take them. While the government and private sector, with which it is working, have stipulated daily targets of between 300 000 and 420 000 inoculations, they reached a peak of 271 838 last month and fell to as low as 141 000 last week.

Reluctant youngsters

So far, 9.56 million shots have been administered in the country, meaning 19% of adults have received at least one dose. About 7.8% of the population is White.

The survey of 7 631 people was conducted between June 25 and July 12 and was the fourth carried out by the institutions. Overall, 72% of South Africans are willing to get vaccinated, up from 67% in the third round. The proportion of Black respondents who were willing to get a shot rose to 75%, from 69%, but among White adults it fell 4 percentage points, indicating that hesitancy is growing in that group.

While the proportion of people over 55 who were keen to get inoculated jumped by 11 percentage points between the third and fourth surveys to 85%, it slumped by eight percentage points to just 55% among those aged between 18 and 24. Addressing the skepticism among younger adults poses a challenge for the government, which plans to allow those under 35 to be vaccinated from September 1.

Despite the greater hesitancy among White South Africans, they were more likely to have been vaccinated than their Black peers, which may be due to a bigger proportion of them having access to better — and often private — health-care facilities. Religion had little impact on people’s attitude toward vaccines, the survey showed.

The survey’s findings differ from those announced last month by Afrobarometer, which canvassed 1 600 people. It found that 54% of South Africans were unlikely to get a vaccine and almost half thought that prayer was a better defense against the coronavirus than an inoculation.

© 2021 Bloomberg


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It is the Blue Bull supporters that are the anti-vaxxers


And the people in the suburbs who ride mountain/road bikes on the weekends.

those who ride them on the pavements yes.

Sing it Barry!

Darwin will settle this argument over the next few years. I know people not vaccinating their kids … at all. Do we really need a polio outbreak in the leafy suburbs to settle that moronic debate? Selfish, spoilt brats

this is not the same as polio or the polio vaccine. It is more akin to the flu – which has an annual flu vaccine that guesses at the upcoming strain and offers marginal benefit. We can’t eradicate covid – it will be with us season after season, because it survives in the environment outside of humans waiting for the right conditions to infect people in seasonal waves, just like the flu and the common cold do.

How many people do you know who have died of the flu – how many do you know who have died of COVID? They are most definitely not the same things. Yes, it will survive and mutate and hence the need for a vaccine on an ongoing basis

Yes and No. Covid in its current form is more virulent and potentially deadlier than the flu and it may become even more so if allowed to mutate. But the principle applies indeed. Also, we have been fighting flu for many years now, whereas Covid is new. So we really have to throw everything we can at it NOW, in order to reduce its chances of putting us in hospital.

That’s basically the mission. You can still get infected post vaccination but not as badly. Does anyone really want to chance a visit to the ICU? My feeling is your absolute best bet is to stay out of hospital at all costs. If that means two jabs or even three plus another booster every year I’m happy to do that. Its a MINOR inconvenience compared to ending up in ICU.

This is what happens when people start to believe their religion or antireligion beliefs will save them from the microorganisms instead of Science. It started with that r@tard call Trumpster and spread like wildfire.

The ‘blue bull’-type guys loooove trump. Not sure why though. He doesn’t care about them.

“… almost half thought that prayer was a better defense against the coronavirus than an inoculation.” But when they get dragged out of a motor vehicle crash will they ask for the predikant or the physician?

This is the mentality that got them where they are today. Pariahs but nothing to show for it. What a legacy. Their kids and grandkids must be livid at being left with the bill.

One way to settle this is to survey expats In Aus & NZ and compare to this. Should settle whether leaving is smart or not.

The data itself is the biggest source of ‘anti-vax’ resources. The data is proving that these experimental vaccines are not as potent as they were first advertised by big pharma. Effectiveness is less than natural immunity (SA has around 40% natural immunity, which the vax producers won’t mention), and booster shots are already being recommended within 6-9 months. Kids and youngsters are thankfully very unaffected by covid (statistically). And the vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting or spreading the virus – it only reduces your OWN symptoms. Vaccines are not the silver bullet. Israel and Iceland are >85% vaccinated and they aren’t open yet. Israel is rolling out booster shots. Next will come the mandates and the vax passports – annual mandated profit for Pfizer et al. Take it if you want, leave everyone else alone.

Many younger people have been passing away tragically from this Delta variant just before being eligible for the first jab. W Cape hospitals are in fact full of these cases right now. Yet one still sees comments such as the one above from nutjob conspiracy theorists. Surreal and sad.

prove it

which part is a conspiracy theory?

“it only reduces your own symptoms”. Great. It works. I can live with that.

Absolutely. Whether you look at SA, the UK or the US, the proportion of ICU cases who were previously vaccinated is around 1%-3%. That’s pretty persuasive.

Doctors said that it could have been a lot worse if the white man who died from Covid hadn’t taken the vaccine.

We have Ivermectin remember! It will save us all. After we have peed out our livers and spleens.

The clowns who run it on their skin lol

…that’s the sentiment of my fellow (but mislead) Christians here in Klerksdorp. Especially amongst us Afrikaners..(is dit ‘n Calvynistiese ding?)

I found vaccine hesitancy is more prominent in the Pentecostal / independent/spiritual type Christian churches, those that make a deep study of the Book of Revelation…and then try to make a “told you so” remote connection with every ‘end time sign’ in the Bible with current events.

Christians during the Black Plaque and the Spanish Flu period, said the same thing….end times…avoid evil. Rinse and repeat.


That inbred gene pool is getting a healthy dose of HTH right now.

I do not understand the arithmatic here. If the vast majority of 92% of the population is so eager to take the jab, then it should be quite easy to reach a target of 350000 per day for at least the next three months. Really lame of the HSRC researchers to now blame the drop in the vaccination rate on less than half of 7,8% of the population. Why are the people who said they want the jab not overflowing the vaccination stations? Someone is lying or the survey was flawed. The figures just do not add up.

Proportions are haaaard to understand if you are a ‘blue bulls’ supporter.


Just follow the French example and make a vaccine passport compulsory for travel, restaurants etc and the problem will go away.

You think this is a good thing? “Papers Please”

If it upsets the blou bull crowd then I am all for it!

Define “white”.

And while you are at it, duckduckgo ‘antibody dependent enhancement’.

Really? Do you think pretending to not understand gives you any credibility? At all?

These anti vaccine group are so stupid. I’m ashamed of my fellow boere…

Stop listening to old fools that are still probably quoting “Siener van Rensburg” and get the vaccine!

The modern boer is a caricature. A sad, leaderless, defeated people confronting the future their parents left for them. When you say ‘boer’ I picture a fat cubicle-bound excel jockey driving his commercial vehicle between WW and his paved over komplex (for which he still has a gardening service because he is too idle to sweep let alone farm). All that mighty power and money – yet they built nothing for themselves. They cry when the state schools aren’t exclusive for them anymore, but all they bought with their time were commercial vehicles and pop CDs about pumpkins and defeated generals.

The British should have left them to cure the rinderpest themselves.


Show us on the doll where the Afrikaner touched you.


Do I detect a bit of admiration for said “defeated people” that you are so clearly afraid of.
They amongst a few other “defeated people” are the only thing standing between Mzansi and Zimbabwe 2.

Yeah, I reaaaallly admire the great future they built for themselves and their kids. You really can see that from my comments right!

Read on QUORA DIGEST comments from a American reader aimed at a British reader stating “You British are just being upset because you gradually lost your empire the past century. You have only the UK left. We Americans are at the peak of our global influence…”

“Defeated people”….not just the Afrikaner. White Rhodesians were also defeated, and also same to the Portuguese that fled Mozambique’s civil war (many with just their clothes on). The Brits also a ‘defeated’ people (also the Spanish) considering the past size of their empires.

Many English speaking Rhodesians fled to SA, and the UK, and continue to make a success. Same with whites in SA (English or Afrikaans)….most of the younger generation has left for other shores. Almost a quarter of people in Wellington NZ, are SA expats….successfully doing their thing. No defeat.

Spend an unhealthy amount of time on Twitter trying to educate people about vaccines. Its quite remarkable how fixated people get on THIS form of medicine. Plenty of other forms they probably take on a weekly basis without a second thought but mention ‘vaccine’ and immediately there’s an uproar. Have to wonder why that is… perhaps it needs a rebranding exercise. Maybe we should call them vitamin boosters. I am certain many of the people who would happily go get a B-12 injection would have to be dragged kicking and screaming to get a Covid shot.

The most common argument you encounter is: ‘well, I’m fine so far, my immune system seems to be handling it, why do I need a jab?”. Have to wonder at the logic of that one. Bit like, I’ve been driving for five years and never had a prang, why do I need insurance? Anyway…

Its a little depressing to be honest, the amount of skepticism out there. You’d think as the years passed we’d get smarter but it seems the more information sources there are, the more people get confused and believe any old crap they read.

“I am healthy and strong” meanwhile it is another obese male who last exercised when he fled back to pretoria after giving SWA to the SWAPO.

The Phrontistery out a bit early today?

pathetic, again

Oh dear, seems I upset some old fatties.

The HSRC is not renowned for accurate data and a sample size of 7631 hardly raises any creditability by this crowd. Maybe they need lessons in statistical data collection rather than sprouting drivel

How much data would make you happy? Do you have better data to base your ‘opinion’ on? Didn’t think so.

Ah, the ‘my feelz’ are better than your research because I feel so’ crowd.

End of comments.





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