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Who is the real construction mafia? Part III

BEE matchmaker challenges Sanral narrative.

Moneyweb recently reported that road construction by the South African National Road Agency (Sanral) has come to a virtual standstill countrywide due to violent demands by so-called business forums wanting to be given 30% of the project work.

According to Sanral this started in KwaZulu-Natal and has been spreading to Limpopo, North West and the Northern Cape.

It has also been happening on building sites in KwaZulu-Natal and, more recently, has been spreading to Gauteng, Moneyweb earlier reported.

Sanral engineering executive Louw Kannemeyer ascribed the conduct of the business forums, also referred to as the construction mafia, as the unintended consequence of procurement regulations introduced by National Treasury in the last year or two aimed at directing 30% of project value to small business subcontractors.

National Treasury has denied this.

Gerald Ndlovu, executive director of Black Suppliers (Pty) Ltd, contacted Moneyweb in response to the “construction mafia” articles.

He said it made his blood boil.

His business has for the past seven years been facilitating partnerships between established contractors and emerging contractors.

It has 829 emerging contractors on its database and has been matchmaking for the likes of Raubex, Calgro M3, Builders Warehouse and Vukile Property Fund.

As such, Ndlovu says he knows the dynamic on building sites and has been working with business forums on projects all over the country.

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Clicked on the link, and – “This video is unavailable”
Please provide transcript?

I think I believe Sanrals Mr Kannemeyer because I’ve seen it with my own eyes!
Disgusting behavior and definitely a third force at work here.
The sooner we are able to see where political parties support comes from, the sooner this problem will be solved.

Black Suppliers (Pty) Ltd, just another entrepreneur/facilitator/accomplice/collaborator in the supply chain for which the contractor has to cough up for from his already megre profit margin. Another consequence of BEE.

THis does not answer the question of who is the Construction Mafia! We all know who it is but no one is saying it. This is political not economic.
Disruption = chaos = promises of calm if you vote for the right party. Robert Mugabe and Hitler did exactly the same thing. The EFF have learnt the lesson well. Decent South Africans need to stop this in its tracks.

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