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Zuma fans to celebrate his early release from jail

A ceremony will be held in Durban on October 14, and Zuma will attend if his medical team give him a clean bill of health and his parole conditions allow him to do so.
Image: Jackie Clausen/AFP/Getty Images

Former South African President Jacob Zuma’s supporters plan to gather next week to celebrate his early release from prison on medical parole, a concession that sparked outrage among opposition parties and civil rights groups.

A ceremony will be held in the eastern city of Durban on October 14, and Zuma will attend if his medical team give him a clean bill of health and his parole conditions allow him to do so, Mzwanele Manyi, a spokesman for his foundation, told reporters on Friday. The ex-president intends campaigning for the ruling African National Congress ahead of upcoming municipal elections, Manyi said.

Zuma was sentenced to a 15-month prison term for defying an order by the nation’s top court to appear before a judicial panel that’s investigating graft during his nine-year tenure, but was freed after serving less than two months. The main opposition Democratic Alliance are challenging his release in court on the grounds that proper procedures weren’t followed.

The 79-year-old’s incarceration triggered a week of rioting in two of the nine provinces that claimed 354 lives and saw thousands of businesses being looted. The nation’s prisons agency and his foundation have refused to divulge his parole conditions.

Zuma’s immersion in a succession of scandals cost the ANC support in the last municipal elections in 2016, and it lost control of several major cities. The party, now headed by President Cyril Ramaphosa, hopes to reclaim the lost ground in the November 1 vote.

Zuma doesn’t need anyone’s permission to campaign for the ANC as he remains a party member, his daughter Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla said by phone. He had been jailed “illegally” and his family were happy to have him home, she said.

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“…early release from Jail” What?!

He’s long gone out of jail, when he commenced his medical parole. (His illness must as deadly as Shaik’s some decade ago…)

We welcome back our supreme Commander Butternut, the proud “uBaba (father of) ka Duduzane”.
Viva Msholozi, the economy’s capable one-man wrecking ball.

This is so typical of the communalist mindset. They support and respect the person who is the biggest exploiter of the shared resource. They fail to understand that he exploited them to build his privileged position. Their loss is his gain. This culture reveres the exploiters and rewards them with leadership positions. The only way a communalist can build personal wealth is by plundering the commons.

The opposite is true for capitalism. There is only one way for a capitalist to become wealthy, and that is by serving the consumer and by adding value to society as a whole.

It is by looking through these communalist lenses that socialists think that capitalism is exploitative. A property owner will lose that property if does not use it for the benefit of society. To service the bond, the farmer has to serve the consumer. The owner of residential property had to serve consumers before he could afford that property and he continues to serve society by paying rates and taxes.

The socialists are the leeches, the parasites that consume wealth and plunder the assets of the nation. When the socialists expropriate property or nationalize institutions they are in effect expropriating consumers directly.

It is true what Zuma said on national TV “Those people who vote for the ANC are not smart people, they don’t read”.

Sensei, Surely you can build wealth by serving the consumer while simultaneously adding “zero-value” to society ? Case in point – Facebook, and its SM brethren ?

End of comments.





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