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Zuma is in the dogbox after walking out of state capture inquiry

Faces criminal charges and a possible ConCourt order compelling him to appear before the Zondo commission.
The former president has refused to answer questions, citing Zondo’s alleged bias against him. Image: Refilwe Modise, Citizen

Former president Jacob Zuma’s walkout at the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture last week has landed him in the commission chair’s dogbox.

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has instructed the secretary of the commission to report the matter to the SA Police Service so that criminal charges may be instituted against Zuma for his conduct.

Zuma and his legal team walked out of the proceedings after Zondo dismissed the former president’s application for the commission’s chair to recuse himself. Zuma claims that he and Zondo had a close personal or professional relationship, or that the deputy chief justice’s conduct indicated bias against him.


Following the dismissal, Zuma’s senior counsel, Muzi Sikhakhane, told Zondo last week that they planned to report him to the Judicial Service Commission for allegedly acting as “a witness and a judge” in the inquiry.

On Monday, Zondo said Zuma’s walkout “impacts on the integrity of the commission, the rule of law and public accountability”.

Zondo said the commission would determine other dates for Zuma to appear before the commission to answer questions on various matters the commission is investigating. 

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Zuma has been implicated in various witness statements and was due to appear to answer to allegations of his alleged involvement in state capture last week. However, the former president has refused to answer questions, citing Zondo’s alleged bias against him. He has yet to file responding affidavits to any of the witness statements, according to the commission.

“The matters this commission is investigating, and by which it seeks to question him, happened when he was president of the republic,” Zondo said. 

Impact on other witnesses

The deputy chief justice said that Zuma’s conduct could impact on the conduct of other witnesses who have been summoned to appear before the commission, adding that Zuma’s conduct should be “dealt with” within the confines of the law.

“His conduct may send a message to all other witnesses, who might [now] not be comfortable to come and answer questions,” said Zondo, adding that appearing before the commission is the right thing for a witness to do. He said witnesses who have been summoned may not come and go as they choose.

Zondo said he will be issuing a fresh summons for Zuma to appear before the commission.

The commission will also apply to the Constitutional Court on an urgent basis to issue an order that will compel Zuma to appear.

“The court order … will also seek to ensure that the former president is compelled to comply with commission regulations,” said Zondo, adding that this includes Zuma providing affidavits setting out his version of events in responding to 35 witnesses who have implicated him in the various instances of state capture the commission is investigating.




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Simple – DCJ Zondo must give this idjit an orange overall (like Porritt got from Spilg) and he can be ferried to and from his appearances under escort. [I wish that the lawyers can join their clients in orange for helping to shape the delay tactics and then we can talk about an effective justice system].

Maybe fatso can then also lose some weight like has happened with Porritt.

Just stop pandering to these a-holes and expedite matters (if not understood by the people in Justice, it simply means speed things up)!!!!!

The ANC is in the dog box.

The ANC is to blame.

This is what any sane person would think, but I have a suspicion this is not the case with the electorate. If the ANC were to lose support I suspect these votes will then go to the EFF which is not an improvement in my opinion. Also I have a feeling that Ramaphosa will be a one term president and that the ANC has a certain “Ace” up their sleeves to take over after the next conference.

Look quite frankly they should bypass the commission with Zuma, why bother making him answer questions there. Just arrest him under the allegations already made and call the same people to court to testify against him. He will be forced to answer in a court.

Agreed. Zuma has made it quite clear that he has no intention of co-operating in an enquiry. He has been given a chance to state his side of the story but thumbed his nose at the law. No further point forcing him to give evidence. Charge him and just load a contempt of court charge on top of the rest.

I think the point of the commission is to defuse public outrage rather than ensuring that the guilty are eventually brought to book. I suspect the same goes for arrests of ANC cadres. Once local government elections are over then the pressure will be off and the show can be drawn out further, until the next elections when they will have to try and show that something is being done. I hope I am wrong and we start seeing some orange overalls for ANC thieves but …

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

Events like these set the precedent for criminals and the crimes which are committed, it creates classes of citizens defined by their unequal rights which are reinforced by the control of power yet this is exactly what the so called liberation organisation stands against or so they say.

The Ruling Class – those who have the power over all citizens
the proletariat – those who own the means of production
the bourgeoisie – those who work the means of production

Unfortunately South Africa and to a larger degree africa is not ready for a truly democratic rule. Its people would really need to suffer and to the point where they would fight back and go from demanding change to enforcing change.

Yes, Zuma transgressed the law. No, he is not going to give evidence if he testifies.

Culprits have seen that the evidence are now used against them, since the recent rules change.

The extravagantly expensive Zondo Commission’s life span has come to an end.

I think Zondo was just to allow much of SA to think that something was being done about state capture. Very little money will be returned or obvious miscreants jailed; except maybe for the whitey who used the k word – he is toast. 3rd world “justice”.

And guess what, IF they ever get him back to the commission he will pull a “Dudu”.
‘I can’t answer the kweschun in case incrrriminate I myself”

Our dear Mshloshi is many things but he sure is not stupid. He has outfoxed the Zondo commission, ensured that it has lost teeth and as a first time offender, even if convicted for walking out-will probably get a fine or suspended sentence-and will testify about NOTHING!

He has defanged the Zondo commission and as accused number One destroyed it, its credibility and its effectiveness.

Completely agree,
Cannot prosecute the Ruling Class.

Only the Bourgeoisie Class will get prosecuted whilst the Proletariat class get financial penalties which only ever sponsors the Ruling Class.

The media reinforce this, note how the refer to the ANC as the Ruling Party, a Ruler can only be apart of the Ruling Class if he/she has slaves.

This is the natural progression of someone blinded by their own arrogance and self righteousness…

High time that the ANC wreckingball Nr 1 has his days ( month ) in court.

Time to nail Zuma good and proper. He has deceitfully thumbed his nose at the law. Now it is time for the law to bite back – hard.

Pity they missed him in the 80’s …

I thought old Zupta left the commission in a hurry (as he disliked judge R. Zondo’s determination) to fetch his machine gun??????

It is interesting that the moment Zuma walks out of the Zondo Commission the petrol bombing of the trucks on the N3 resume.

The burning of the libraries in 2016, the trains, trucks and amplification of Zenofobia can possibly be caused by Zuma’s former intelligence operatives.

End of comments.





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