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Zuma threatens ANC enemies after inquiry adjourns

Says, ‘people must be very careful,’ as he threatens to spill the beans.

Former South African president Jacob Zuma threatened enemies in his ruling African National Congress (ANC) party on Friday, after securing a concession on how he is questioned at a corruption inquiry.

The inquiry is looking into allegations that Zuma, ousted by the African National Congress (ANC) party in February 2018, had allowed cronies to plunder state resources and influence senior appointments during his nine years in power.

Zuma, 77, has long denied any wrongdoing and has ducked and dived in his testimony to the inquiry this week, complaining that he is being questioned unfairly.

“Some say this old man is angry,” Zuma told hundreds of supporters from a stage in a park in downtown Johannesburg on Friday after the inquiry was adjourned.


Did Zuma influence the appointment of SOE execs?

Zuma receives more death threats

“All I’m saying is people must be very careful. When I say I will say things about them, I mean it.” ​ Earlier this week Zuma accused a close comrade in the liberation struggle of being a spy for the apartheid government and foreign intelligence services. He said the ANC had been infiltrated by other spies.

Zuma will now be allowed to submit written statements to the inquiry on incidents where other witnesses have implicated him in wrongdoing, as opposed to being questioned by a legal team in public.

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Zuma will return to give evidence in public at a later stage, but it is not yet clear when.

‘Amorphous’ corruption

Zuma’s lawyer Muzi Sikhakhane told the senior judge overseeing the inquiry that Zuma had been subject to a “relentless cross-examination”.

“This animal called corruption is amorphous, we don’t know who is actually corrupt,” Sikhakhane added.

Zuma threatened on Friday to pull out of the inquiry but withdrew that threat when his demand for a more lenient form of questioning was granted.

The ANC is divided into two broad factions, one loyal to Zuma and another to his successor, President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa is on a drive to clean up politics, and analysts say that if the inquiry fails to link Zuma to serious wrongdoing, it could dent the president’s credibility.

Ramaphosa suffered his own setback on Friday when South Africa’s anti-corruption watchdog said he had “deliberately misled” parliament about a donation he received for his 2017 election campaign for the ANC leadership.

State prosecutors are following the Zuma inquiry and could open cases if sufficient evidence emerges.

But Zuma, who was head of intelligence for the outlawed ANC under apartheid, is a shrewd operator who survived several no-confidence votes before his ousting.

On Monday he told the inquiry he had been the victim of a decades-old plot.

He denied that he had done anything unlawful with his friends the Guptas, three Indian-born businessmen who won lucrative state contracts during Zuma’s time in power, repeating: “I know nothing.”

The Guptas, who have not appeared at the inquiry, have denied that they used their relationship with Zuma to plunder state resources. 

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The intention of the commission is to find the truth.

Cross-examination is the greatest legal engine ever invented for the discovery of the truth. (John H Wigmore.)

I guess he does not want the truth to be known then.

The commission’s rules prohibit cross-examination. But this is not what the commission’s legal team had done at all. It is used as en excuse by Zuma to avoid incriminating himself.

The mistake was to invite Zuma to the commission rather than to subpoena him.

Why doesn’t he ask Oscar for some tips? Wait till Gerrie Nel pitches up…like Oscar, Zuma will be stumped!

So the NPA should grow a pair and charge him with treason and tax evasion at the very least.

and that’s why there will not be any outcomes from the commission. It isn’t a trial, just a soapie. You can participate if you’d like or nominate someone.

He said he wanted his day to tell lies and now he wants to run away

Zuma is undoubtedly the spider in the centre of the web, who through his greed, dishonesty, weakness and love of money has robbed millions of SA Blacks of their future. Other people in the Zondo Commission need to testify how Zuma was involved. He absolutely must be brought to book, probably through tax charges.

Zuma proverb:

“A man who was born and raised in a rondavel, cannot be pushed into a corner.”


Can this “see you next Tuesday” just go to jail already?! >:(

…and I fear Zuma’s lawyer is correct:

Zuma is definitely not guilty of any racial slur or hate-speech (which found Bosassa’s Angelo Agrizzi guilty of the K-word), so why is Zuma questioned?

Thus far…NO definite indication of any prosecutions coming from the Commission relating to corruption….only Agrizzi to pay a R200K fine.

This turned out to be (effectively) the “COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY INTO RACIST SLURS/HATE-SPEECH”….? Zuma does not belong there…

Zondo inquiry a joke. Now the court has to pussyfoot around Zuma.
Listening to Zuma one would think he is a saint.
Everybody outside of his camp knows he is a thief
This guy will not spend a single day in jail- waste of taxpayers money.


Who cares.

You can not believe a word coming out of this man.

Is Zondo captured?

All he has to do is close down the show and hand the evidence, taken under oath, against JZ783 to the NPA.

There is enough to give him his “day in court” then to put him where he belongs — in jail.

And when JZ783 produces evidence for his “join the plots” nonsense, they can be investigated.

Actually make that JZ785: lying under oath (about his innocence and the “assassinations”) + trying to induce the ANC to avoid his punishment with threats = Corruption, as defined in the P&COCA (anti-corruption) Act.

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