Zuma to lead SA grant reform after system’s near collapse

Interministerial team to ensure court order is followed.
South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma will chair an inter-ministerial committee set up to ensure social grants are paid to recipients on time after the government was criticized for leading the system close to failure.

The committee will consist of ministers including Pravin Gordhan, minister of finance, and Bathabile Dlamini, minister for social development, who has been criticized for her handling of the payment process, the government said Saturday in a statement. It will ensure the government implements a court order to improve transparency and reform the system.

The system of payments of more than R150 billion ($12 billion) a year was on the brink of collapse because Dlamini and the South African Social Security Agency failed to find a new company to administer the program after the court declared the original contract with Net1 UEPS Technologies Inc. invalid more than two years ago. South Africa’s Constitutional Court on Friday ordered the contract’s extension to avoid a “potential catastrophe” and slammed the government’s handling of the matter.

“Government deeply regrets the undue anxiety that resulted from the uncertainty over grant distribution,” it said in the statement. “We apologize to South Africans unreservedly.”

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Oh well now we can all rest easy. Incompetence will lead the way.

What a load of smelly cooked tripe.

Of course they will be paid on time as CPS will be doing the payments as they have done so successfully in the past.

Is brainexploded going to then claim credit in the future?

Some peeple are too dumb to realize how dumb they are and also too dumb to understand that others are smart enough to to see through this bolony.

I too think that JZ heading the committee is like putting a fox in charge of a chicken run. I’m sure either the party or a family member is creaming kickbacks.

About dumb.. JZ is NOT dumb. He is the conductor of a handpicked orchestra; and has us all dancing to his tune. You and I, his party, Save SA etc. cannot touch him. Ala Mugabe.

He may be cunning but he is dumb in the bigger sense: he is destroying SA. Nothing clever about that.

Why is it dumb to destroy SA as long as he and his family/cronies have billions hidden away in Dubai and elsewhere? It is only dumb if you have moral values and care about the rest of the people.

The very person responsible for ignoring a Constitutional Court order will be part of this “Inter Ministerial Committee”
That’s like letting the fox into the hen house ? ? ? ?

That is there style, investigate yourself and declare “All’s well”.

The country’s economy cannot break out of the proverbial paper bag and NOW he wants to run the grants. Anyone else seeing a serious problem? Don’t worry he will be gone by the time the dysfunction occurs. But the amount of people (ones’ he said he is there to help) that get stung will be prolific.

Zuma needs to run it, has too many bogus recipients that could be found out and stopped.

The dysfunction has already happened….

Zuma and Dlamini disgust me.

If sure I speak for many people when I say it is so comforting that Zuma, a man of great honesty and integrity, is leading this important committee. This is a man who will not disrespect our Constitution, abuse taxpayer monies for home improvements, behave inappropriately around women, protect our borders, will not subvert justice with 783 charges against him, not fire ministers without explanation and will not loiter with war criminals. A man of this calibre is what we need as a country.

Zupta just wants to ensure that the ANC party funding from CPS and Net1 doesn’t dry up in the run up to 2019 elections.

OMG. That is as good as asking the alcoholic to guard the booze.

The very person the country is trying to prevent from getting their hands on the money in Social Services is now the holder of the keys to the safe where the cash is kept.

This can only lead to further cash heists if the fox watching the hens that are laying the eggs are not themselves handcuffed for safety reasons…. We may just as well put a pedophile in charge of the nursery and expect the children to remain safe.

Think about this for a minute: R150 Billion, that is 150 000 000 000!! … that’s the price of keeping the ANC in government. I would not feel so bad it, this is not about the recipients, can you imagine the syphoning off from that amount that is going on …

And next week all this will be forgotten, and a new project from government take all of our attention. All as they playing us on a daily basis, keeping us occupied with this and that, while plundering and scheming behind Luthuli House doors.

We are the stupid ones, for being conned year after year by this 783Scam.

End of comments.





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