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Zuma tries to block arrest as police hold back

While Zuma’s two-pronged legal challenge unfolds.
Image: Elmond Jiyane, GCIS

South Africa’s former president Jacob Zuma tried to block his arrest in court on Tuesday, as top police officials said they would hold back while Zuma’s two-pronged legal challenge unfolds.

The constitutional court last Tuesday sentenced Zuma to a 15-month jail term for contempt of court after he defied an order to give evidence at a corruption inquiry in February.

The court instructed police to arrest Zuma by the end of Wednesday if he did not hand himself in, sparking an angry reaction from Zuma’s supporters and laying bare deep divisions in the governing African National Congress (ANC).

But late last week Zuma asked the constitutional court to cancel its sentence and approached the high court for an interdict to prevent police from arresting him until the constitutional court hears his “rescission application” on July 12.

In legal arguments before the Pietermaritzburg High Court, Zuma’s lawyer on Tuesday urged it to grant the interdict, taking into account the volatile situation around Zuma’s rural home.

Hundreds of Zuma’s followers, some of them armed, gathered outside Zuma’s home on Sunday to hear him lash out against the judges that sentenced him and compared them to the white minority rulers he fought during the liberation struggle.

A lawyer for the corruption inquiry were due to argue why the interdict should not be granted later on Tuesday.

The inquiry chaired by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo is examining allegations of high-level graft during Zuma’s period in power from 2009 to 2018.

Zuma denies wrongdoing and says Zondo is biased against him.

In a letter sent to Zondo and seen by Reuters, the state attorney acting for Police Minister Bheki Cele and police commissioner Khehla Sitole said they would hold back from arresting Zuma “pending the finalisation of the litigation” or directions from Zondo.

Senior ANC official Jessie Duarte said the party was aware Zuma was exploring every legal avenue to reduce or escape his prison sentence.

“We believe the judiciary must be left to make its own decisions, (but) … we would hope that comrade Zuma’s court application will be successful,” she told a news conference.


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This is what you get when they want to “think”!!!

There is no confusion. What was the last instruction given by the highest court in the land to “these people”??

Simple. If he did not hand himself over go and arrest him!!

What confusion can there be?? They are not paid to think or try and think.

If they don’t execute the order they will be in the same boat as zuma.

I like the arrogance how they take charge!! Hahhaaa. Telling the Concourt what they will do and what they wont.

Will see about that.

Panic in the SAPS! Who will make the arrest? Bheki personally or a constable from Nkandla SAPS? I wait with bated breath…

If Beki Cele doesn’t arrest Zuma by Wednesday, is he not also in contempt of court

Then the “poor man” has motormouth baaali mpoefoe to represent him???

They need to pull the chain on this guy!! Guess that goes for both of them.

The “poor man” has not realized yet that choice of “representation” is rather important.

Motormouth mpoefoe just gets under the judges skin. Repeeeeeeeets himself as he has no clue what to actually say.

According to Duarte the ANC loves Zuma. She did not mention any pain that he has brought upon it (or SA). Hence the Duarte camp of the ANC supports Zuma. Could this deduction have any influence on this pathetic circus show and obfuscation that this highly re-established banana republic is being made ill with. Maybe his threat to drop them in it makes him the smartest one of all. To arrest or not to arrest, that is the question that no one wants to answer. Maybe they should leave it until after the next elections. But the Zuma camp will then no doubt go for endless delays on elections.

Government ministers such as Bheki Cele and senior ANC leaders such as Jesse Duarte behave like a disgusting set of cowards and mealy-mouthed expedients .

Their actions will do more to undermine democracy and the rule of law than Zuma and his thugs could ever hope to do.

The ConsCourt decision has put them in the most uncomfortable of position of having to follow uncomfortable principle or try and find the easiest way out of a difficult situation.

The outcome to the ‘Zuma problem’ is laughably obvious. They will choose the cowards way out.

Like I said last week he will never be arrested.

that opens the door for country wide lawlessness.

Zuma has done immeasurable damage to the country and he is still not getting out of the way, so that the country can be rebuilt.

…the Zuma supporters want their king back. They’re not interested in having to rebuild the country. You and I are too progressive thinkers.

I read somewhere that “democracy is a believe in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance”.
The drama playing out around the zupta saga is validating what I read and it is particularly true for dark Africa.
Hey Cele, this is not going to be a walk on the beach boet, with or without your hat, mask and arrogance. Kry vir jou.

Mr Zuma asks in court: “Where is my arrest warrant?”

Commissioner of Police, Sithole: “It is on Cyril’s laptop.”

Then “…where is Cyril’s laptop?”

Reply: “…it’s currently being sent back to the manufacturer, for Warranty repairs.”

“OK. Who owns this computer company?”

Response: “…part of the Gupta empire” 🙁

“So Cyril’s laptop will be completely formatted…(?)”

“YES” 🙁

“OK, can’t we issue a replacement warrant of arrest for Mr Zuma?”

“…Sir, we are struggling. The system declines it, as ‘already issued’. We don’t know how to override it.”

“Well then, call in the IT Tech dept!!”

Response: “…the only skilled IT Techies, we are awaiting from CUBA. But they’d have to quarantine first for 14 days….”

Moral of story:
Mr Zuma in jail?

Well if he goes to jail hes gonna cost the taxpayer even more

End of comments.





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