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Zuma’s legal team withdraws

Less than a month before he’s set to go on trial for alleged corruption.
Image: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg

Former South African President Jacob Zuma’s legal team has quit less than a month before he’s set to go on trial for alleged corruption.

Zuma’s spokesman Vukile Mathebula confirmed that lawyer Eric Mabuza filed a withdrawal notice with the High Court on Wednesday, but said he was unable to comment on the reasons and that a statement would be issued shortly.

The National Prosecuting Authority has also received notification by Mabuza Attorneys that they would no longer be handling Zuma’s case, and it remains ready to proceed with the trial that’s scheduled to start May 17, spokesman Sipho Ngwema said in a text message.

Zuma stands accused of taking bribes from arms dealers in the 1990s and is facing corruption, racketeering and money-laundering charges. He denies wrongdoing.

The Supreme Court of Appeal last week upheld a High Court ruling that the state shouldn’t be liable for Zuma’s legal fees, and he must pay back more than R15 million ($1 million) dispensed to his lawyers so far.

Mabuza has also represented Zuma in a legal standoff that arose over his refusal to appear before a judicial panel that’s probing graft during his nine-year rule. Judgment is pending from the Constitutional Court on whether the ex-president should be jailed for defying its order to testify.

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South Africa has been waiting for over 10 years, the trial must proceed.

Looks like another delay tactic.

We want the TAX money back!

This is just another delaying tactic to delay going to court.

Yep … it’s called “rinse & repeat” ad infinitum …

Another ploy to delay his “day in court”.

I’m sure he’ll use this to delay the courts again!

SA has a FAKE justice system and he knows it better than anyone.

Gary Porritt of Tigon Investments used similar tactics to delay his sentencing….including representing himself in court without legal council. Perhaps this is Zuma plan. However Porrit has spent the last couple of years in jail for wasting the courts time and tax payers money. Perhaps this should be Zuma fate too? After all, we don’t want the system to appear racist and biased based on someone’s skin colour. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander….in my opinion.

Don’t care if Zuma uses a Legal Aid lawyer or a court-appointed attorney or represents himself. Just don’t fall for the totally transparent delaying tactic.

We should not lose sight of the fact that the verdict of the Supreme Court of Appeal, that Zuma should pay his own legal fees, is as good as the death sentence as far as Zuma is concerned.

The court threw him into the lion’s cage without any protection. He will be mauled by the prosecutors in the courts, without any mercy, for the rest of his time on earth. Only a jail sentence can isolate him from the prosecutors, to alleviate the merciless attacks that he will suffer in the courts. This is the closest we can come to the death sentence or psychological torture in a constitutional democracy with a bill of human rights.

That is why he is refusing to appear before the Zondo Commission. Prison is his only sanctuary now.

For once I disagree with you Sensei

I think he will take refuge in Dubai quite soon

You’ve got a point, but then again, for a traditional Zulu, who needs to see the rolling hills of Kwazulu-Natal and who needs to be surrounded by his cattle, wives, chickens, military veterans and with Carl Niehaus as his personal clown around him, a room on the 10th story of a high-rise in the middle of the desert will be worse than a prison sentence.

I remember the day when the Boswell Wilkie Circus was a real circus – now all we have are clowns.

The noose is tightening

I will bet good money he will be in Dubai before the end of June

Risk of association and risk of non-payment. Days of absolute entitlement are over.

Just think the ANC could have put this sad, corrupt, and deeply disturbed man to pasture 15 years ago. If only BLM to them.

Lets just get this right, it is not about the looming possible non payment of fees. This was planned the moment he engaged this legal team. As they say “rinse and repeat”. As it is Vusi should have been suspended, he is a bad as Zuma. both are making a laughing stock of the judiciary and their advocate is in on it too.

This is such a joke.
Does illustrate that his lawyer does not believe in Zuma.

End of comments.





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