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Social media and the job hunt

Your social media accounts are your online CV, build a strong profile and make a good online impression.

If you’re entering the job market in 2018, remember that your social media presence could be seen and interpreted by a potential employer.

Recruiters and employers often conduct a social media screening ahead of the interview process.

It’s important to assess your social media accounts to increase chances of employment. Consider the following:

Having valuable input is important for debate and discussion, however most people on the internet are not crazy about “self-acclaimed experts” in every field. Contribute what you must say, but avoid condescension, be factual and maintain a respectful tone.

Social media is a source for news, current affairs and opinions. Often people get in disputes. Remember, the internet records everything, so even if you don’t agree with others, don’t let it turn into an aggressive online argument.

If you do get into an argument, say whatever it is you must say and leave. Don’t call anyone names or use profanities. This looks highly unprofessional, and draws parallels and conclusions to your potential conduct in the work place.

Nothing undermines your credibility more than grammatical errors. Mistakes happen but take an extra few seconds to check your spelling and that what you saying makes sense.

If someone replies to your post or tweet, say thanks or start a conversation. Social media, like the name suggests, is a social activity and no one likes to be ignored. This helps you build networks and contacts. It’s important to engage and show interest, but remember to maintain professionalism.

Social media is becoming a space where people share their social activity, hobbies and outing with friends and family. Sharing is great, but be cautious in what you’re sharing, especially if it’s from a wild night where alcohol or in some instances drugs are involved. This can taint your online and offline reputation.  

When you share or post content like an article, picture, video or even a joke, try to link it with the original source, site or person. It is an indication of honesty, and will certainly be appreciated.

Finally, use networks and platforms available to get in touch with and connect with likeminded people and professionals. 

Farhad Bhyat is CEO of specialist social media risk mitigation company Farosian.



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