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So, you own a Huawei phone? Now what?

Google has restricted Huawei’s access to parts of its Android operating system, casting doubt over the future of the smartphone.

Google has restricted Huawei’s access to parts of its Android operating system, casting doubt over the future of the Chinese company’s smartphones. Here is a closer look at how the decision could affect Huawei phone users.

What has Google done? 

The tech giant has confirmed its compliance with an executive order issued by US President Donald Trump last week, which greatly restricted the ability of companies deemed “foreign adversaries” to access US technology without government approval.

As a result, Google has restricted Huawei’s access to its Android operating system, the widely used mobile software that powers Huawei phones and tablets, as well those made by Samsung and a host of other firms.

How will it affect current Huawei phone users? 

Both Google and Huawei have said they will continue to support existing Huawei devices — as well as those of sub-brand Honor.

That means current Huawei smartphones should continue to function normally and users should be able to update their apps and other parts of Google’s Play Services.

What about the company’s future devices? 

When Google launches the next version of Android later this year, it is unlikely to be available on Huawei devices.

New phones from the Chinese manufacturer may also no longer include apps such as YouTube and Google Maps.

Instead, the company could use the basic version of Android available through its open source licence — similar to how it works in China, where Google doesn’t operate — or it could choose to build its own operating system and run its devices on that.

Will other Huawei products be affected? 

It is unclear at the moment but Huawei’s well-regarded range of laptops run on Microsoft’s Windows 10 — another operating system which originates in the US.

There has been no comment from either Huawei or Microsoft on when or if any restrictions will apply.

How likely is a Huawei own-brand operating system? 

Huawei confirmed earlier this year it has been working on such a piece of software for some time in preparation for potential bans or restrictions placed upon it.

Some reports suggest the company has been developing it for over five years and could have it ready to roll as a “plan B”.

The company already uses a version of Android in China that does not include Google services and so could base its software on that.

Huawei would not be the first company to use its own operating system — most notably, Apple’s devices run on the company’s own-developed iOS software.

Why is Huawei so controversial? 

The Chinese company has been accused of having close ties to the Chinese state, with some critics arguing its telecoms equipment could be used to spy on people in the West.

Huawei has always strongly denied the claims, insisting it abides by the laws of each country in which it is present.

The US, however, has taken a firm stance on the company, with the latest order backing up existing rules that effectively ban the firm’s phones from the country.

The order did not mention Huawei by name but has been widely interpreted to be targeted at Huawei, and also forms part of wider ongoing tensions between the US and China over trade.

The US has also urged its allies not to use its equipment or face being cut off from US intelligence because of the “unacceptable risk” the company poses.

This article was published with the permission TechCentral. The original publication can be viewed here

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This could be out of the book called ‘Confessions of an economic hit-man’.

Well, if you can’t compete fairly, use your dominant position to bully

How is copyright theft perpetrated by the Chinese competing fairly? And why should it be fair? Let me guess – the equality of outcome is more important than the equality of opportunity.

Last time I checked, it was Western countries who had to jump through hoops and give away their IP in order to do business in China. Nothing made and designed in China is worth anything. Just cant believe it took the world so long to realise how badly China was ripping them off.

This ban has diddly squat to do with copyright theft. Its about Huawei leading the world in 5G tech, and the Americans paranoid about being forced to use Huawei built equipment. Huawei is at least 2 years ahead of the competition and the US is scared of being left behind. So if nobody uses Huawei built 5g, then its less of a problem …….Hence trump asking other countries not to use Huawei. this is all about the US using their position to bully the rest because they really cannot compete.

As a side note…..The West has been stealing technology, culture, fashion, Food from all over the world and making money off it for centuries ….. and when they cant steal much more, they take the talent from elsewhere because they cant develop it at home….. almost 70% of the developers in silicon valley come from foreign countries with most of them coming from india and china.
they are quick to patent and copyright tech that in essence comes from elsewhere…..

HS, a few years ago I believed the same thing. Then I visited China and on the way back to RSA I sat next to a boerseun from Pretoria. He was in the irrigation business. He told me that he no longer manufactured irrigation equipment in RSA as the Chinese, who bought the raw materials from RSA, could manufacture a superior product at a lower price even though they were taking the raw materials to their own country and having to ship the completed products back to RSA. He spent a few days at their factory and he was blown away by the efficiency and hospitality. They are simply just more efficient and effective than most of their competitors.

Not mad about the copyright theft but as an Apple user not excited about the pricing of Apple either. On the spying front, the Americans and Israelis must be the biggest spies of all. So America can fine people and institutions and impose sanctions left right and centre but they have been amongst the biggest perpetrators of crimes against humanity since 1944. Who dropped the nuclear bombs? Who indiscriminately bombed Vietnam and used defoliants that are still causing congenital birth defects 40 years later, but hid behind sovereign immunity? Who threatened the International Criminal Court?

Ever thought of Smart TV boxes? (for Netflix, etc.)

With such repercussions of Google Android not allowed on future Chinese tech devices….I can’t help but to to think how long will it take to affect everyone’s “smart TV boxes” (those with Android as OS). And most of these smart-tv boxes surely are Chinese made…

Oh gosh….no more Netflix in future from Chinese-made Android TV-boxes! I thus recon the ‘Amazon Fire Stick’ would be preferable(?)

(The tech world is either going to align with the US or Chinese…)

Chump will change his mind whenever a tweet moves him. This project has cost US chipmakers and software companies multiples of the damage to Huawei (in market cap). Also, if he persists, there will be nationalist backlash against a broad range of US products that have nothing to do with Huawei and Android.

Weirdly, the least affected consumers are Chinese, since their state has banned Google Play along with western media and social media.

If you bought a Huawei smartphone, tough luck likely you may end up with a paperweight or offline music player.

I would be more concerned if I had Huawei routers and wifi equipment : never know what will happen next if china decides to brick them or worse

Not sure if this is a smart move. Tech world increasinly divided in Western (Google, Apple, Facebook etc) and Eastern (Alibaba, Huawei, Tencent, Baidu etc).

Western tech companies either locked out by Chinese government (Google) or now locking themselves out. India also marching to its own drum, so the FANGs that everybody so admires are excluded from a third of the world population and the two main drivers of world economic growth over the last 30 years.

Clever? I am not so sure

I wonder if Google did their own research on this? Why would they cave so quickly? Maybe Huawei can still get ‘govt approval’?

Now nothing. Huawei makes excellent phones and they are years ahead with the new 5g technology. So no paper weight here. In any case there are about 9 operating systems instead of android. Phone, pc, connectivity is just programming. Remember how we used to be curtailed with dvd players and only being able to play certain zoned dvd’s. Same thing.

What we have here is the older (and currently biggest) child within two-child family watching his younger (and smaller) brother growing bigger…and now eldest brother (naturally) protecting his current turf/dominance/influence.

But the eldest child (US) may have little idea that his younger (Asian) brother one day might grow taller/bigger as time pass. Then the eldest child better hope that his younger brother did not held a grudge towards his older brother for all the past bullying…the day may come when the bigger/younger child will slap his older brother, to put him in his place! 🙂 We’ve seen this many times in human family development.

Huawei merely in the crossfire, of a large & powerful US not wanting to lose their prime position as a global player (in economics & military). The increasing tech of Chinese military, and their numbers, already starting to be a concern for US Navy / Air Force’s future conflict planning with a “large global adversary”.

Huawei is not the first global company to be on receiving end of deliberate reputational damage from the US. In 2015 we had the “NSA Kaspersky hack” (google it) which had serious financial implications for this successful Russian AV-company, without concrete proof of spy allegations (to the global advantage of competing US corporations)

On a lesser tech front, going back to 2008-09…everyone still remember the (blown out of proportion) Toyota “unintended acceleration” matters…which was rectified by re-design of floor mat. But it costed Toyota huge fines in the US, with related reputational damage ( the advantage of competitors like Ford, GM, Chrysler, which struggled at the time of the subprime fin crisis).

My biggest fear is….when will there be ACTUAL WAR between these biggest “two children” in the global family??

Trump has no plan of making a deal soon. He is going to make sure China pay back what they “stole”…this was planned more than a year ago.
1. Need high level of employment…tick
2. Drop taxes…tick
3. Hope inflation stays low even now that consumers have more money. 4th Industrial revolution will help…tick.
4. Tell Fed to drop rates…more money in pockets of consumets..still outstanding
5. Up tarrifs to 25%…tick
6. US consumer will pay more BUT they received a tax break and Fed might cut…impact therefore minimum on consumer
7. Inflation will still be under control thanks to new tech
8. Keep pressure on China for longer

@DeonK. Yes, there’s always the notion that the Chinese stole copyrights, etc….can’t refute that. But that is tiny in the greater scheme of things. The biggest reason the Chinese are getting wealthier, is that they MANUFACTURE almost all the world’s goods. They’re working their buts off, instead of stealing (in SA is much the other way around).
Western consumerism dictates that you prefer to buy the cheapest cost item, for same product/quality…so western corporations set up their manufacturing locations in China for cost reasons. Even quality global brands have their manuf plants in China. No US economic plan or scheme will stumble China in the long-term (unless if the latter lose advantage on manuf cost)

Whether there’s a 90d grace fro Huawei, or the cut of ties may never even happen, the US business tactic is to create future UNCERTAINTY for this brand for future customers, which may likely switch to other brands. The damage done is enough…just create uncertainty (..look at SA: the ANC govt responsible for policy uncertainty the past decades & now the whole economy suffers). Huawei is on the verge to control the world’s telecoms & phone market…a serious threat to the US’ global dominance. All the FAANG companies could become less significant in future, as the Chinese replace them over time. Western consumerism created this (Chinese) monster everyone seems to be afraid of.

And you thought it was the ex-communists that were the draconian and dictatorial ones!!!

Since I don’t really watch news anymore, I wonder where the fake news factory is that generates the perception that China is stealing/robbing the US?
Lets just get it straight.
1 : The US is a net IMPORTER from China to the tune of 539B USD(In 2018)
No one is forcing US consumers to buy these Chinese products, they do so at their free will.
2 : China is sitting pretty on just north of 1 Trillion in US debt (1.12T) and if the trade war escalates I am pretty sure China will let that 1T in debt go and look for a new home, somewhere, and boom, there goes the dollar index.

..and there is another financial threat (to the US) from China…and it’s not in tech: China as a large importer of oil, already started to pay in renminbi (RMB) to give bigger global acceptance to China’s currency. The USD is not about to lose it’s global dominance anytime soon, for oil futures to be priced in USD (…that’s why being friends with the Saudi’s are so vital…even if most were Saudi nationals that planned the NY Sep-11 attacks; and US turn a blind eye to the Jamal Khashoggi saga).

This is about keeping the USD as the world reserve currency, which positively impacts the wealth of the US (and its citizens).
China is not there yet, the the threat is increasing. (read “petro yuan”)

The Asians are generally tougher than the US when it comes to handling pain, that is why the US lost in Korea and Vietnam. The Chinese will keep a poker face and the US will have to ease on some of its demands. Trump is a game player and does not recall that both Napoleon and Hitler lost because they fought on too many fronts. Trump in game playing mode recently announced that the Canada and Mexico tariff matters have been resolved and there will be a delay in introducing the tariffs on the European car makers. Read this as the US had to back down. The US citizens have had a cushy life for far longer than the Chinese, who have only started to enjoy Western comforts in the last few decades. The American citizens will moan and then they will expect a solution. Spent time in a few Asian countries and generally moaning falls on deaf ears. I sincerely hope that the Chinese, Russians and a few other countries show the Americans the finger on Iran oil and that should cause the price to drop. Iran and Korea will not use nuclear weapons if their main allies apply gentle pressure on them. America is stirring the pot.

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