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The top-selling apps you’ve never heard of

From motorcycle roars to condensed books.

You can tell a lot about someone by his iPhone home screen. A teenager may have more games than an older millennial, who may have more social networking apps than a boomer. There are also differences among nations. Apple’s App Store has users registered in 155 distinct countries and territories, and although such apps as Candy Crush and Spotify are top-sellers the world over, some regions have wildly popular apps that barely rate a mention in other markets.

Here’s a look at some of the highest-grossing iPhone apps1, as measured by Apple, around the globe on June 24. 

Pastor Chris Digital Library

Rank: #1, Zimbabwe
Seller: Christ Embassy
Cost: Free
In-app purchases: Yes

Pastor Chris Digital Library is an app that allows users to purchase audio and video recordings of religious messages delivered by Chris Oyakhilome, a Nigerian minister who goes by, you guessed it, “Pastor Chris.” Oyakhilome has made a fortune through his company, Christ Embassy. In 2011, Forbes estimated his net worth at between $30 million and $50 million. The messages cover a variety of topics, including health, prayer and finance. The latest version lets users stream the messages to their TVs using Chromecast.

Plumber Crack

Rank: #1, Nepal
Seller: Fluik Entertainment
Cost: Free
In-app purchases: Yes

The goal of the game Plumber Crack is to throw various objects down the low-riding pants of a plumber bent over in front of you. You can choose a male plumber, Norm, or a female plumber, Betty. As the plumber struggles to fix the sink, his or her backside moves erratically from side to side, giving you a moving target. You start with ice cubes. As you advance, you can earn crack bucks to buy new objects (peanuts, strawberries, golf tees, quarters, goldfish, etc.) or new outfits for your plumber. You can also purchase crack bucks with real money.

RevHeadz Engine Sounds

Rank: #9, Macedonia
Seller: D.S. Long & Soundwave Concepts Pty. & C.G. Wise
Cost: Free
In-app purchases: Yes

For anyone wanting to replicate with their iPhone the thundering roar of an outsize motorcycle or muscle car, this app is for you. RevHeadz Engine Sounds is a virtual dashboard that lets you pick a vehicle, turn it on, and accelerate, break, and switch gears to hear what it sounds like. The app comes preloaded with six vehicles (technically, five and a chainsaw). More sound packs are available for purchase.

Muslim Pro

Rank: #17, Algeria
Seller: Bitsmedia Pte
Cost: Free
In-app purchases: Yes

Muslim Pro is a collection of practical applications designed to help users observe the traditions and rituals of Islam. It includes schedules of daily prayer times and fast times during Ramadan, a complete copy of the Koran, and a compass that always points toward Mecca. A premium upgrade removes banner ads and includes audio recordings of the Koran.


Rank: #14, Egypt
Seller: Harlex Projects
Cost: Free
In-app purchases: Yes

This social networking app promises to connect “amazing, hot girls” with “successful, rich men.” According to the app’s description, it’s for women who “want to be spoiled and treated like a princess” and for men who “want to be excited with your life and have a princess next to you who will make you happy and give you an ocean of unforgettable memories and emotions.” The app is free, but a one-month subscription to the service is $49.99, which is cheap, as oceans go.

Bakery Story

Rank: #7, Swaziland
Seller: Storm8
Cost: Free
In-app purchases: Yes

Bakery Story is a game that offers players all the fun of designing, decorating, and running a bakery without the trouble of having to eat delicious donuts and cakes. Players choose their own chairs, wallpaper, and artwork as well as their menus. Successful bakeries earn gems, which can be used to purchase additional items. Gems can also be purchased with real money, but concerned parents can turn off in-app purchases. If you get bored, you can download some of the company’s other games, such as Farm Story, Nightclub Story, Pet Hotel Story, Fashion Story, Restaurant Story, Dragon Story, Castle Story, Home Design Story, and Farm Story 2.


Rank: #11, South Africa
Seller: Blinks Labs
Cost: Free
In-app purchases: Yes

Blinkist promises to make you smarter while encouraging you to read less. It’s a digital library of nonfiction books condensed into summaries that should take about 15 minutes to read. The collection includes mainly business and self-help books but also biographies and more. A three-day trial is free, but afterward users must choose a paid subscription plan. The premium plan includes audio versions.

Monster Strike

Rank: #1, Japan
Seller: Mixi 
Cost: Free
In-app purchases: Yes

Monster Strike is a game in which you slingshot a team of cute, colorful monsters into enemies to destroy them, earning new monsters, only to move on to new stages with new enemies to destroy. Like most freemium games, Monster Strike allows users to spend real money on in-game upgrades, in this case to improve your squad. The soundtrack and sound effects are reminiscent of late 1980s arcade-style fighting games, but the options are far more complicated. It’s possible to play with multiple people.

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