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YBuy solution set to save businesses time and money

As companies adjust to a new normal and look to cut costs, YBuy is set on disrupting the mobile solutions and data market with its competitive offering.
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A start-up owned by JSE-listed Blue Label Telecoms group, YBuy provides corporate South Africa with mobile and hardware rentals, such as cellphones, laptops, tablets and routers, with cost savings averaging 25% compared with purchasing.

Grant Defries, CEO of YBuy, says its lending model is one that is commonly used in other countries but the South African market seems to prefer to own their tech.

“There’s no need to own expensive hardware that depreciates the moment you take off the packaging and too many of us have old devices gathering dust in our drawers. That is tangible value you could be putting into your business,” he says.

Defries says YBuy’s solution is two-fold in that it offers businesses a customised solution for both devices and data management. The model is quite simple, and the end focus is to keep businesses productive and online without any downtime.

“Typically, if you have a lost, damaged, or stolen device, you have to file an insurance claim and then wait for a replacement. Our promise is that you have no downtime,” he says.

“For example, if we issue 500 devices to a business, we will also hand over an additional 15 devices. In the event of loss, damage or theft, the business fills out a claim form, we authorise the claim immediately, they replace it with a device from their exchange stock, we process the claim internally and we replace the exchange stock,” he explains.

Yaron Herr, operations manager of Aura, a platform that provides private armed response services, says: “Our rental agreement with YBuy allowed us to equip our entire network of security response agents with robust devices that ensure constant connectivity, which is essential in our field. The benefits of not having to worry about repairs, insurance or downtime make an already financially-attractive model that much more valuable to our business.”

A holistic device and data offering

YBuy saw the need to extend its service to include holistic data and device management for businesses. The consumer model of procuring mobile devices and data simply doesn’t serve businesses adequately and YBuy saw an opportunity to deliver a holistic B2B solution that would drive cost savings and optimise digital efficiencies.

It partnered with Mint Solutions, which offers a holistic mobility management solution for organisations needing to manage mobile assets, data consumption, device security and user productivity.

Danielle Afriat, director at Mint Solutions, says the two companies spotted a gap in the market.

“We realised that companies aren’t buying their tech at the most cost-effective rate and are paying exorbitant data rates, compromising their bottom line,” she says.

“Additionally, no business wants to suffer disruptions simply because their driver or security person has run out of data and is now waiting to be topped up.”

Mint Solutions works together with YBuy to assess and understand a company’s business model and data usage. Afriat says companies may not appreciate the complexities around finding ways to limit data usage and focus usage on business-specific requirements. “Through our partnership, we provide unlimited data – and at a firewall level we can control what a user can access.

“What we are saying to companies is we will take away your biggest IT headache: monitoring and managing data consumption on a daily basis to avoid bill shock. Our solution, together with YBuy, addresses that for you in one step.”

Significant cost savings

For a 12-month contract, your premium decreases by 40% in month 13, with the option of upgrading to a new contract with a new phone, purchasing the device at market value or exiting the contract at no charge. Alternatively, a 24-month contract comes with a 50% premium reduction in month 25.

Brought to you by YBuy.


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