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The Bobroffs fought the law… and the law won

Judges cite litany of transgressions for striking off personal injury lawyers from the Roll of Attorneys.
Picture: Shutterstock

A full bench of the Pretoria High Court listed a litany of professional misdemeanours as part of their reasons for striking off Ronald and Darren Bobroff from the Roll of Attorneys in December last year.

The judges released the reasons for this decision this week. In this document Natu Ranchod and Nicolene Janse van Nieuwenhuizen state “insofar as the Bobroffs are concerned the only appropriate sanction was to strike their names from the Roll of Attorneys”.

The reasons include numerous breaches of the Attorneys Act and a number of criminal offences, including the potential evasion of VAT and income tax. Other specific finds stated that the trust account of Ronald Bobroff and Partners (RBP) “had lost its identity”, stating that the Bobroffs used this account as if it was their own.

The Bobroffs fled South Africa for Sydney, Australia in March last year after being invited by the Hawks to hand themselves over for arrest.

In response to Moneyweb questions, Ronald Bobroff denied the findings and instructed his legal team to proceed with an appeal. He also “strenuously” denied that there was any misappropriation of trust funds and stated that there hasn’t been any claim against the attorney’s fidelity fund in terms of RBP’s trust account.

Delaying tactics

The judges also  found that the Bobroffs had for years used every trick in the book in order to avoid an inspection of their accounting system, files and records by the LSNP.

Read Bobroffs delaying tactics draw judicial censure

The Bobroffs failure to comply with the court’s order that they open their books resulted in Pretoria High Court Judge Kenneth Matojane convicting the duo of contempt of court.

Of Ronald Bobroff, the judges noted:  “Despite repeated admonitions from several judges he, together with Mr Darren Bobroff, persisted in using every possible avenue to delay, frustrate and avoid facing up to the serious charges of a practice-wide conduct of overreaching clients…  

“The Bobroffs also made clients sign several different fee agreements with a view to using the one that was later the most advantageous to the firm, and other unprofessional, dishonourable and even fraudulent conduct.” 

Misappropriation of funds

The judges dealt extensively with the matters of individual clients from whom the Bobroffs had stolen large sums of money. One client, a road accident victim, whose trust money had been pillaged by the Bobroffs was Filipe Pombo, who did not receive his full payout.  He took RBP to court and the Bobroffs settled his matter hastily. The facts of this case included an event where a RBP cheque made out to “F Pombo” of R133 600 ended up in Darren Bobroff’s personal bank account.


The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has been preparing extradition papers in order to bring the Bobroffs back to South Africa to face the criminal justice system.  The Bobroffs are likely to face further charges as the judges ordered that this week’s judgment be sent to the South African Revenue Services and the National Director of Public Prosecutions “for an investigation into probable contraventions of the Income Tax Act, Value Added Tax and other legislation by the firm and its directors”.

The Bobroffs also stated in its response that they did not receive a fair hearing and that they were not able to submit an independent forensic report to refute other evidence.

The Bobroffs have been provisionally sequestrated by former clients and the matter is back in court late next month when a final order of sequestration will be sought.


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This is hardly a victory for the law and the Law Society of the Northern Providence.
If either had paid a little more attention these thugs would have been jailed and their loot would not have left these shores.

The title “President” protected him for many years.

I wonder weather Australia respects the rule of law and extradition requests?

Tannenbaum & Bobroff using Aus laws to hide from justice in sa. There is a ruling abt extraditing people when their jails aren’t the same std of those in Aus! All I can say that these people are a disgrace to the community from sa

South Africa never complied with the `Rome Statute to arrest Al Bashir so, by making up their own rules as they go along to protect their criminal friends despite strict rules and agreements in place, South Africa gives up its right under all the treaties it has ever signed with other countries for extradition and/or double taxation or for anything else, and when that happens then South Africa best shut their cake holes and not complain as they are the first to breach agreements when it suits them. So, South Africa must accept responsibility when treaties signed with other countries are ignored.

If Bobroff ever gets extradited which I doubt (we’re still waiting for Barry Tannenbaun), you can bet that he will suddenly contract the recently discovered “Porritt’s Disease”.

Or, they may get Medical Parole once diagnosed with Shaiks Syndrome.

Researchers think that there may be a link between Shaiks Syndrome and Porritt’s Disease. Doctors are baffled that these patients always miraculously recover fully from this initially life threatening disease without any form of treatment whatsoever.Research is ongoing.

And if you ever wonder why your childrens’ attempts to emigrate to Aus fails – you can thank these people and their mate tannenbaum. We are sick & tired of receiving the remanants of WMC into Aus. The fact that both these gentlemen share the same religion must also raise serious question of business ethics of their ilk in sa. I am NOT anti Semite or anti anything – just want people to get their just deserts of past wrong doings. I believe I shld be writing to the Aus minister of immigration to inform him of these people & suggesting that in future shld only receive indigenous black migrants from South Africa into Aus.

Now Robert, just why did you bring up the issue of religion. You have exposed yourself as an anti-semite and a racist. Your bigoted attitude exposes you for the person you are. The words ‘common trash’ come to mind but I guess that may be too mild for you. Watch your back in Sydney. There are some very prominent people from that religion in Sydney that do terrific community and social work and you have just trashed their names. Please do write to your government as you suggested to only allow indigenous black migrants into your Ghetto and see what reaction you get from them. You may just find that you are foul now of Australian law and need to sit behind bars for a while to learn the lesson you think only you can teach to others.

Now, look into a mirror, face yourself, smile and sincerely say Scum.

You are disgusting ~Robert.

Well Robert enjoy your new neighbours. Now now don’t be vindictive Robert remember Aus history. It is an penal colony build for criminals. So stop whining and keep up with modern day traditions!

Robert, rest assured- my children are NOT trying to gain entry to Aus

BUT, if they want to, they will get in………..quicker than you can write another bad comment about SA and SA’ns

Have money – will travel – anywhere in the world.

Bob, you of all people should know the ‘original entrance requirements’ into Australia??!!? And you can draw your own conclusions……!??

Bob in Ozz….stereotyping is such a dangerous concept: does this mean that you are a racist, white colonialist who exploited the local SA population and it’s resources and then passed the ‘original entrance requirements’ for acceptance to live in Ozz? Shame on you!???

…and you naturally are a “happy” indigenous Australian?

An interesting point, the famous Paul O’Sullivan used to work for them. BizNews automatically removes any comment about this.


i know it is wrong to assume, but i have always assumed that you are white, and as such i have always accepted the white-bashing/baiting part of your banter: self-loathing is a common feature of the intellectually stunted, but it is not their exclusive preserve.

however, you statement really comes across as snidely anti-Semitic and your pre-emptive defense just endorses this. in short your comment is offensive: you may not have meant it that way, but if so then that’s all the more reason why you should go away and think about things for a while.


NPA – preparing extradition papers- the joke of the decade.

Tannenbaum and Bobroff are safe in AUS – problem is that AUS is not safe from them.

@robertinsydney Next thing you’ll be telling us some of your best friends are of the same religion or ‘ilk’ as you put it as Tannenbaum and Bobroff. What do their religions have to do with their criminality? Fortunately there are more South African Jewish philanthropists and humanitarians than there are Jewish Ponzi schemers and overreaching lawyers and money launderers

Now safely tucked up with robertinsydney!

Two wrongs never make a right.

Australia should preemptively hand back the Bobroffs.

As I said above – that won’t happen. We’ve had sacrooks coming to Aus for sometime & when their deeds catch up with them they run off to the courts & plead that they cannot be actraditrd because sa jails aren’t as good as Aus jails!

Maybe part of the solution in avoiding having to seek extradition orders is the the Hawks should stop “inviting people to hand themselves over for arrest”. That coupled with the ever so slow Law Society actions, and the madness of the Aussies regarding the jail standard issue = yet more scum and flotsam ending up on the sores of Australia where like attracts like.

Tragically the law hasn’t really won all that many points in its fight against the Bobroff’s. Reports seem to indicate that they were able to launder the vast sums they stole from unsuspecting bleeding and maimed accident victims. Now it appears that they are using their ill gotten gains to finance property purchasing sprees on Sydney’s north shore. So perhaps I’m missing something here but if I was the ref in this contest I’d be inclined to award victory points to Darren and Ronald. Hopefully this will only be a temporary trophy which they will be compelled to return when they are extradited and their Australian assets are seized.

End of comments.





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