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Hi great new site, can I enter no of shares bought in the watch list.

Great new site! However small problem in trying to add new shares to existing portfolio. Unable to search the sharelist and screen appears to freeze. Can you help?


i like what i see, but i have a problem adding a stock to my watch list. the fun + function just doesn’t respond

1. I’ve never understood this design trend that’s been sweeping the computing world since the release of Windows 8 for GUIs to have a plain, blocky, boring sillouetted look. It reminds me of X-Windows from the mid-1980’s (before window managers like Gnome and KDE made *nix systems look better).

2. The contrast in your menu items needs to be increased, normal menu items are navy blue while hovered-over items are black. For people with poor eye-sight, or in a very brightly-lit room, it will be very difficult to see which item is being hovered-over. (if you’re too far to the right of the text, you might not actually be hovering over anything).

3. On the Click-a-Company pages, the numbers in the financial information blocks (e.g. directors dealings, balance sheet, income statement, etc.) would look better if they were either right-aligned or aligned to decimal point.

4. It would be nice to see the article publishing date for each article listed in the “Latest News for ” section on Click-a-Company pages.

5. The Quick-Indicators section on the front page is much better than the old site’s.

6. The graph drawing object is leagues better than the old one.

Your comments are a disaster. Disqus worked perfectly for this forum given that one could reply to comments, and effectively hold conversations. These were often the most interesting and informative aspect.

@Wendy Webb – I agree wholeheartedly. I am hoping that once the initial installation is done, MW will pay attention to these matters.

Plesae fix the comment section my full name appears see here!!!!

A comments section that does not recognize a CR-LF command? On an ‘internet media’ site. How embarrassing. Maybe I should go back to reading paper media – they never seemed to have that problem across new formats. You had the EXACT SAME problem the last time you ‘upgraded’. Remember. You do remember, right? Then again, probably not: there is in all probability nobody left working there that did the last upgrade.

Here’s a hint: stick with Disqus and drop the WordPress thingy…

Hallo, kry nie weer my watchlist gelaai nie, doen alles soos gedoen moet word. Groot frustasie om alles weer te kry soos dit was en om my aandele maklik te kan volg.

I don’t understand why you’d launch a new website that isn’t quite finished when you had one that was working fine.
I’d be interested to know why you think your new website “better viewing and user experience”. My experience thus far has been frustration. Normally companies run a Beta version alongside their normal website a get all the problems sorted before finally switching.
1. Where are our watchlists?
2. Where are the podcasts?
3. How do I change a username or de-register an e-mail address?

Will we still be able to use Excel Queries to access data?
If not, that could be quite a problem for me 🙁

Not sure if my last post worked, as I posted a link in the comment – My question was, Why is some of the data delayed for hours instead of 15mins? An example is “top-by-value-and-volume”

Nice eye candy but less functionality, hope that the RSS podcast feeds that stopped working on 27 Feb. is a bug that needs to be ironed out and not a ploy to drive more traffic trough the website. As it is it’s more like webcasts than podcasts

This new site is really, really dismal: takes forever to load; loses my watch list; won’t let me add new companies to my reincarnated watch list.
Not very good!

On the daily indicators page the graph of the JSE all shares never agrees with the figures. Today for example, there are gains, but the graph indicates losses. The old site was much better, btw.

I am not impressed with your new site! The JSE Indicators are very seldom available, as one of your previous respondents stated my watch list gets ‘lost’.

I really miss the Rand/Euro indicator. You now only have the USD/Rand rate as well as 3 other USD rates, e.g. the USD/Canadian Dollar rate. Are your readers really interested in this rate? Rather replace this with the Rand/Euro rate.

Your new sight has definately gone backwards regarding the watchlist section, you can no longer ‘click’ on the share to see its movements, very slow, cannot input the no. of shares owned, please put back the old, better watchlist!

Was a full “test run” done on this page BEFORE implementation? Most probably only by the developers! Bad move!

Oh, and a comment I posted moments ago re the appearance of a Java Script error referring to a “Swiffy” error & the inability to change values on a watchlist (apparently one should be able to!) AND the fact that no reply is forthcoming on questions has disappeared.

Hi Guys – Great site – I notice however that the US Dow and S+P regularly show zero movement?

Lost my Watch list again….. Will maybe come back in a couple of months when all is sorted out. Good luck.

I still can’t add companies to a portfolio using the + icon. Surely this is one of the sites most critical functionalities (managing watchlists)? It’s been two weeks now, this is pathetic, get on it!

The list of “winners” reflects blank companies on last page.
Hmm very little unit testing done here I’m afraid.

Greeting message valuation of watchlist does not match actual watchlist valuation. Also trading prices are not being updated to the watchlist.

I have been patient but have now run out. I need my watch lists updated accurately, no link between watchlist and actual, even after market close.

Cannot have a chat under comments. No guys you should have run the two parallel before the change. I was a director of a large Agric company in the Free State years ago, when we changed our IT system we ran parallel systems for a year.

How do i edit the shares column in the watchlist

Hi, how can I download podcasts to mp3 format? It used to work well in the past.

Hi, 2 issues
1 when you list the directors dealing can you not add a column showing if the deal was a purchase or a sale so I don’t have to open all the sens announcements to get this critical info?

It seems the last few days the section on company info has gone missing. The mini overview of the balance sheet, income statement, EPS, cashflow per share etc.

I trust it is not your intention to make this omission permanent!

Thanks for a very useful site,

Regards Lynne

Come on guys you now need to get this right. The graph of the daily JSE says down but your summary of the top 40, fins etc says positive. What is it.?


What happened yesterday ( April 7 ) happened because the market rose above previous close immediately on opening. The first value on the graph, at 09:05, was subsequently the high point of the market. The market remained above the previous close, but below the 09:05 value. Hence the graph was (correctly) red, while the trading data for the day (correctly) reflected a (green) move up.
The graph represents the day taken in snapshots of 300 seconds, while the day’s move is calculated from the previous close, which is used for move benchmarks.
The intraday graph shows intraday action, which means that the graph starts at 09:05 every morning (plus the 15 minute delay) with the first data point – since “opening prices” are not necessarily available for every instrument, and may when available vary from previous close values.
The graph then runs from 09:05 to 17:05, which means the final value on the graph, since it represents a snapshot rather than an after-calculation value after auction is complete, may not necessarily match the previous close value when the day represented by the graph becomes the previous close.
We hope this explains the apparent discrepancy.

Great explanation thanks. It will still confuse the hell out of most people as this explanation is not visible when viewing a chart. If the previous days close was part of the chart – first data point – then the visual effect is clear and obvious and no convoluted explanation is necessary.

when you have a watchlist displayed for over an hour and you refresh the page it does not update the share price.

I have highlighted this before, what is the balance under your welcome to the watch list?
Welcome back observer. You last checked your watchlist at 14:57 on 17 April 2015
Total value on 17 April 2015: ZAR 25.78
Current value: ZAR 25.78
Hide options
Add shares to your portfolios
Add portfolios to your watchlist

Show entriesSearch:
ZEDER Financial Services 700 Edit 8.47 5,929.00 0.83%
FIRESTONE Mining 57246 Edit 0.06 3,434.76 –
CLIENTELE Life Insurance 200 Edit 17.25 3,450.00 –
Company Sector Shares Price Value Move

Hey guys, great watch list feature. However, the edit shares link is not working. Would like if you can fix it. Cheers!

Love the web site responsive, informative and no clutter…well done

It’s been some time now since Moneyweb changed their layout.

Unfortunately it’s been for the worse.

The old website was easier to navigate and the information vs screen real estate aspect of it was far better.

It’s hard to describe what has happened but it’s almost as though there is more “noise” on the page.

There’s an overdose of graphic elements (not just pictures) interleaved between text. There is a plethora of different types of information on one page.

Basically what this comes down to is that the site is completely unintuitive and in a sense “clumsy”.

You have a large chuck of the page taken up by social media links on the left and yet the rest of the screen seems cluttered between graphics.

you subscription facility is the most complex in the industry. Have you tried to subscribe? I don’t know if I have or not but I certainly don’t get daily feeds that I asked for. Whats worst, theres no way to edit and check. Look at BizNewz. They know how to do it. Or Airbnb.

Find the new website user unfriendly. The old site was 100% beter

Since new site was deployed, I am unable to view performance charts for any of the specific Unit Trusts pages I go to

All charts on Daily Market Indicators pages show up fine.

I have latest Windows 8.1 (with latest updates) + latest Flash Player + latest Java (1.8.0_45) + all latest browsers (tried Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Ice Dragon) and charts do not show on any of them?

Hope this can be resolved soon.

Feedback: when downloading the S&P 500 from market watch to my Android tablet (Lenovo : Search engine Opera) the process is quick and complete. When downloading your Daily Indicators to the same tablet it is slooooow and not always complete (not everything is downloaded).
This comparison indicates that the problem is unlikely to be in the line speed or the tablet but in the source server or installed app.
Please fix this.

Please please please get this site up and running. It has been months since I had a smooth experience on the moneyweb site. It does not load properly, takes ages, freezes, what next? Please sort it out.

Your system is so slow in updating watch lists. What is going on with the iTrade competition my portfolio has been removed and reset a zero?

Why has my R1m competition account been reset to zero.

I had 114000 Zeder shares in my portfolio, the share has moved up what now and why?

billrun@iTrade1m I have sent you a message previously with no response?

Hi, I don’t know if it is anything to do with the upgrades but I cannot sign in.
I definitely don’t want an new password – just the old one back. I cannot see any of the comments under the articles – something to do with not being signed in?
Just to confirm the user name is that the name under the comments or the email address? My name I use to used for comments was Lynne
Frustrated Lynne

Hi there,

How may I receive SENS news simply related to my watchlists. I this possible? This would be one of the most useful features of having a watchlist.

Thank you.

We are working on a brand new watchlist. I will put this function on the list.

Any progress on this?

The watchlist is not updating prices – current prices (tue am) are still from the morning of Monday. Unacceptable

We are in the final testing phase of the new Watchlist. We hope to launch it within the next week or so.

Can the watch list also accommodate Unit Trusts. Please!


my watchlist percentages are “frozen” on Fridays market close no matter how many times I log in .

When you offer a service, with adverts to pay for the service, at least get the basics right else you insult the advertisers, your funders. Usually not a good business strategy. There are so many fundamental errors of fact and design that you embarrass yourselves. That these obvious errors persist means you do not care, not what I would expect from your organisation. Yes, you tout this as a beta version which it is not it is more like a gamma or delta version that has not passed before the eyes of a junior tester. You can do better than this as you have had lots of time to fix the fundamental errors.

Hi. I want to bring the Watchlist to you attention as the data is not updating.

Watchlist fixed = Price updating thanks.
Please note that the watchlist summary last visited etc sums the prices reflected in the watchlist not the values. The tester clearly does not understand the difference between sum of prices and sum of values.

Watchlist calculated values (qty X price) do not need to be calculated to 7th decimal, somebody is not applying their mind. Rounded to the nearest whole Rand is good enough.

Numeric values should always be right justified.

Please correct these annoying errors.

Frustration and annoyance are at extreme levels.
Watchlist. I have logged in for the day, but watchlist is not displayed nor the new dark blue bar with “watchlist” shown. Top right corner indicates sign out clearly meaning that I am signed in successfully. Select drop down “watchlist” menu item = no watchlist displayed. Select the alternative “watchlist” item (middle right on screen) invites me to log in again and without signing out the top right corner now indicated sign in, clearly meaning I have been involuntarily signed out. This is stupid. It is not working, I am beta testing it and telling you it is not working.
Do you need a User Tester???

Thank you
Don’t know what you did, can now access my watchlist without issues. Appreciated.

The article ‘Saving grace for ABIL shareholders?’ by Hanna Barry is factually incorrect. When I am logged in, click on the article to leave a comment, it logs me out.

The errors in the article are:
-‘reported profit before tax of R786 million.’ – that is actually the profit after tax.
-‘a loan from African Bank of about R447 million.’-that is not a loan but a call deposit account held with ABIL. Stangen expects 90% to be carried over to the new bank.

Interesting article though

Good day ,
please note the SENS items are not updating regularly.
infact only every 2h,30 minutes.

Good day

please note SENS is not updating regurlary, only every +/- 2 hrs.
please attend this pronto.

I would not want to miss an oppurtunity


I cannot listen to the full radio report of RSG geldsake (31 July). It shows that it is split into 4 parts, but only plays the first part. There is no way of starting any of the other parts. Or am I doing something wrong?
A transcript would be appreciated as well…

Thanks for the reply. But it always only plays the first segment (from the “rsg-geldsake” page). I cannot play any segments from the “vrydag- 31- Julie-2015” page.

Can it be a setting on my side?… I use Windows 7 professional.

for the fourth time.

Good day

please note SENS is not updating regurlary, only every +/- 2 hrs.
please attend this

it now 09;30, last SENS update 07:30.

for the fourth time.

Good day

please note SENS is not updating regurlary, only every +/- 2 hrs.
please attend this

it now 09;30, last SENS update 07:30

Click a company does not work. You type in a share code or company name but then there is no button you can click to activate the search. Even when you try to search by sector, nothing happens. It just shows you the sector and then nothing.

Speed, speed, speed is the issue.
I have a 10mb ADSL line which consistently delivers 7 to 9 mb speed. Early morning and late afternoon and night it takes 5 to 10 seconds to refresh a screen. During the day I wait 5 to 10 minutes!!! If it refreshes at all!!!
This is annoying.
How your Financial supporters can accept this is amazingly tolerant as I have no reason to access your site during the day which means I do not see or react to any adverts.

Good day

the winners and losers tool is not loading,
tried a few browsers.

please assist


the winners and losers tool is not functioning.

tried a few browsers please assist

winners and losers tool…

am i the only one?

This is the crapiest page I have ever seen. The designers are totaly incompetent. Hardly anything works the way it should. Sad show from Moneyweb.

Hi, I am an avid moneyweb fan. However the info under click a company is worrying. Look at Datatec. Under income statement the interim figure are extactly the same as the final for turnover, operating income and attributable income. Was the company dormant for the second half? Not likely I think!
Cashflow generated per share has gone down on the final figure or has it?
Once you start questioning one wanders if you can trust anything which is very sad.

for the fourth time.

Good day

please note SENS is not updating regurlary, only every +/- 2 hrs.
please attend this

Hi Ghostface. Our SENS page is running live. Please clear your cache by hitting Crtl Shift F5 if you have a Windows machine. If you have an Apple, hit Command F3.
That should solve the problem.
If it still persist, please email me directly at

It seems that the updates on my check list is delayed. The individual shares have drastic price changes.

I wouldn’t know the reason but your articles leave no space to Tweet. e.g. the Siki pilot issue had 4 characters.

I got a problem with my watch list from yesterday I there is no value updates. It is the best site for specially beginners

Amazing website, however please remove Siki Mgabadeli from the Moneyweb journalist’s twitter feeds. It is a complete waste of space, her tweets have absolutely nothing to do with finance or business related things. Visit her twitter account and see for yourself.

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