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  • The first transaction of a monthly subscription is charged pro-rata, based on the day of purchase and includes a R5 once-off sign-up fee.
  • Monthly payments are non-refundable, however the subscription can be cancelled at any time.
  • Monthly recurring credit card payments (debit orders) are only available if purchased via the PayFast payment option on checkout, and will be automatically deducted on the 1st of every month.
  • If the subscription is purchased via SnapScan or Ozow on checkout, you will be required to manually pay for your subscription each month.

Benefits and features:

  • Benefits are subject to change as Moneyweb engages service providers.
  • The subscription and its benefits are only available on the website (, and can't currently be accessed via our apps.

Portfolio Tool / Watchlist:

  • Moneyweb's portfolio tool is not a trading platform. It's a tool to build custom portfolios to help you track the performance of JSE shares and unit trusts.
  • When a subscription is cancelled, expires or is on hold, portfolios and performance data will be updated for a maximum of three months. A user can resubscribe to gain access to their portfolios. However, the performance data from the inactive period will be lost if the subscription is not renewed or paid for within three months.

Market Indicators and premium data tools:

Daily indicators

Today's market updates and SENS announcements.

Directors' Dealings | Archive and search

Search directors' dealings of JSE listed companies by date or company name. Over 25k+ Dealings.

JSE search | Click a company

Index of companies listed on the JSE. Get company share information, company news, share price history, market cap and SENS announcements.
Up to ten years performance graphs

Sens Announcements | Archive and search

Search Sens announcements of JSE listed companies by date or company name. Over 140k+ Sens announcements.
Download Sens PDFs
Ten years of Sens archives and PDFs

Latest winners and losers

View today's JSE winners and losers.

Weekly Winners and Losers

Top winners and losers of the week based on the previous Friday's closing price to yesterday's closing price.

New 52-week highs and lows

View the latest 52 week highs and lows of JSE listed companies.

Top by value and volume

List and filter JSE listed companies by value and volume.

Business Calendar

List of upcoming market and economic events of JSE listed companies.

Unit Trust Search | Click a Unit Trust

Index of Unit Trust funds. Get fund prices, fund data and historical performance.

Unit Trust Portfolio Tool

Use our tool to view all shares held in your selected Unit Trust's portfolio and to view all South African unit trusts holding your selected share.

Unit Trust Stats | Filter and Search

Filter and order Unit Trust by expense ratio and up to 10 year performances.

ETF/ETN Search

Index of ETFs and ETNs. Get historical prices and performance.

Top 40 Companies

Performance of top 40 companies by market capital.

Company Contact Info Index

Filter and search for contact information of JSE listed companies.

Company Stats | Filter and Search

Filter, list and export JSE listed companies by market cap, dividend yield, EPS and P/E ratio.

JSE Sectors

Performance of JSE sectors and list companies by sector.

Comparison Tool

A tool to compare the performance of instruments.

Annual Reports in PDF

View and download annual reports for JSE listed companies.

Dividend Watch Calendar

List of upcoming dividend pay dates of JSE listed companies.

Watchlist | Portfolio Tool

A portfolio tool to monitor the performance of your shares by creating portfolios and adding shares and unit trust funds to each.
- News and Sens email alerts
- Personalised list of news, Sens and director dealings.

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