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Many South Africans want to lend a hand to help communities and businesses affected by the riots, but aren’t sure where to start. ReBuild SA is one of the organisations Moneyweb is supporting during this period.

ReBuild SA is a network of volunteers, NGOs, sponsors and donors who are assisting in rebuilding communities, small businesses, schools, clinics, homes and lives in South Africa’s riot-affected communities in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

Please support Moneyweb’s donation drive to support this organisation that helps businesses affected by the recent riots. You can make a donation by contributing an amount below or make a payment transfer directly to its bank account (see banking details below).

All proceeds will go directly to ReBuild SA.

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ReBuild SA has a tiered-approach with volunteering, consisting of:

1. A volunteer clean-up;
2. Various mental health, social work and legal support elements for affected businesses;
3. Rebuilding of:
(a) physical buildings for affected businesses, schools etc.;
(b) communities through empowering projects.

ReBuild SA has a network of donors who contribute via monetary donations, food for volunteers, cleaning tools and supplies, dry goods and essentials to be sent to communities in need, as well as transport, fuel, time and expertise.

ReBuild SA runs on a 100% volunteering system and is currently accepting donations in various forms, such as physical volunteering, cleaning supplies, building materials, non-perishable items and monetary donations.

NB. ENS Africa is a pro bono partner spearheading the formalisation of ReBuild SA’s projected benefit obligation (PBO). ReBuild SA is in partnership with Cadena (a humanitarian non-profit organisation), which is managing ReBuild SA’s fund distribution.

Contact Info

To keep abreast of ReBuild SA’s updates and activities, join the Facebook page here:

Volunteer form: Rebuild SA: Volunteer Information Form (

Affected businesses can contact us via this form: Rebuild SA: Affected Business Form (


Banking Details:

STANDARD BANK: 243043538