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Die noodsaak van testamentêre trusts in boedelbeplanning

Angelique Visser- direkteur, Baraza Wealth & Louis van Vuren - uitvoerende hoof, Fidusiêre Instituut van Suider Afrika & Magnus Heystek – beleggingstrateeg, Brenthurst Wealth

Which is a better option for a 71-year old: fixed deposit or stick to unit trusts?

My flexible investment has taken a big knock and I am very worried as I am now digging into my capital.

Offshore investing: How do I navigate wills and tax?

Are there issues with foreign investments in the event of one's death regarding separate wills and executors, estate duty, and insurance wrappers?

Estate planning: Should I transfer my farm to company or trust?

I'd like to transfer my farm into a vehicle to preserve it for my children. I'm told trusts are tax unfriendly.

How do executor fees work?

In the executor's draft for my late father's estate settlement, are the 3.5% fees from the total assets or the net assets?
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