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Does a beneficiary nomination take precedence over the last registered will?

10 May 2022
Where the deceased has nominated a beneficiary on their policy, the proceeds of that policy will be paid out directly to that person.

Can you take out insurance on someone else for the purpose of buying items from the estate?

8 Dec 2021
You will need to first establish if an insurable interest exists between yourself and the life assured.

Does a divorced spouse benefit from the sale of a deceased ex’s property?

22 Sep 2021
Both parties are still registered as co-owners of the property.

Does a unit trust fall outside a deceased estate?

14 Sep 2021
Unit trusts form part of the deceased estate and will need to be included in the J243 inventory showing all the assets.

How long does it take to dematerialise and sell shares when winding up an estate?

8 Sep 2021
It can take several months since the share certificates will be in a holding position while the various processes associated with winding up an estate unfold.

Can a testamentary trust purchase a vehicle for the guardian to drive?

31 Aug 2021
If circumstances are such that a car needs to be purchased for the benefit of the minor children, and the powers given to the trustees are wide-ranging enough, it is possible.

Can I claim from the Guardian’s Fund at 18?

26 Aug 2021
Once a beneficiary has reached the age of majority, they are able to claim the invested money as well as the accrued interest.

Can the payout of my life insurance policy be deposited into a foreign account?

21 Jul 2021
If your wife still has a local bank account, the proceeds can be transferred to the SA account then sent offshore.

Why can I not make a charity a beneficiary of my retirement annuity?

1 Jun 2021
Primarily because the Pension Funds Act requires that the death benefit be paid to your financial dependants.

Will the proceeds of a life insurance policy be paid to me or the deceased’s estate?

25 May 2021
A direct nomination will go directly to you and generally it is best this way from a cost and efficiency point of view.

What are the tax implications of an inter vivos trust?

11 May 2021
And what should an individual’s net asset value be for such a trust to be effective?

What’s the most tax-efficient way to build wealth through property?

17 Mar 2021
Personal ownership, a trust, or company: there are certain advantages and disadvantages in how you structure your portfolio.

How can I ensure my life policies and pension get paid into a testamentary trust?

9 Feb 2021
There's no perfect solution, but here are some options....

Can a parent claim for a loan repayment against their child’s joint estate?

12 Jan 2021
She married in community of property and is now getting divorced.

Can I set up a trust fund to pay for my mentally impaired child’s needs?

19 Nov 2020
And can I choose a non-profit organisation as trustee of the fund?

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