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Can the payout of my life insurance policy be deposited into a foreign account?

21 Jul 2021
If your wife still has a local bank account, the proceeds can be transferred to the SA account then sent offshore.

Will the proceeds of a life insurance policy be paid to me or the deceased’s estate?

25 May 2021
A direct nomination will go directly to you and generally it is best this way from a cost and efficiency point of view.

How can I be sure my investments will be safe when choosing a new advisory firm?

8 Apr 2021
Will professional indemnity insurance cover a client’s funds, and against what?

Should I keep my insufficient income protection cover?

9 Mar 2021
If you have emergency funding that will be sufficient to cover your monthly expenses for at least six months, you may consider cancelling the cover.

Red flags as Ecsponent faces ‘default event’

17 Feb 2020
Around R188m in payment obligations due in March, largely to preference shareholders.

How should a 23-year-old invest their money?

31 Jul 2018
Is a retirement annuity, unit trust, or tax-free savings account the way to go?

Is my life policy ‘chosen lump sum’ what I think it is?

8 Jun 2017
Is my 'chosen lump sum' the R1 million cover listed in my policy? Will my wife get this if I die in 41 years’ time?

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