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At 70, what is the best investment one can make with R500k?

19 May 2022
Should one consider high dividend-yielding ETFs like the Satrix Divi?

How best to invest house sale funds to get capital growth and income?

17 May 2022
It would be advisable to invest in equities as well as local income and balanced funds.

How should I go about finding a good financial advisor?

28 Apr 2022
I've met with three, with unsatisfactory outcomes.

How can I invest offshore and locally in a cost-effective manner?

26 Apr 2022
I would like to consolidate and invest while reducing fees.

I have offshore funds in a foreign bank. How can I invest these offshore?

31 Mar 2022   /  3 answered
Three advisors answer this reader's question.

Can I sue a broker for poor management of funds?

9 Mar 2022
You would need to be able to prove they had breached their fiduciary duties.

I got R1m from the RAF. How best to invest this money?

2 Mar 2022
Consider investing the proceeds into an investment vehicle geared towards capital growth and the provision of a passive income stream (if necessary).

What amount should I set aside to invest for my child’s education?

1 Mar 2022
It depends on how much you have available and how much the anticipated fees are going to be.

How do I calculate what to invest in an annuity at 35, to get around R25m at 65?

25 Jan 2022
There is a user-friendly online tool, and it’s advisable to generate several scenarios based on different assumptions.

I’m able to save R100k a month. What should I invest in?

20 Jan 2022
A tax-free investment and a voluntary or flexible investment are worth considering.

Which platform offers a living annuity that can be optimised for offshore exposure?

19 Jan 2022
Unfortunately, many of the larger investment platforms have reached their offshore asset capacity on their life licences.

Should I sell shares I’ve inherited and invest the funds in a worldwide index tracker fund?

18 Jan 2022
First, do an analysis on these equities as some of them may be good investments you may want to keep in place.

Can I transfer my RA offshore?

14 Jan 2022
No – but you can get offshore exposure.

Can you take out insurance on someone else for the purpose of buying items from the estate?

8 Dec 2021
You will need to first establish if an insurable interest exists between yourself and the life assured.

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