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How best do I invest R915k for tertiary education?

3 May 2018
What is the best vehicle to use?

Can I offset my R1.5m assessed capital loss with Sars?

19 Apr 2018
What can I do to maximise the utilisation of this tax vehicle?

How do I invest for a R20 000 monthly income?

20 Mar 2018
Three of the biggest risks someone close to, or at retirement faces: longevity, inflation, and the underlying investment assets.

Do I need to pay tax on a foreign income?

13 Mar 2018
What are the tax implications if your income is deposited in an offshore account versus an SA-registered bank account?

DIY: Financial ‘self-help’ plans

6 Mar 2018
I want to start a share portfolio but don’t want to rush. What do you make of my share picks?

I’m 22 – how do I choose a low-cost annuity?

1 Mar 2018
Retirement annuities: the difference between those offered by life insurance companies and LISP platforms.

Are my financial advisor’s fees justified?

26 Feb 2018
Am I under an obligation to give 1% of my funds to the broker who I originally took the investment out with every time I make a deposit?

Would it be crazy to sell my house and take the proceeds overseas?

22 Feb 2018
I'm thinking of selling my house and depositing the proceeds overseas as an insurance policy against further political upheaval.

Should I switch my living annuity fund?

16 Feb 2018
My investment lost money recently - should I switch into a safe money market fund as soon as possible?

How do I find a missing policy in my name?

31 Oct 2017
My late father took out a policy/investment/trust fund in my name several years ago. Is there anyway I can find out if there is actually something in my name?

I have R200 000 to invest – where to now?

12 Oct 2017
A Moneyweb reader with a ten-year horizon and a total unencumbered portfolio of almost R13 million asks for investment advice.

How do I become financially independent in a decade?

10 Oct 2017
What sort of capital investment and monthly contribution would be realistic in achieving this goal?

Offshore investing: How do I navigate wills and tax?

5 Oct 2017
Are there issues with foreign investments in the event of one's death regarding separate wills and executors, estate duty, and insurance wrappers?

Two investment options for your child’s future

3 Oct 2017
I'm not completely convinced that the education policy route is the best way to go. I’ve reached an impasse.

TFSAs: Do transfers, dividend reinvestment affect limits?

5 Sep 2017
Does selling one ETF to reinvest in another, reinvesting dividends or withdrawing affect TFSA limits?

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