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Grandparent’s funds: A tax- and cost-efficient strategy

15 Aug 2017
I have an ailing grandparent with R20 million, who requires a small monthly income and wants beneficiaries to inherit directly....

What do we do with our old Fundisa savings?

8 Aug 2017
Fundisa has been changed to target families earning under R180 000 per annum.

I’ve sold my house: How do I invest the proceeds?

1 Aug 2017
I want to use the proceeds for my daughter’s studies, or else as a deposit in two years’ time.

Can I safely invest with FedGroup?

27 Jul 2017
Update: FedGroup responds. 'I’m a pensioner with R1.5 million to invest – would it be safe with FedGroup’s bond participation scheme?'

Is a low-risk investment for you?

20 Jul 2017
I'm looking for the highest returns on low-risk investments in South Africa....

Inheritance: Do we opt for a trust for minors?

13 Jul 2017
Our parents passed away and left us R875 000 each, to be used for our children's studies. Should we consider a trust?

Investing in shares: How do I minimise fees, tax?

4 Jul 2017
I'd like to invest in shares on the JSE, across all sectors, monthly. How do I minimise fees and what are the tax implications?

Do I invest my money or store it under the mattress?

15 Jun 2017
The R400 000 I invested is now worth R383 000 a year later. We are 50 years old, and don’t have a lot of time left to contribute towards our pension….

Are my investments headed in the right direction?

13 Jun 2017
I am 26 years old...I have a tax-free savings account with FNB, a rental property and some other investments....

Managing a unit trust portfolio in uncertain times

6 Jun 2017
I recently inherited a large sum of money - have I invested it in the right unit trust?

How do I construct a portfolio to live off?

25 May 2017
I’m 25 years old, have a long-term investment horizon, looking for adequate returns and gains on capital. I have the following investments...

Where do I invest my R150 000 lump sum?

16 May 2017
I have R 150 000 that I'd like to invest into a compound interest account and then contribute R4 000 monthly to it. What would be the best option for me, that would also allow access to my money when I need it?

Set up a trust to save tax? It may not work anymore

9 May 2017
Should we use trusts to hold shares in companies, particularly now with the new rules on trusts? What is the best tax-wise? - Reader’s question answered.

Investing for escalating education expenses

4 May 2017
What is the best investment strategy to save for our children’s future education expenses (nursery to high school) from birth and, if you’re starting to invest late, for those already in school?

Mitigating risk in political turmoil

21 Apr 2017
Go back to basics and ask yourself: what is the objective of your investment? - Johan Burger, Brenthurst Wealth.
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