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Do I still pay my RA advisor’s fees if he’s no longer practising?

29 Jul 2019
The fee would not automatically stop, but you do have options.

Should I invest a lump sum or contribute monthly?

22 Jul 2019
The amount of time you spend in the market and the frequency with which you invest are two important factors to consider.

Is it necessary to invest in property to build wealth?

11 Jul 2019
'The big money is not in the buying or the selling, but in the waiting' - Charlie Munger.

How do I best invest my R6m lump sum from the RAF?

29 Jun 2019
Consider the emotional benefits of owning your own home without the anxiety of paying off a bond.

Is it worth getting a loan in order to invest?

26 Jun 2019
A preferable solution would be to invest a monthly amount into a unit trust portfolio or your retirement fund.

Can I transfer my funds out of a loss-making annuity?

26 Apr 2019
Changing investment strategies based solely on market performance is not advised, especially in retirement.

Are my pension plans wise?

8 Apr 2019
After taking out my pension to pay off my bond, I want to invest the rest in an annuity for life once fully retired.

Which unit trusts should my children invest in?

4 Apr 2019
Having a long-term view and being overweight in offshore funds is probably best.

Do I invest in an income/growth portfolio or a pure income fund?

1 Apr 2019
I have R6 million to invest for retirement income: which option is best?

How can I reduce the costs of my living annuities?

27 Mar 2019
I have three living annuities and their performance has been dismal due to the state of the economy.

How do I invest for more income?

8 Feb 2019
And what is a safe amount to draw each month?

How do I start a share portfolio?

6 Feb 2019
What is a good balanced portfolio to start with for someone in their 20s?

Can I use tracker funds as part of a living annuity portfolio?

17 Jan 2019
A combination of offshore index trackers, active funds and income funds can be a winning long-term strategy in a living annuity.

What’s better: investing in a 30-day notice account or unit trusts?

18 Dec 2018
A combination of income funds run by respected asset managers may be one of the safest forms of investment, other than cash.

My unit trust fund investment hasn’t accrued in value

23 Aug 2018
What should I do to ensure I get some income from this investment?

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